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Peter McLoughlin's book on the Muslim grooming gangs, Easy Meat: Inside the British Grooming Gang Scandal, has now been updated to include new material bringing it up to 2016.

It can be bought in paperback and ebook from Amazon. McLoughlin is maintaining a website of material supplementary to the Easy Meat book - .

The link to his website points to a page showing you what the additional material in the book covers. There is also a very useful interactive, searchable table on McLoughlin's website.

You can search and sort this table using names, towns, dates to see this grooming gang scandal from different angles.

A book review of:  “Easy Meat” -- Multiculturalism, Islam and Child Sex Slavery  By Kinana

Do you doubt that Muslims are disproportionately involved in the grooming of non-Muslim girls?

Do you doubt that the media have largely covered up these crimes for the last 20 years?

Do you doubt that the law enforcement agencies are afraid of being called racist?

Do you doubt that government agencies set up to defend children have failed to do their job?

Do you doubt that the EDL, initially, was the source of the only public outcry against these crimes?

Do you doubt that child protection and law enforcement agencies have really learned the lessons of their failures?

Do you doubt that the Leftist forces in this country (UK) have preferred political alliances over child protection?

Do you doubt that Islam, per se, gives a green light for these crimes?

Do you doubt that Muslim communities are constrained from reporting them?

If you have none of the above doubts but not sure how to get the full picture or need help to even articulate your suspicions you need to read this book.

This book is sober and dark. It is a peek into hell but it cannot be faulted for being anything but a presentation of what actually was and is.  It is not an angry analysis or prediction of doom; though there is much to be angry about and we can all recognise where our society is headed unless something drastic is done.  Our enemies may try to analyse this book into irrelevance but they will not have any facts to do so, only a flight of fancy rhetoric. 

This is from the Publisher’s press release:


The report examines in detail:

  • What these gangs do
  • The chronology of the problem
  • Institutional failure and the abuse of the narrative of racism
  • The Islamic cultural background
  • The scale of the problem

It establishes that 20 years ago child-care professionals dealing with the victims made recommendations which could have protected the schoolgirl victims, but these steps have never been implemented.

The report is definitive – there is no analysis of this problem of this quality anywhere.

It goes into substantial detail, but anyone interested in the subject will find their time well invested.

We are very grateful to Peter McLoughlin for the hundreds of hours he has devoted to this work. His selfless dedication is reflected in the quality of the research and writing.

Kind regards, 


The Law and Freedom Foundation and Peter McLoughlin deserve our heartfelt thanks.


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Comment by Paul Austin Murphy 

11 March 2014


I sent the above report to around 20 or more national and regional newspapers. I gave a very short introduction (which included Kinana's review), plus a link to the PDH report. I have received ZERO responses.

This shows that the problem may be even worse than we imagine. Or at least it proves that the report was completely correct on one point: the media, as a whole (on this, the regional press is far worse than the national), is not interested.

At first the regional media wasn't interested in Muslim child sex grooming - full stop. Now it's not interested in the fact that it is an Islamic phenomenon.

I can only guess that there are two main reasons for this:

i) Islam is a religion. Worse than that, it is regarded, by infidels, as a monotheistic religion. Therefore journalists are constitutionally incapable of being critical of such a religion; especially one which is upheld by ethnic minority groups.

ii) There are up to five million Muslims in the UK. In terms of regional newspapers, writing an article on Islam and child sex grooming would be tantamount to professional suicide.

What we have here is cowardice, blatant appeasement and the shallow concern which journalists have for their own careers (i.e., sources of income).

PAM, i would another reason to the two valid ones you mention.   To publicise the Easy Meat report they would have to read it first and then they would notice that it's facts and analysis are unassailable.  They would then have to hang their heads in shame and ask the public for forgiveness.  It is easier just to ignore the report.

From the EDL site


The evidence is in and all in one place.  In a recently published report, “Easy Meat” Multiculturalism, Islam and Child Sex Slavery, Peter McLoughlin has laid out and documented the ugly truth in 333 pages and more than 650 footnotes.  But it is not just a dry sociological read.  It is a challenge to all in society who really care about defending young girls in our midst.

In the context of seemingly never-ending trials of Muslim rape gangs in this country this report also has a special urgency but it is not just a horror story of murder, rape, abuse, neglect and corruption.  There is good news too.  For example, the rise of the English Defence League appears to have spurred on the forces in this country to take action.  Can it be merely a coincidence that after the advent of the EDL convictions increased more than 10 fold?  (Appendix 2: Grooming Gang Chronology).

