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Leading Female Iraqi Human Rights Activist Arrested, Tortured and Publicly Executed by ISIS for ‘Apostasy’ After Facebook Post

Women’s Rights Activist Executed by ISIS in Iraq

SEPT. 25, 2014

GENEVA — An Iraqi lawyer known for her work promoting women’s rights has been killed by Islamic State fighters, the head of the United Nations human rights office said on Thursday, continuing a pattern of attacks on professional women.

The lawyer, Sameera Salih Ali al-Nuaimy, was seized from her home by Islamic State fighters last week and tortured for several days before a masked firing squad executed her in public on Monday, Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein, the United Nations human rights commissioner, said in a statement.

Ms. Nuaimy had posted comments on her Facebook page condemning the “barbaric” bombing and destroying of mosques and shrines in Mosul, a northern Iraqi city, by the Islamic State, the militant group also known as ISIS or ISIL. She was convicted of apostasy by a “so-called court,” Mr. Zeid said, adding that her family had been barred from giving her a funeral.

The killing follows the execution of a number of Iraqi women in areas under Islamic State control documented by United Nations monitors, including two candidates contesting Iraq’s general election in Nineveh Province, who were killed in July. A third female candidate was abducted by gunmen in eastern Mosul and has not been heard from since.

United Nations monitors in Iraq have received numerous reports of executions of women by Islamic State gunmen, some after perfunctory trials, the organization said. “Educated, professional women seem to be particularly at risk,” it added.

human rights activist

These killings, together with abductions and the enslavement of women and children, illustrate the “utterly poisonous nature” of the extremist group, Mr. Zeid said, drawing attention to the plight of hundreds of women and girls of the Yazidi religious minority and other ethnic and religious groups sold into slavery, raped or forced into marriage after the group overran large areas of northern Iraq.

“The fact that such groups try to attract more people to their cause by asserting their acts are supported by Islam is a further gross perversion,” he said.

The high commissioner’s statement came as his deputy, Flavia Pansieri, told the Human Rights Council in Geneva that the situation in Iraq had continued to deteriorate even since the start of the month.

At least 8,493 civilians are believed to have died in the Iraqi conflict this year, half of them between the start of June and the end of August, she reported, but the United Nations has warned that the real number of casualties could be much higher.

Information gathered by United Nations monitors on the situation in areas under Islamic State control “reveals acts of inhumanity on an unimaginable scale,” she said.

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A little terror goes a long way.  Any Muslim anywhere in the world who even slightly disagrees with the ISIS understanding of Islam will get the message.  Moderates cannot speak out because they are not as ruthless as the radicals.  Moderates need the West to protect them and yet, yet, at the same time, they undermine the West and the very protection that they need, by promoting Mohammed as the ‘perfect man’ and the Quran as a holy book. The moderates do not and cannot control the narrative or the interpretation of Islam.  

May Sameera Salih Ali al-Nuaimy rest in peace.

You would think, being so proud of their acts, that these IS members would show their faces. But they don't want to be recognised whilst entering free countries on missions to decapitate innocents. Islam is opposed to education, especially for girls. The proper study for a Muslim being only that which has been said and done by Allah's one true prophet.

It is the “utterly poisonous nature” of Islam that needs calling to attention. Mohammed "sold into slavery, raped or forced into marriage" captured women after torturing and beheading their men.

Are Muslims really so ignorant about Islam and the actions of Mohammed? “The fact that such groups try to attract more people to their cause by asserting their acts are supported by Islam is a further gross perversion,” he said.

Camerons visit to Iran was like asking Satan to limit the activities of his demons. This is not going to end any time soon and there is nothing that we can do to stop it, other than to put Islam into quarantine

Are Muslims really so ignorant about Islam and the actions of Mohammed?

Exactly. It just astonishes me that a professional woman, educated in the law (and probably many other things) was so ignorant of Islam.  And she paid the highest price for that ignorance.  What was she thinking?  Was Islam to her just a lifestyle choice and a fashion statement?  Was it just Friday prayers, paying the zakat, a trip to Mecca once and awhile, fasting during Ramadan, once a week prayers at the local mosque?  She must have forget (or did not know about) the 6th Pillar of Islam: Jihad

Muslim Book 020, Number 4645: It has been narrated on the authority of Abu Sa'id Khudri that the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said (to him): Abu Sa'id, whoever cheerfully accepts Allah as his Lord, Islam as his religion and Muhammad as his Apostle is necessarily entitled to enter Paradise. He (Abu Sa'id) wondered at it and said: Messenger of Allah, repeat it for me. He (the Messenger of Allah) did that and said: There is another act which elevates the position of a man in Paradise to a grade one hundred (higher), and the elevation between one grade and the other is equal to the height of the heaven from the earth. He (Abu Sa'id) said: What is that act? He replied: Jihad in the way of Allah! Jihad in the way of Allah!

But the liars/selfdeceivers/ignorant/enlightened/muslims have a different, non-violent, definition of Jihad. Hence, thereligionofpeace. Then I have to wonder if I'm wrong to define it as thereligionofwar. Judge people by their words and actions, well I can't see that my judgement of Mohammed is wrong. Am I wrong, was Mohammed's message one of; love, respect, justice, tolerance, truth. honesty, forgiveness, mercy, work-ethic, charity and kindness? All of the virtues and more. According to the words and actions of the Islamists, that claim to have understood Mohammed correctly, I am right in concluding that Islam is a thing of evil. Though to an Islamist it is a thing of beauty.


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