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Luton & Dunstable express have run this storey as its front page december 31 2009.A scotland yard source has told the paper that a number of luton moslem men have left to learn arabic in yemen,police fear anti west imams are training them to carry out explosions and knife fighting skills,so would i be correct in saying that the town has extremists in its community,if so then why does Hazel simmons labour and leader of the local council refer to these terrorists as anti war protesters and pro troop supporters as trouble makers even far right,god that town,it must be this countries first line of defence,towns like luton do not need weak leaders like simmons she should go to the yemen to learn arabic because for now she speaks the language of the past.

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I would love to see someone like that go to Yemen for a reality check. Who knows, she may get raped for dressing 'provocatively'; be judged equally guilty and sent for prison; then struggle to find "4 Muslim men of good character" to testify in her defence - as the words of one woman "deficient in intelligence" are not admissible against the words of one man.
A woman in Islam is absolutely nothing, no voice whatsoever.
I urge every non-Muslim and every doubting Muslim to read one of the two world best-sellers by Ibn Warraq(not his real name by reason of the death threat fatwa laid against him) "Why I am not a Muslim". Ibn is a world leading authority on Islam. It is an extremely learned work which goes into great detail on why Islam is a medieval,ignorant,intolerant,chauvinistic and aggressive cult-NOT faith. Warraq is a Muslim apostate and now an atheist. I have had the great misfortune as a Christian tohave lived and worked in ten Islamic countries and I can attest to EVERYTHING he critices about Islam-or I Slam as I call it.
I live three miles away from Luton. It is one of the least attractive towns in Britain now with almost 30% of its population being Muslim. It houses in Bury Park some of the most fervent fundamentalist(incipient terrorist Islamic elements in Britain). Hazel Simmons curries favour with the Muslims because she has political ambitions. The Bedfordshire police appear to have had orders to go easy on the Muslim protestors and hard on ANY white objectors to Muslim protests against the Anglian Regiment when it returns from DUTY in Afghanistan. Another prime example of further Islamisation of Britain!
David Michael Woolmer: 'Hazel Simmons curries favour with the Muslims because she has political ambitions.'

Francis Xavier: 'she speaks the language of the past.'

maybe she thinks the future is islamic and the Moderates will get in and promote her.

There is a trial in Luton which I am sure will interest and infuriate you in equal measure. Kinana too.

Seven extremists who were part of a large group of Muslims in a crowd welcoming the Anglian regiment after its bloody tour of duty and who reviled the troops with shouts of "murderers", " terrorists", " cowards" and obscenities which I would not mention to a lady are now in the Luton Crown Court. They are accused of causing public disorder and other misdemeanours.

These seven, all dressed in full Islamic garb refused to stand up when the lady judge entered the court room as is normal in an English court. They all said that they only stood at the mention of Allah's name!

Rather than holding them in contempt of court, the stupid judge gave way and let them come in after her.

I have commented in the Daily Telegraph report that if this carries on we might as well abandon English common law which has been with us for many hundreds of years and just adopt sharia! After all, Britain is fast becoming an Islamic state so why not hasten the process?!
David, I have only now seen this comment of yours.

Public disorder!!!! maybe treason would be more fitting.
If a British person did that what would happen to them? I'm sure they would be charged as a serious offence.
Public disorder is making a peaceful nuisance of yourself in some public place.
Then in the court, I would like to see a British guy get away with not standing up.
This is the legal system, playing into Islams hands. I don't get it, they are afraid to treat muslims as any other British person, or what???

After all a muslim who left his own country & went to live in england must be looking for a better life.
So why wont they comply to the countries rules & regulations, they do nothing but moan, so I guess the country isn't good for them. Simple answer go back home. In cases as muslims born in UK they don't like the life there go to one of the many Islamic countries, if that's the standards they want to live by.

No one is trying to take their religion away from them - but live side-by-side, like christian, chatholics, jewish etc. do.
I forgot to say, yes David very very infuriating.

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Most Western societies are based on Secular Democracy, which itself is based on the concept that the open marketplace of ideas leads to the optimum government. Whilst that model has been very successful, it has defects. The 4 Freedoms address 4 of the principal vulnerabilities, and gives corrections to them. 

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