From the introduction:

The phenomenon of gangs of men who loiter with impunity around schoolgirls, luring them into a life of addiction and prostitution is a distinct category of child sexual abuse, but a category that the authorities in Britain have deliberately ignored for 25 years.  They ignored it, despite it being clearly put on the national agenda as long ago as 2003.’

The report reveals:

Muslims are disproportionately involved in the grooming of non-Muslim girls.
(Muslims are 154 times more likely to be perpetrators of these crimes than non-Muslims. Fn 1 p. 7)

The media have largely covered up these crimes for the last 25 years. (sec. 4)

In the very limited debate on these grooming gangs in Britain, the self-censorship of the media can be directly traced  to the early part of the 21st century. (p. 60)

The Racism narrative has been abused with tragic consequences.

One of the reasons why council  and police officers have turned a blind eye to the Muslim grooming gangs, was that they feared being accused of racism. (sec. 5.4)

Government agencies set up to defend children have failed to do their job.

…when it comes to the victims, it is white children who are the majority of the victims. Whether it was planned or not, what The Children’s Commissioner’s report does is perform tricks with statistics. (p. 163)

Along with the EDL, members of the Sikh community acted and spoke out against these crimes as early as 1988.

Sikhs formed into gangs to protect young Sikh girls from being groomed by gangs of Muslim men. (p. 62)

It is doubtful that child protection and law enforcement agencies have really learned the lessons of their failures.

We are always being told that “lessons have been learned” but it seems quite clear that this is meant to placate the public and is a deceit. (p. 126)

The death grip of ‘Political Correctness’ is best conveyed by the title of an article by Kathryn Knight:
“Is political correctness stopping police ending the misery of the teenage sex slaves?”(p. 155)

The Leftist forces in this country (UK) have preferred political alliances over child protection.

Since the National Union of Journalists is a major sponsor of Unite Against Fascism, we cannot say if the apparent inability of journalists to distinguish between biology (“race”) and ideology (“Islam”) comes down to stupidity or the political allegiance of journalists. (p. 211)

Islam, per se, gives a green light for these crimes.

That Islam could be the basis for this criminality is always ruled out of the question, with no investigation of Islamic theology, the  of Islam, or the rulings of sharia law. (p. 222)

Muslim communities are reluctant to report on their fellow Muslims.

If the Muslim community and Muslim clerics found these grooming gangs truly offensive, then the Muslim community would have helped the police instead of the gangs, and the majority of mosques in Britain would have read a sermon denouncing the grooming gangs. (p. 274)

If the reader is new to this topic then the above comments and statements will seem hardly believable. How can all this (and more) be going on in 21st century England?  Such incredulity is understandable.

The report is not pleasant reading, it is sober and very dark. It is a peek into hell.  But it cannot be faulted for being anything but a presentation of what actually was and continues to be.  It is not an angry analysis or a prediction of doom; though there is much to be angry about and we can all recognise where our society is headed unless something drastic is done.  Our enemies and the mainstream media may try to analyse this report into irrelevance but they will not have any facts to do so.  So it is likely they will just ignore it.

Of course, the English Defence League will not ignore it.  Our task of fighting back against the Sharia-pushers is easier now that we have the documentation and analysis available in this one report.

The ‘Law and Freedom Foundation’ and author Peter McLoughlin have provided a tool that all who love this country will use for years to come.


And another reason would be the NUJ (National Union of Journalists) guidelines, which effectively gives a political directive on the types of reporting they are allowed to perform.

Kinana said:

PAM, i would another reason to the two valid ones you mention.   To publicise the Easy Meat report they would have to read it first and then they would notice that it's facts and analysis are unassailable.  They would then have to hang their heads in shame and ask the public for forgiveness.  It is easier just to ignore the report.

Easy Meat part 2 on the Glazov Gang ;

Easy Meat is to be found on Scribd

Apparently with the blessings of Tarek Fatah.

Got to be the easiest way to read it. I used to be able to send people to individual pages of a Scribd document, but I can't see how to do that now.  It would be good to find out how to do that, as that way one can easily direct them to evidence/arguments.

Op-Ed: Multiculturalism, Islam and Child Sex Slavery
Published: Wednesday, March 26, 2014 10:58 AM

"Easy meat" is how Islamic doctrine looks at the abuse of non-Muslim women. And now it is documented in the UK.

