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Young woman in a burka, claims she was raped by three men (who ripped off her burka). She lied.

In this radio interview, Tommy Robinson points out that for 2 years muslims in Luton were committing arson attacks, and the media reported it was EDL doing this.  Police told TR that they knew it was not EDL - there was CCTV.  Finally muslims were convicted, but the media ignored this conviction.

A swastika and "muslims must die" was scrawled at Birmingham university (which is in a very muslim area) and at several mosques.

I wonder if this is another false-flag operation.

  • There was the case of the Imam in Loughton a few years back, who claimed he'd been abducted and his life threatened by the BNP.  CCTV that police & council had fitted to his home following a previous (probably fake) "attack", revealed that no-one abducted him.  At the time of the supposed abduction, he was then found on CCTV cameras across the area, shopping in B&Q etc.
  • Police told Tommy Robinson, that the "mosque" in Muswell Hill that was burned down was done by Somalis, so that once again muslims could play the victim in the wake of Lee Rigby's murder.

Reply by Joe on February 12, 2014 at 18:51

The muslim grievance mongering industry is pretending that it is the victim of DDOS attacks.  They simply cannot allow any other group to be victims, without having to manufacture claims that they too are victims.

Tell Mama have absolutely no reason to use DDOS protection like Cloudflare.  JihadWatch and Gates Of Vienna are attacked on a daily basis.  The guy who does Jesus and Mo cartoons suffers DDOS attacks. 
Harry's Place gets attacked, EDL gets attacked.

So, Tell Mama has to create bogus DDOS attacks to go with their bogus real-world "attacks".

Reply by Joe on July 9, 2014 at 17:50

Islamophobic, racist thugs burned korans outside mosque in Dearborn, Michigan.

Oh wait; no, it was a muslim, playing the victim card, just as islam commands.

Reply by Joe on October 11, 2014 at 9:42

Arson attacks on mosques in Germany; muslim did it.

Wonder if he was following the example of the perfect man, Mohammed.  He burned down the mosque of because they were "hypocrites" (according to Ibn Ishaq, they were sick and would not return to the battlefield).

Reply by Joe on December 27, 2014 at 15:05

I posted the other day about a mosque being fire-bombed in Sweden.  This was reported on the BBC, so I took it that the facts had been established.

It now turns out that the police can't say who told them that a firebomb was thrown through the window, and the police are considering other causes.

We keep expecting Europeans to start resisting, so we fall for these stories.  The media seem to parrot them in order to reinforce the idea that Europeans are evil and deserve to be replaced by immigrants.

Reply by paul collings on December 27, 2014 at 17:16

I saw that as well, but we will have to wait for the forensics.

The trouble is, when an actual case of non Muslims actually attacking a mosque are revealed, it is such a rare thing that the media Has to make a big deal of it.

Muslims causing problems against Non Muslims are so common, we take no notice.

Every day against our will we are feed Halal, we have to watch burka clad people and we have to tolerate sharia courts. Our Children have to attend Mosques, where they are probably tricked into reciting the Shahadah, and our news is almost totally dedicated to Islamic themes of some type.

When a Jihadi attack of some description takes palace in a west country, the media are desperate to play down any Islamic / Muslim connection.  It was suggested almost immediately that this could have been an arson attack due to Islamophobia.  

Not that people give a shit. Most people were quietly hopping someone had torched it. Which is a terrible thing. That society has become so sickened by Islam that we almost cheer the burning down of a Mosque. Its the place our self loathing leaders  and their ideology have brought us.

We would stand and watch Islam burn to the ground. Every thing touched by that terrible cult just ends up full of hate.

Reply by Joe on December 29, 2014 at 9:58

Another mosque attacked - this time in California.

The attacker was a muslim.


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