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The lexicon of Islamic terms on the homepage is taken from documents of the OIC or from the QSHUT or canonical texts of Islam.  The forum header contains a brief definition, then a later post gives further description and scripture references, if required.  The Islamic use of a term on 4F may be indicated by upper case.

Fascist Enablers use our words with different meanings, commonly because it allows them to equivocate around pejorative terms or difficult issues.  Therefore, before you join any media discussion or public debate, you must get agreement on which definitions are being used.

See also here:

  • ALLAHU AKBAR: Literally means (our) "God is greater", but is most often found used to celebrate killing or victory over, a non-Muslim, thus rendering the sense "Die, inferior scum!"
  • BIGOT (religious): This term can only be applied to non-Muslims, because, as Muslims follow the one true religion, they are entitled to treat other religions with contempt
  • CHARITY: The giving of alms to other Muslims (only)
  • CIVILIAN: a non-combatant, as long as he is also INNOCENT
  • COMPASSION: The concept of Al Wala' Wal Bara' (love and hate for Allahs sake) means that compassion can only be extended to those within the Ummah. (Qur'an 48.29)
  • CONSENT: also conveyed by SILENCE
  • DEFAMATION (of Religion): Defamation of Islam (only)
  • EQUALITY: The equal treatment of Muslims, apart from the special privileges and exemptions granted to them by their HUMAN RIGHTS
  • GOOD: The concept of 'good' as applied in Mohammed's time, not the modern meaning.
  • HOLY: Respected or sanctioned by Islam, no matter how criminal or violent. Also acts as a warning sign to non-Muslims, that they must show respect to it.
  • HUMAN RIGHTS:  The apartheid privileges and dispensations given to Muslims in the Cairo Declaration of Human Rights (as opposed to those assigned to everyone in the UDHR of the UN)
  • HYPOCRISYMeans "pretending to be a rule-following muslim, but (secretly) breaking some of the rules".  But for a muslim to pretend to care for non-muslims is not hypocrisy, it is a form of Jihad.
  • INNOCENT: Islam prohibits the killing of innocent people, except for those who reject Muhammad's message after it has been clearly explained. So any non-Muslim is not 'innocent'
  • INTEGRATION: The mandatory accommodation of Islamic requirements by the host society
  • INTERFAITH DIALOGUE: a conversation agreeing to the superiority of Islam and promising to respect all religions and the sensibilities of all believers, particularly Muslims
  • ISLAMOPHOBIA: Any statement by a non-Muslim which breaks Islamic law on SLANDER & TALEBEARING
  • JIHAD: 99% of the time means violence used in the furtherance of the political ideology of Islam
  • JUSTICE: The result of the full application and enforcement of Sharia Law
  • MARRIAGE: Note that Islamic 'marriage' includes polygyny and excludes polyandry
  • Offence: Offence occurs when a non-Muslim breaks the Islamic law on slander.
  • OIC: Organisation of Islamic Cooperation - the largest UN voting block (56 states, 1.4B people)
  • OPPRESSION (of Muslims): if you do not grant preferential treatment to Muslims, as required by Sharia Law, then you are 'oppressing' them.
  • PEACE:  The situation that exists in a region/world, once all non-Islamic forces have been subjugated
  • PERSECUTION: The state Muslims are in if they suffer OPPRESSION
  • QSHUT: A 4F acronym for the 5 canonical, defining, texts used by 80% or more, of Muslims
  • Racist: A non-Muslim person who criticises Islam or Muslims
  • RAPE: Is not defined simply in terms of coercive intercourse, because in many situation the man is permitted to force himself on his wife, or other captive women
  • RELIGIOUS HARMONY: A society in SOCIAL HARMONY, with no disputes between the religions, as the Infidel ones have accepted, and defer to, the superiority of Islam
  • SELF DEFENCE: Muslims can kill you in self defence if you've rejected an invitation to join.
  • SILENCE: Indicates consent, if you want it to, as in the case of marrying off 9 year old girls
  • SLANDER: truth that Muslims don't want to hear
  • SOCIAL HARMONY: A society in which there are no more 'days of rage', because OFFENCE is no longer caused to Islam by non-Muslims, as they have learned to respect and fear it
  • TALEBEARING: Making or revealing any statement which is not of benefit to Muslims
  • TERRORISM: The killing of a Muslim without right
  • TOLERANCE:  The cessation of violence to Infidels, once they have accepted the rule of Sharia
  • TRUCE: A temporary cessation of fighting while Muslim forces re-group and re-arm. The Muslim side is permitted to break the truce at any time
  • TRUE: A factual lie by a Muslim is not considered to be a lie by them, if it falls into one of the many QSHUT exemptions permitted in order to promote Islam in the land of the Kafir.
  • UNIVERSAL (religion): Is used to mean 'mandatory', as opposed to 'generally accepted'.
  • UNJUST: Technically, any failure to apply JUSTICE. More generally, any situation in which a Muslim group is not given the privileges and concessions it demands
  • WOMEN'S RIGHTS: Those rights permitted to women by men, in exchange for obedience

