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The intelligentsia will be the last to admit it.  But that's the beauty of reality.  You can't wish it away.

Of course we don't get this in the news.  Too busy with Paris Hilton or gay marriage.  It probably helps keep things quiet since the French media are now forbidden from reporting on the 30,000 cars (at last count) blown up by muslims there each year.

From the above video:

The socialist mayor of a suburb of Paris has been asking for the army and UN peacekeepers to be deployed there since 2009!

"It is amazing that bullet-proof vests are not compulsory for tourists."

The non-muslim French do not dare enter the ring of muslim suburbs that surround their capital city. [Wow.  The blindness and ignorance of the history of siege warfare is astonishing. Future generations will talk not about the Siege of Vienna in 1683, but the Siege of Paris in 2023.  And still the French are eating croissants every day; people wrongly thought 'bake the threat of islam into bread and no-one will forget it'.]

The muslim scrotes of Strasbourg are proud to proclaim their ghetto "Baghdad".  It's clear that the muslims/gangs (same thing) are in control.  The dhimmi multi-culti social worker serves as an agent of misinformation.

The author of a book on Strasbourg says that his country is returning to tribalism.  [Balkanisation, anyone?  Again, there is a failure to acknowledge the history of europe.]

The police spokeswoman says "There are no 'no-go zones' "  She says they enter them with a fully-tooled army.  [Sorry dear, that is a 'no-go zone'.]  She says the police have to have escape routes, and they are often injured in these sorties.  Just before that, the police admit they no longer chase suspects because if the suspect dies inevitably there will be rioting.

Laurent Obertone says that French liberalism is pathological. [James Burnham must be smiling in his grave.]

And as if the process of Balkanisation was not obvious, the socialist mayor says "Weapons that were used in the Balkans have now appeared here."  [Isn't that a kind of poetic symmetry?  If it occurred in a movie, the intellgentsia would be waxing lyrically about how clever the auteur was.]

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Here is a speech by Björn Höcke, one of the leaders of Alternative for Deutschland.

On current trends, by the end of 2016, the number of male Muslims in Germany of fighting age will outnumber the number of indigenous German men of that age (he talks of "people" when he refers to the "refugees", but he also states that 70% of these "refugees" are young Muslim men, whilst other figures say that over 80% of these "refugees" are men).

Who could foresee that the leader of Germany would import an enemy army?  Countries like France, Holland, Sweden, UK and even Spain looked like more likely candidates for the start of the European Civil War than Germany.  But Merkel has out-played everyone.

As the young man says, what is going on in Germany now is without historical precedent. He talks only of German history, but I suspect it is without precedent in the history of the world. 

The controlled media are not reporting on the "refugee centres" being burned down. They are not reporting on the Pegida demonstrations (and such like, happening not only in Dresden but also in Utrecht, Berlin, Nuremberg).

All of the evidence from the past 30 years, is that the people of Europe will just go quietly to their subjugation, distracted by X Factor and celebrity gossip.

However, when one realises that the Chinese "economic miracle" is set to implode, then it looks like the distraction of the sheeple could come to a very quick end.

With the multiple attacks tonight, they announced on the BBC News that France had declared a national state of emergency.  They also said this is the first time such measures have been instituted since France's Algerian War.

There is also a curfew. The first time since 1944.

So, France is once again at war.  Amazing, that after a war with muslims just 55 years ago, they could then make it so that (at least) 10% of France's population were immigrant muslims. Moreover, those who tried to warn about it, were vilified.

The BBC said that in the latest survey of public opinion, 20% of French people know think France's No.1 problem is terrorism. The survey before that, only 2% had said that terrorism was the No.1 issue.  I wonder what the % will be when the next survey is done.

Le Pen's Presidency is a few years closer.  Meanwhile, the EU is prosecuting Marine Le Pen, having changed a law to backdate it to make her remarks illegal.

Just like no-one in France admits to being collaborators with the Nazis, within a few years no-one will admit to having been a collaborator with Hollande.

Mark Steyn - the barbarians are inside and there are no gates ;

Hollande says "it's an act of war"

That is how front pages of Le Figaro and Le Parisien described it too.  Trying to get some screenshots of those too.

Both Le Figaro and Le Parisien have removed the reports of it being war.  Here are two small screenshots.

The Le Parisien headline was still being returned by google, but on following the link, it had been removed. Attempting to get it from google's cache was a recursive redirect.

Looks like the elite decided that these stories had better be re-phrased as "it's an act of war by ISIS" rather than "muslims/islam are at war with us"

France has robust judicial and security laws that give investigators fairly sweeping powers to monitor, detain and interrogate suspects. In the past these have been envied by their counterparts working in countries with stricter constraints. Yet the French now seem to be overwhelmed by the sheer numbers involved. Manuel Valls, the prime minister, acknowledged this week that fully 10,500 people in France are on a file known as “Fiche S”, meaning that they are suspected of being radicalised.

To keep 10,000 muslim terrorists under surveillance 24x7 they would need a staff of around 100,000 police, dedicated solely to that.

France only has 10,000 soldiers on the streets.

A new slogan for the French CJM might be "DEPORT FICHE S".

The chickens of the last 30 years of immigration, multiculturalism and lies about islam are finally coming home to roost.

Jan Jambon, the Belgian interior minister, announced he wants a house-to-house search of every address in Molenbeek to see who is living there, noting that some addresses with two registered inhabitants have 10 people there.

The Brussels district of Molenbeek was the focus of police raids last week after the Paris attacks, and Mr Jambon said that out of 130 jihadists known to have returned from Syria, 85 are in the tiny commune of Molenbeek.


Did 10 people destroy evidence after Saint-Denis raid?

Up to ten occupants of cars with Belgian numberplates "cleaned up" the flat of the mother of Hasna Aitboulahcen, hours after she was killed in firefight with police in Saint-Denis, according to French reports.

The suspects drove to the flat in Aulnay-sous-Bois, northeast of the capital, in three cars with Belgian number plates on Wednesday night for what “several witnesses” are cited as calling a “clean up” operation, according to M6 and France 3 TV.

Joe - also saw on tv (BBC ?), though it has'nt been repeated, that as the French armed police were driving away after finishing the raid, they were jeered at by local residents ( I guess these are the "moderate" muslims the press keep telling us about) - at least they were honest enough to show their worldview, unlike the taqiya merchants continually wheeled out by the establishment. Somewhat wittily, the balaclavad police made victory signs back at the hostile crowd as they were driving off !

Yes. I saw that report too.  Was interesting that they were jeered as they left St. Denis.

In Molenbeek, Russian journalists were attacked by those peaceful muslims, just for asking questions.

Why are France & Belgium at the centre of this?

France refused to take part in the Iraq war (presumably seeing what had happened to Madrid a few years earlier).

Why isn't Britain the principle target?  Is it really just the % of muslims in a country?

I think it might be that France & Belgium are the targets because both countries banned the burka.

To muslims, this must look like the first time in 100 years that any European state has drawn a line against islam.

Here is the report of the Russians being attacked ; - can't  the one of the police being jeered at.


793 RAIDS (182 Last night alone)





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