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Last week the Egyptian government discussed the Ethiopian plan to build a dam that would divert the course of the Nile, a move Egypt thinks will threaten the water supply and agriculture in Egypt.

The discussion was aired live on television but except for president Morsi nobody seemed to be aware of the live broadcast.

Watch here the Memri video of the cabinet meeting:


Cabinet members spoke freely about destabilizing the Ethiopian government and about waging war against Israel and the US over the Nile crisis.

Magdi Hussein, Chairman of Egypt’s Islamic Labor Party made the boldest statements. He said he was ‘very fond’ of battles with Israel and the US.

He then called for the members of the cabinet to swear themselves to secrecy as they prepare for a confrontation. “We need a popular plan for popular national security”. Later Hussein said that shutting off the water from the Nile would “turn the Egyptians into the world’s most extremist people.”

He continued: “Imagine what this people would do if its water were turned off—what 80 million of us would do to Israel and America if our water was turned off.”

Sheikh HassanAl-Shafe’i of Al Azhar Islamic University launched a new conspiracy theory during the meeting. He said that the Nile could not fly to Israel but that the river might get some ‘subterranean wings’. He then suggested that an Ethiopia might use the water of the Nile to sell it to Israel.

On Monday the Nile crisis was again the main topic during a meeting of Egyptian Islamist parties that was attended by president Morsi.

Morsi called for national unity in face of the threats to the Nile.  He also said that “all options” were on the table to respond to
the current situation and insisted that Egypt would not accept infringements on its water security.                                                                             

He furthermore stated that Egypt will defend each drop of Nile water with blood if necessary.

During this meeting Al-Gamaa Al-Islamiya member Safwat
Abdel-Ghani said that Egypt was facing many “conspiracies and
challenges,” including limited water resources and a steadily mounting
population, but also referred to “international forces interfering in Africa”.

“We should not forget that these forces are plotting against Egypt and
exploiting the region’s poverty,” he said, hinting that the Ethiopian dam
project had been encouraged by foreign interests.

He then called on Egypt to “watch the movements
of the Zionist enemy operating within the Nile Basin countries.”

“We will say this one generation after the other: we will remain Israel’s
enemy,” the crowd chanted in response.

It looks like the Egyptian leaders have finally found a way to divert attention from the failure to solve the deepening economic and social crisis in the country.

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Comment from IQ Al Rassouli

Dear ALL,

Watch this remarkable video & keep in mind the following:

  1. The participants are the highest members of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood government that Obama & Hillary single handily brought to power
  2. All of them - except Morsi - had no idea they were on TV LIVE!
  3. Because they did not know they were LIVE, they said things that they would - as they admit - not have mentioned in public
  4. Like ALL Muslims - and especially Arabs - they NEVER blame themselves for anything and hence must find convenient scapegoats such as America & Israel (or anyone else).
  5. Their HATRED of Israel is easy to understand. Their hatred of the USA (which has been feeding the Egyptians for the last 50 years)  and helping save and rescue millions of MUSLIMS in Kuwait, Somalia, Pakistan, Egypt, Bosnia, Indonesia etc for the last 65 years can only be understood when the Western mind grasps that it is the Quran and ONLY the Quran that is the root of their hatred. Of course the USA is only the tip of the compost heap of their hatred since under Sharia they MUST hate 80% of humanity who are NOT Muslims.
  6. Because of their inability to confront or accept Facts & Reality, their limited intellect falls prey to Conspiracy Theories of asinine proportions.
  7. They completely IGNORE the fact that Ethiopia has every right to divert the Nile water for its agricultural and domestic needs as a NATURAL right. Turkey for example has diverted some of the waters of the Tigris & Euphrates and Iraq (my country) has suffered. As long as these diversions are not made to maliciously deprive another nation from water, the Egyptians do not have a leg to stand on Morally or Legally.
  8. They are intending to subvert and terrorize a sovereign nation by any and all means nefarious without a single person pulling any punches until Morsi pointed out that they were LIVE! These creatures are the 'leaders' of the Arab world but their combined intelligence would be shamed by a retarded child.

This video should be shown on Prime Time TV , on Face Book and on ALL methods of media possible because theirs is the mindset of ALL Muslims: Hate, War, Racism, Violence, Stupidity, Terror, Illogical, Death & Destruction.

Egypt's limited military options to stop Ethiopian dam project ;

On a slightly different note, Obama sees fit to arm a Muslim Brotherhood government with weapons such as tanks and F16s, which will only be used either against Israel or to repress counter-jihad protestors etc, curiously none of the groups who normally campaign against the arms trade have said a word about this, and neither have our supposedly pro-democracy MPs.


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