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Speech by Dylan Thomas Cresswell Rochdale 29 July 2017

We, the English Defence League are here today in Rochdale.

For over a decade organised Muslim rape gangs have drugged, beaten, abused and raped hundreds of young English girls in this town, all covered up by so-called childcare professionals, Rochdale Labour council, and Greater Manchester Police. 

Over 50 young English girls were gang raped by Pakistani Muslim men located above just one Muslim owned takeaway in Rochdale. 

Over 7 years up to 40 new cases of Muslim rape are currently under police investigation.

The exact number of English girls raped by Muslim men here in Rochdale has never been revealed.  Although some estimates suggest it could be as high as 800.

Several Muslim organisations in Rochdale and Greater Manchester have sought to discredit Police investigations into rape and abuse by Muslim men by accusing British authorities of racism and islamophobia.  Islamophobia is a word designed by idiots to silence any opposition to Islam.  And Islam is not a race!

Organised Muslim rape gangs continue to operate in Rochdale.  They continue to drug, abuse and rape our women and children.  Muslim rape jihad is a major problem in this town and it is a major problem right across our country.   One million girls have been raped by Muslim men in Britain.  This needs to stop now!  Enough is enough!

How many more of our women and children will be raped by these disgusting savages before more people wake up and come and stand against this?  How many more before our authorities and politicians put a stop to it?

These disgusting rapes have everything to do with Muslims and Islam.  The Quran encourages rape and terror, the prophet Mohammed was a racist, a murderer, a homophobe and a paedophile.  Mohammed was around 53 years of age when he had sex with his youngest wife, Aisha, when she was just 9 years old.

This disgusting man is idolised and seen as a role model by millions of Muslims around the world.

In the name of tolerance we have imported intolerant people who have no respect for us, our culture or our way of life.

Islam is not a religion of peace.  You cannot co-exist with people who want to destroy and kill you!

Female Genital Mutilation is also a major problem in Rochdale and Greater Manchester.  FGM cases have risen sharply and continue to rise.  This cannot go on.  We have had enough!

Year after year, Rochdale Council have the cheek to fly the flag of Pakistan above the Town Hall to celebrate Pakistani independence day.  After everything that has happened in this town, ‘Shame on you – you are traitors to this country!’

We the English Defence League and the great Patriots of this country will continue to counter jihad.  We will continue to speak the truth and we will continue to fight against the Islamification of our once great country.  We will never be silenced.

We are not racists – we are realists.

We are not far-right – we are just right and not wrong.

Long live the EDL!

No surrender!

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Dylan, from 1:10

Speech in the shadow of the Town Hall.


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