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Replies to This Discussion

(1) Nationally: Occurs as an orchestrated day-of-rage around an incident of Islamophobia, to further the enforcement of the Islamic law on slander.
(2) Personally: Occurs when a non-Muslim speaker has exhibited Islamophobia:Islamic

Rape as a concept does not exist in Islam as we understand it, the closest it gets is forced 'zina' (adultery). Islamic law does not consider rape a separate legal category but places it together with other sex acts outside of the marriage/right hand possession contract. Islam allows for various forms of rape and in some cases (hanafi school) explicitly condones it in the case of marital rape. Rape in islam (ightisab) is a property crime and cannot by definition be committed by the husband against his own property such as his wife or slave.

This is what 'The Reliance of the Traveller' says on this subject:
@M5.1: The Wife's Marital Obligations

It is obligatory for a woman to let her husband have sex with her immediately when:
(a) he asks her
(b) at home (O: home meaning the place in which he is currently staying, even if being lent to him or rented)
(c) and she can physically endure it

O: Another condition that should be added is that her marriage payment (mahr, def: m8) has been received or deferred to a term not yet expired

As for when sex with her is not possible, such that having it would entail manifest harm to her, then she is not obliged to comply.  If she asks him to wait, she is awaited, to a maximum of three days (O: She does not ask to wait because of not having finished her period or postnatal bleeding, for there is not physical harm entailed in her complying as she is, though if she fears that such foreplay with him will lead to actual copulation (A: which is unlawful under such circumstances), then she may refuse, as that is not obligatory).  (n: w45 discusses wives' other duties to husbands.)

Manifest harm would be decided by a Sharia court.  A Hanafi judge takes a more severe view than a Shafi'i fiq one:

"For the Hanafis, a wife's sexual refusal was not grounds for loss of maintenance. However, this was because she was still considered "available" to her husband; he was entitled to force her to have intercourse."
Omid Safi, Progressive Muslims: On Justice, Gender and Pluralism (Oxford: Oneworld Pubs, 2003), p.170

BIGOT (religious)
See the dictionary definition:

  • Religious bigot: a person who regards or treats members of a different religious belief with hatred and intolerance

So this term which cannot be applied to Muslims, because, as Muslims follow the one true religion, they are perfectly entitled to be intolerant and contemptuous of other religions.

Hello Alan, I am working with the ROTT  to "Reveal the Sharia" through a series of graphic images with definitions and readings of law straight from the sharia. This link is on slander (Ghiba, r 2.2, page 730). Slow going, but hope to have a couple dozen by the end of the year.

Alan Lake said:

Any true statement about Islam that offends Muslims. 
We're hearing a lot of it  at the moment with regard to the film "The Innocence of Muslims".  Apparently the portrayal of Muhammad as a paedophile because of his consummation with Aisha is slanderous. 

A non-combatant, as long as he is also INNOCENT (as shown by Muhammad's night raid on the Banu Mustaliq)

OPPRESSION (of Muslims)
If you do not grant preferential treatment to Muslims, in the form of privileges and concessions, as authorised and required by Sharia Law, then you are oppressing them.

Aggression: (against islam) To refuse to revert back to Islam when offered the chance.

Khamenei characterizes the Islamic war against Israel as "jihad," while Muslims fighting against each other is "terrorism." Islamic supremacist groups condemn "terrorism," but by it they do not mean violent actions by Muslims against Infidels -- that's not terrorism, it's jihad.

Rightist / Far Rights
Normally used for anyone the speaker disagrees with, whether they are Socialist, Black, or whatever, as in this article:

After spending the whole article teaching us that the ANC have total control of the country and nobody else has any hope of getting a look in, the Economist says:

The best hope for the country in years to come is a real split in the ANC between the populist left and the fat-cat right to offer a genuine choice for voters.

But hang on: the ANC leadership are black aren't they?  And they are allegedly "for the people", socialist?  But the Leftists have to call them Right Wing because, that's their term for anybody they disagree with.

So, next time someone calls you Right Wing, ask them: "Are you saying I'm a black socialist?"


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1. SP Freedom of Speech
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4. SP Freedom from Debt
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An additional Freedom from Religion is deducible if the law is applied equally to everyone:

  • Religious and cultural activities are exempt from legal oversight except where they intrude into the public sphere (Res Publica)"

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