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For reports which are not from the MSM like BBC, ITV, Guardian, Telegraph, etc.  So it will cover reports from other activist organisations (mostly opposing) and small media outlets.

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A very un-English Defence League
There's nothing English about the English Defence League, apart from the poor saps who are manipulated into supporting this covert American-based lobby group.

The extreme right-wing Islamophobic and violent street army, the English Defence League, is led and fed ideologically by America's far-right neoconservative network of Islamophobic bloggers and charity-exempt political NGOs and think-tanks.

Photo credit Pixel-eight, (L) EDL member in sheep-mask (R) EDL
member armed with dual-purpose flagpole.

Frank Gaffney, who founded the Center for Security Policy, is using his propaganda network, designed to further the old American administration and its associated far-right think tank policy units, in a cynical and dangerous attempt to exert an influence over the British people and their government.

The Center for Vigilant Freedom, a project of the Center for Security Policy is using the rebranded International Civil Liberties Alliance is using its network of forums, news aggregates, bloggers and internet propagandists, we can confirm that the driving force behind the far-right physical-presence street-force the English Defence League is not about defending England from Islamic extremism, but about promoting an extreme literal reading of Islam, which is then held up as being believed by 'all Muslims', then used to demonise Britain's Muslim communities.

ICLA member, the ochlocrat Alan Lake has openly threatened the lives of the new British Prime Minister, David Cameron, and his wife, and any British person who refuses to stand with them against all Muslims. Make no mistake, their network of propagandists is very active across the British internet, using the malicious lies propgated by the ICLA network, to undermine the safety and security of all British people.

The English Defence League is a American-led, business-driven vigilante group, focused on defending the interests of the now ousted neoconservative administration and its business associates by blackmailing the new coalition British Government and its armed forces by amassing a vigilante street-army whose violent demonstrations have injured the public and several individuals serving with police force. The cost to Britain's city-centre businesses in lost trade is not yet known, whilst the cost to the British taxpayer of £2 million to cover for demo policing has caused resentment among many, at a time when local councils are facing severe cuts to their public services.

Britain's support for the Iraq war was based on fabricated evidence for weapons of mass destruction, supported by opinion journaism circulated by this network of propagandists. English Defence League are obtaining most of their 'evidence' and opinions from internationally-placed network of un-English propagandists, who use the internet to propogate fear and spread disinformation.

On the domestic front, this group of propagandists are seeking to wrongfully label anyone in Britain who follows the religion of Islam as 'extremists', and manipulate, bully, threaten and force the people of Britain and their government with the proto-fascist street-force, 'English Defence League'.

No-one in Britain is safe from their malicious rumour-mongering. If you stand against them, their activists begin smear-campaigns, often puerile in nature, but well-targetted nonetheless.

Most recently, English Defence League attempted to draw support from Britain's Jews by creating what has been referred to as a 'semi-fictitious' Jewish division. Jewish leaders in Britain have consistently rejected calls by two CSP-associated groups operating in Britain -- SIOE and EDL -- as racist and Islamophobic.

Britain's Jewish community likened the malicious lies of the EDL and SIOE about British Muslims to those spread by Hitler about Jews. This ICLA-led alliance then began threatening Britain's Jews, using characteristic ad-hominems and veiled threats, calling them Kapos and dhimmis, and falsely claiming that 'hundreds of British Jews' had joined. These claims are false.

A detailed analysis of their facebook group membership showed Jewish support (no greater than 30%) came from outside of Britain, mainly from American, Canadian and French Kahanist-linked and Likud-Herut activists, whilst the bulk of supporters (70%) came from gullible EDL rank-and-file nationalists, unknowingly hoodwinked by the EDL leadership into supporting non-English foreign lobby groups.

Among these are included the main movers and shakers of the CVF propaganda network (CVF, ICLA, SIOE & SIOA) and include Henrick Clausen of news aggregate, UKIP's Magnus Nielsen, and the usual pseudonym'd suspects from the international 4 Freedoms/ICLA network run by the CVF. (remove %20 from some links) and others, all hoping to ride the wave of ochlocratic populism.

As with their previous efforts to lobby pressure on the Labour government, these American-lobby groups have several other aims, besides their attempts to cause division on the streets of Britain's communities and attempts to astroturf the new coalition government.