Prof. Phyllis Chesler

Soeren Kern has just published an article about child sex slavery in the UK. He focuses on a new report about the large-scale “grooming” of non-Muslim girls (11-16) by 

Rather than taking steps to protect British children, police, social workers, teachers, politicians, neighbors, downplayed the severity of the order to avoid being accused of “Islamophobia”...
gangs of Muslim men into sex slavery. These men do not prey upon Muslim girls. The government, police force, and media have been “multi-culturally correct” and very reluctant to expose this phenomenon or to charge these men.

I am sure that many feminists would say that men all over the world buy and sell women, kidnap or trick them into prostitution. And they are right. But they are wrong to refuse to focus on Pedophilia and Sex Slavery wherever and whenever this monster rears its ugly head.

The report is meticulous. It documents that “officials in England and Wales were aware of rampant child grooming—the process by which sexual predators befriend and build trust with children in order to prepare them for abuse—by Muslim gangs since at least 1988”.

Rather than taking steps to protect British children, however, police, social workers, teachers, politicians, neighbors, deliberately downplayed the severity of the crimes perpetrated by the grooming gangs in order to avoid being accused of “Islamophobia” or racism.

How can we prevent such crimes and prosecute such criminals in the West if we are busy falling all over ourselves trying not to appear “racist?” Can’t we expose and prosecute everyone, women as well as men, Muslims and anyone else, who ensnare children into lives of sex slavery? If gangs of African Christians did this in the UK or if white European men did so, I would expose them and move to stop them just as quickly.

Islamic doctrine, Islamic history, and individual Muslim interpretations of the Koran support the sexual use of non-Muslim girls and women as “easy meat.” It also supports a tax on infidels (jizya) which some may say is now being exacted in the West in the form of state welfare, housing, education, health care, etc.

Read the report, read Kern’s summary of the report—then think about the times you live in. Let me know what you think.

And that is not all.

When I talk about honor killings, many western feminists assume I am criticizing Islam and that to do so is a thought crime more odious than horror killing a daughter or a wife. The fact that Hindus in India and Sikhs also perpetrate honor killings, that this is not a Muslim-only crime, has not yet registered.

However, these are the kind of feminists who historically have been pro-pornography, pro-prostitution, pro-surrogacy, and pro-father’s rights in terms of child custody. They define themselves as feminists but these are their positions. They do not want the state to control sexually explicit material, they believe that a woman’s body belongs to her alone and therefore she should be legally allowed to sell her body or rent her womb, given that infertility is an increasing problem, etc.

When one tries to talk about normalized Muslim-style daughter and wife beating and stalking, western feminists quickly point out that male domestic violence is a global phenomenon and not confined to one ethnicity or religion. Here again, they are wrong. While male domestic violence IS a global tragedy, the Islamic version of it is different and worse.

Most western fathers do not spy on their daughters, have their sons stalk them, or beat them into submission daily. Many—not all--Muslim fathers do just this.


We are the EDL and we will not be silent. Join us, they are your children too.

Teenage girl victim of grooming gang ‘raped by 30 men in just six hours including father and schoolboy son’

Rochdale, Birmingham, Newcastle, Sheffield, Derby, Peterborough, Oxford, the list of of cities with grooming gangs grows and grows… For too long the fear of being branded racist has prevented police and social services from investigating these crimes.

We watched the lengthening list of cities and decided that something had to be done. That the police had to stop pretending there wasn’t a problem and DO something. Did they? No. It was easier to call us racist than admit we were right. It’s always been the coward’s way of responding to an argument against which you have no defence – demonise your opponent – call them ‘bigots’ and ‘fascists’, label them ‘far right’ and, when all else fails, call them ‘islamophobes’.  But calling us names, shouting us down at demonstrations, disrupting our protests with union-supported gangs of left-wing thugs did not make the problem go away, any more than communist agitators calling UKIP fascist will make the immigration problem go away.

We didn’t go away either. Year after year, faithful supporters, patriots, liberals, gave up their free time, dug deep in their pockets for expensive rail and bus tickets and joined us on the streets up and down the country. We kept up our protests, we refused to be silent and fortunately someone looked a little further than the far-left propaganda and listened …

None of the official accounts of how the nation woke up to the grooming gang phenomenon mention the effect of the EDL, but it is clear that the EDL were protesting about this issue throughout 2010.


On 3 August 2010, the local Blackpool newspaper reported that “more than 150 members of the English Defence League (EDL), which exists to shun Islam, protested on St Chad’s Headland, in South Shore – claiming to be demonstrating for justice for missing schoolgirl Charlene Downes.”


