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The intelligentsia will be the last to admit it.  But that's the beauty of reality.  You can't wish it away.

Of course we don't get this in the news.  Too busy with Paris Hilton or gay marriage.  It probably helps keep things quiet since the French media are now forbidden from reporting on the 30,000 cars (at last count) blown up by muslims there each year.

From the above video:

The socialist mayor of a suburb of Paris has been asking for the army and UN peacekeepers to be deployed there since 2009!

"It is amazing that bullet-proof vests are not compulsory for tourists."

The non-muslim French do not dare enter the ring of muslim suburbs that surround their capital city. [Wow.  The blindness and ignorance of the history of siege warfare is astonishing. Future generations will talk not about the Siege of Vienna in 1683, but the Siege of Paris in 2023.  And still the French are eating croissants every day; people wrongly thought 'bake the threat of islam into bread and no-one will forget it'.]

The muslim scrotes of Strasbourg are proud to proclaim their ghetto "Baghdad".  It's clear that the muslims/gangs (same thing) are in control.  The dhimmi multi-culti social worker serves as an agent of misinformation.

The author of a book on Strasbourg says that his country is returning to tribalism.  [Balkanisation, anyone?  Again, there is a failure to acknowledge the history of europe.]

The police spokeswoman says "There are no 'no-go zones' "  She says they enter them with a fully-tooled army.  [Sorry dear, that is a 'no-go zone'.]  She says the police have to have escape routes, and they are often injured in these sorties.  Just before that, the police admit they no longer chase suspects because if the suspect dies inevitably there will be rioting.

Laurent Obertone says that French liberalism is pathological. [James Burnham must be smiling in his grave.]

And as if the process of Balkanisation was not obvious, the socialist mayor says "Weapons that were used in the Balkans have now appeared here."  [Isn't that a kind of poetic symmetry?  If it occurred in a movie, the intellgentsia would be waxing lyrically about how clever the auteur was.]

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French government warns there is a risk of attack by chemical or biological agents.  It's in French, I will try to get a translation tomorrow.

French Minister for the Interior has suggested that "radical mosques" in France be closed down.

How's that going to help? We all know the "radical" view of islam without ever having stepped foot inside a mosque.  The imam of East London Mosque backed out of a BBC debate with Robert Spencer, saying "you know the koran better than I do".

The chickens are coming home to roost. The Rushdie Affair was the time when all immigration by muslims was stopped. Now it's too late.

Douglas Murray is now talking about the civil war in France.

Paris - a time to love and a time to hate; RamZPaul's latest vid ;

France to close down 160 mosques containing arms caches.

Only The Religion of Peace would be building up an arsenal ready for when they stream out and subjugate the kuffar.

There's not 1 journalist who is exposing/collating this stuff.

There are so few politicians who will be trusted in the coming years.

The generally accepted reports of 130 civilian deaths, 368 wounded and 90 seriously so, with 7 of 8 attackers killed as the casualty tally from the Paris attacks would mean1,300,000 or more civilian deaths arising from an embedded jihadi force of 80,000 pre-positioned infiltrators.

First time I've seen an attempt to extrapolate & quantify the death toll of the coming civil  war.

I was told yesterday of some news report which stated  that the immigrant camps at Calais were full of jihadis.

I wish I'd laid odds at the bookies about this. I could have minted it in. 

France has asked the entire citizenry to join the army.

Interesting... but it will be even more interesting to see what they do when loads of "French" muslims turn out from Friday prayers and ask to join in order to get military training and access to weapons....

Joe said:

I wish I'd laid odds at the bookies about this. I could have minted it in. 

France has asked the entire citizenry to join the army.

Months after this thread started the experts from the Royal United Services Institute were writing in The Telegraph saying that ISIS could be defeated in 6 months by the strategic prowess of a 1st year candidate at Sandhurst. The LSE was conducting talks on how "the Arab Spring" would spread to Jordan, etc. Here is an Arab engineer, PhD in Economics, and a top prize-winning French novelist (the prizes seem to come from a Leftist organisation, as his prize was withdrawn when he visited Israel). He is predicting imminent civil war for France I think he's a Leftist  (given his approving remarks on Communist Sartre) addressing a room of Chanel-wearing Leftists.  I think the proximal cause for his talk, and for his fears of civil war, is the likely win of Le Pen in the coming elections (I've been predicting she would likely win ever since Fillon was the opposition candidate).

Another documentary I saw recently showed how much hostility to other races there is in the world. Basic upshot: Europe and Europeanized cultures (Americas, Australasia) were the least racist places on the planet. India and Africa and Arabia were the most racist.  Interesting in itself, but what stood out to me was that in a sea of indifference to race in the Europeanized world, France did not fit. 30% of French say they would not want a foreigner as a neighbour.  It's another reason why a country that's probably 20% Muslim is going to kick off the Euro Civil War.

This 30 year progression of Mosques in France will make you cringe.  

Out of roughly 1000 law-making politicians, the UK has 23 Muslims; France has 2. Remember the guns they've found in French mosques? 

As the Arab novelist says, Islam has chosen France for the show-down. When Le Pen wins & introduces anti-Islam measures, then the fighting will start.

Thanks Joe, very useful.

Read this to grasp the scale of the problem in France.

When I was there 7 years ago, I went to Versailles by train.  Of the 100s (1000s?) of people thronging round the station, I think I was the only white person there (French civil servant who sold me the ticket was white).

The French have lied to themselves about their problems by refusing to even collect the data.


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