- spread malicious lies that British Muslims are capable of betraying their own country, Britain, and are a fifth column;
- pressurise British Jews into supporting their racist and Islamophobic demonstrations;
- astroturf support from a cross-section of British society (united through fear of Islam) for rejecting human rights act;
- force Britain's withdrawal from the European Union, ensure Turkey does not enter the EU;
- garner support for extending their wars in Iraq and Afghanistan;
- garner support for proposed attacks on Iran;
- discredit the anti-war, pro-peace, anti-racism and anti-segregation, and pro-Palestinian groups in Britain - and any other named individual or group whose stated aims oppose theirs, including prominent elected politicians in the coalition government;
- increase support for UKIP as their favoured political party;
- increase support for a one-state solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict with transfer of Palestinians to Arab states, decrease support for a two-state solution in Israel-Palestine;

The English Defence League is a vigilante street-army for US-think tank and business-interests.
Ochlocrat is a nice word; I hope it enters common discourse (together with others like Hoi Polloi and Hoi Oligoi):
In ancient Greek political thought ochlocracy was considered as one of the three "bad" forms of government (tyranny, oligarchy and ochlocracy) as opposed to the three "good" forms of government (monarchy, aristocracy and democracy). The distinction between "good" and "bad" was made according to whether the government form would act in the interest of the whole community ("good") or special interests ("bad").The threat of "mob rule" to a democracy is restrained by ensuring the rule of law protects minorities or individuals against short-term demagoguery or moral panic.
The 'good' list should really include Republicanism, which constrains a democracy to within limits specified by rule of law and the Bill of Rights, etc.

We are entering strange times indeed and you see glimpses of it in this article. Who would have thought that Anarchists would get so upset by hypothetical threats against the PM - probably around the time he is already dead and buried? Most EDL people I know are very disappointed with the Iraq war scenario (but not the troops), so why here are the Anarchists carefully agreeing with them? Who would have thought anarchists would be complaining about a measly £2m spent on policing demos? When were they so concerned about the public purse?

One thing they seem most upset about is the 'rumour mongering'. But to refute those 'rumours' all they have to do is state (a) facts or (b) policy. But refuting many of those charges creates a real problem for them. I suspect that the fact they are siding with the crypto-fascism of Islamism, is starting to hurt a bit.

I see two other threads here. They bleat on about being driven by big business - I wish. What is hard for these anarchists to understand is that many people, including Green activists and so on, are devoting precious parts of their life to this movement. EDL has stolen their anti-money ground.

Its also hard for them to accept that this is a genuine working class movement. The anarchists seem to have become the spoilt, indoctrinated middle class twits from university, that don't understand the "common people". EDL has stolen their working class ground. Its a bit like when the Bahder Meinhoff group (towards the end) was killing ordinary workers. They have lost their way.
ICLA member, the ochlocrat Alan Lake has openly threatened the lives of the new British Prime Minister, David Cameron, and his wife, and any British person who refuses to stand with them against all Muslims.

What's this all about?
* I'm not an ICLA member, but why should that stop them saying it?

* As one of the admins and a major contributor to 4F, which is predicated on the democratic freedoms antithetical to rule of the mob and rule of the tyrant, I can hardly be an othlocrat - but why should that stop them saying it?

* I started a hypothetical discussion on the treatment of traitors once the UK is starts to self-divide into enclaves (not ghettoes), like Baghdad, which could be upto 50 years away. By then Cameron will probably have died a natural death, so its a hypothetical discussion about killing a dead body - but why should that detail get in the way?

There is so much mis-information in the media reports about all our activists and movements, that its best to just ignore all allegations made.

I did enjoy that article though. It expresses very nicely one of the opposing viewpoints, with all its contradictions and confusion.

Like the side-swipe against Frank Gaffney (hardly a demon). And how can they trash places of serious research and analysis like the Hudson Institute? Oh yes, they don't like their viewpoint. The quality of their research doesn't matter, just the fact that they don't comply with the official party line. Its amazing how quickly anarchists become fascists.

I don't understand the photo with the 'dual purpose' flagpole. At every demo I've been at, if you dared to carry such a thing, the police would rip it from you then probably ram it up where the sun don't shine. They are very hostile to such things. Was it staged? I don't know.

Anyway, there's just too much misinformation in there to deal with, but it gives a flavour of how they're thinking.

John Carlson said:
ICLA member, the ochlocrat Alan Lake has openly threatened the lives of the new British Prime Minister, David Cameron, and his wife, and any British person who refuses to stand with them against all Muslims.
What's this all about?


I propose setting up a new pressure group - Highlighting the dangers of unsupervised use of dictionaries. Words like Ochlocrat can be used to frighten small children. With dictionaries being widely available to people without the necessary training and discipline (ie Education) they can be used to promote violence and hatred.

My suggestion is anyone with an IQ of less than 50 should be banned from using a dictionary unless supervised by an adult. It will be easy to spot one of these cretins as they usually call themselves Anarchist or anti-fascists.

Of course the nice Islamistas will help them by burning all books once they get into power - next week.


John Sobieski


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Most Western societies are based on Secular Democracy, which itself is based on the concept that the open marketplace of ideas leads to the optimum government. Whilst that model has been very successful, it has defects. The 4 Freedoms address 4 of the principal vulnerabilities, and gives corrections to them. 

At the moment, one of the main actors exploiting these defects, is Islam, so this site pays particular attention to that threat.

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