By May 2011, the EDL had held three demonstrations in Blackpool, focussing on the case of Charlene Downes in particular, but also with reference to the wider problem concerning Muslim grooming gangs. The third EDL demonstration in Blackpool had over 2000 EDL protesters present.


Between the EDL’s first demonstration about Muslim grooming gangs in Blackpool in 2010 and their third demonstration in 2011 Andrew Norfolk began to report on the grooming gangs (after a long period where we can find very little from him on this issue).


It is hard to establish whether the EDL were the cause of this turnaround, but certainly they were campaigning very visibly on this issue in the months before Norfolk wrote an article in The Times attributed with transforming the attitude of politicians and child-care professionals. “


“Easy Meat” – Multiculturalism, Islam and Child Sex Slavery

This country seems to be slowly turning the corner and finally, finally, investigations have started and prosecutions have followed; a few prosecutions have followed. Too few.

This is not about race (the children raped can as easily be Asian as any other race), it is about children being abused, our children, and it must be stopped. The police, social services, councils, politicians, must stop hiding behind their walls of political correctness. They must stop refusing to take action in the interests of ‘community cohesion. Until they do, we will continue our protests because we know that where the police don’t succeed, and though they would never dream of admitting it, our demonstrations do. And if the police think that providing protection for our peaceful protesters is too expensive, maybe they should consider the fact that their cowardice is one of the main reasons why we have to demonstrate in the first place.

We are the EDL and we will not be silent. Join us, they are your children too.

Though not a review of this book, this article, coming out a year earlier confirms its basic premise.  So with those with eyes to see…

Islam: Root Cause of Grooming and Rape Wave

May 28, 2013 by Nicolai Sennels 

Packs of rapists and groomers seems to be epidemic in the UK. Their common denominator is their religious and cultural background. As a psychologist, I am not surprised that this horrific phenomenon emerges among immigrants from Islamic countries. Just as any other religion and culture, Islam and Muslim culture nurture certain psychological traits that influence values and behaviour.

Abuse in Muslim culture

The Quran’s description of women as inferior to and the property of men not only removes womens’ basic human rights; it also influence men’s view of them. As a result, Muslim cultural traditions have for centuries treated women as second class citizens, forced to marry and have sex with men against their will, and living under a constant death threat should they dishonor their family by violating the misanthropic Sharia laws.

The brutal treatment of innocent young girls may be shocking to those who do not know how women are treated in Muslim countries, but it would be naive to think that people change their habits and views and raise their children to integrate into what in their eyes are blasphemous customs just because they cross a national border.

The statistics speak for themselves. Research suggests that 91 percent of the between 7,000 and 20,000 honor killings each year are committed by Muslims. On top of this statistic come the countless cases of non-deadly honor crimes. In Britain alone, the police estimate that 17,000 cases of honor-based “forced marriages, kidnappings, sexual assaults, beatings and even murders take place every year.” In Turkey, 42 percent of women are victims of physical or sexual abuse. In Morocco, the share is 82 percent. In Egypt, 99.3 percent of women have experienced sexual harassment. Etc.

Infidel women

Another factor contributing to the Muslim rape wave is the fact that Muhammed, if he ever lived, allowed Muslims to take infidel women as their sex slaves. Using female prisoners of war for sexual gratification dates 1,400 years back to their prophet, who had a large number of sex slaves and advised his male followers to imitate his example.

While a Muslim husband can divorce at any time by repeating the word “talaq” three times, a married Muslim woman is her husband’s de facto slave, since she can not divorce unless a Sharia council approves her wish and sets her free. If she leaves without being allowed, her risk of getting killed is as high as the killer’s chance of remaining unpunished for fulfilling his culture’s and God’s expectations on how to treat women who leave a marriage without being allowed to.

A psychologically unhealthy religion

One does not have to be a psychologist to know what such a culture does to men’s view of women. No grown-up man would ever consider having sex with minors, and certainly not against her will, drugged, beaten and threatened with death.

But what we are talking about here are not normal men, but males who since birth have been raised to think that women are inferior and that females who do not protect their honor by covering up are prostitutes and fair game. No man should ever wish to be subjected to such unhealthy cultural influence.

The psychological consequences of closing one’s mind to female qualities and being mentally blocked from enjoying the healing and maturing experience of loving and being loved by an equal partner is obviously devastating.

Remember, this is a religion and culture that sees no problem in men punishing female rape victims and forcing — often blood-related — couples to live together for life, pressuring them to have sex and bear children, no matter if they love each other or not. Is it surprising that a culture with such a primitive view of love and sex would produce such astonishing numbers of sexual offenders?


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