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Peter McLoughlin's book on the Muslim grooming gangs, Easy Meat: Inside the British Grooming Gang Scandal, has now been updated to include new material bringing it up to 2016. It can be bought in paperback and ebook from Amazon. McLoughlin is maintaining a website of material supplementary to the Easy Meat book - . The link to his website points to a page showing you what the additional material in the book covers. There is also a very useful interactive, searchable table on McLoughlin's website. You can search and sort this table using names, towns, dates to see this grooming gang scandal from different angles.

This analysis is being misrepresented by a website called "Sharia Unveiled".

My analysis pertains to "grooming gangs". They have transformed this into "child rapes and molestations".  It seems highly likely in a country where 90% of people are non-muslims, that most child molestation is by non-muslims (just as in a muslim-majority country the majority of rapes and the majority of anal sex is by muslims).

"Localised Grooming" Gangs (convictions from 1997)

This list is compiled based on definitions provided by Andrew Norfolk, The Times, 5 January 2011:

"The 17 cases identified by The Times which showed a pattern of exploitation"

Andrew Norfolk won the Orwell Prize for Journalism for his reporting on grooming gangs. He was the only journalist who provided expert testimony to the House of Commons select committee, in their (2012-2013) investigation into the grooming gangs.  This parliamentary investigation (published June 2013) concluded that it  "would certainly seem to be the case" that most of grooming gangs are muslim.  See p.52.


trial   first 2nd name/
date location name surname
Nov 1997 Leeds Mohammed Naim Rashid
Nov 1997 Leeds Abid Hussain Sadique
Feb 2005 Keighley Shabir Ahmed
Feb 2005 Keighley Munwar Khan
Apr 2006 Blackpool Sandeep Chauhan
Apr 2006 Blackpool Puppy Parmar
Jun 2007 Oldham Shahzad Masood
Jun 2007 Oldham Mohammed Suleman
Aug 2007 Blackburn Zulfqar Hussain
Aug 2007 Blackburn Qaiser Naveed
Oct 2007 Sheffield Ayad Mahmood
Oct 2007 Sheffield Aziz Sabir Hamed
Aug 2008 Oldham Shofiqul Islam
Aug 2008 Oldham Shamim Ahmed
Nov 2008 Manchester Mirza Baig
Nov 2008 Manchester Mohammed Ditta
Nov 2008 Blackburn Ian Hindle
Nov 2008 Blackburn Andrew Wells
Apr 2009 Blackburn Imran Pervez
Apr 2009 Blackburn Zaheer Khan
Jul 2009 Skipton Mohammed Zackriya
Jul 2009 Skipton Mohammed Taj
Jul 2009 Skipton Mohammed Shabir
Jul 2009 Skipton Shafaq Hussain
Feb 2010 Rochdale Ajmal Afridi
Feb 2010 Rochdale Imtiaz Syed
Feb 2010 Rochdale Tayub Hussain
Feb 2010 Rochdale Mustafa Arshad
Feb 2010 Rochdale Mohammed Usman Raja
Jun 2010 Nelson Azeem Shah
Jun 2010 Nelson Tabassum Shah
Aug 2010 Rochdale Asad Yousaf Hassan
Aug 2010 Rochdale Mohammed Basharat
Aug 2010 Rochdale Mohammed Atif
Aug 2010 Rochdale Aftab Khan
Aug 2010 Rochdale Abid Khaliq
Aug 2010 Rochdale Mohammed Anwar Safi
Aug 2010 Rochdale Ahmed Noorzai
Aug 2010 Rochdale Mohammed Khan
Aug 2010 Rochdale Najibullah Safi
Sep 2010 Preston Mohammed Moosa
Sep 2010 Preston Faisal Ghani
Nov 2010 Rotherham Razwan Razaq
Nov 2010 Rotherham Umar Razaq
Nov 2010 Rotherham Zafran Ramzan
Nov 2010 Rotherham Mohsin Khan
Nov 2010 Rotherham Adil Hussain
Nov 2010 Derby Abid Siddique
Nov 2010 Derby Mohammed Liaqat
Nov 2010 Derby Mohamed Imran Rehman
Nov 2010 Derby Faisal Mehmood
Nov 2010 Derby Akshay Kumar
Nov 2010 Derby Naweed Liaqat
Nov 2010 Derby Farooq Ahmed
Nov 2010 Derby Graham Blackham
Nov 2010 Derby Ziafat Yasin
Aug 2011 Accrington Amjad Hussain
Aug 2011 Accrington Shahid Hussain
Aug 2011 Accrington Tanveer Butt
Mar 2012 Telford Shamrez Rashid
Mar 2012 Telford Amar Hussain
Mar 2012 Telford Jahbar Rafiq
Mar 2012 Telford Adil Saleem
Mar 2012 Telford Amer Islam Choudhrey
May 2012 Rochdale Kabeer Hassan
May 2012 Rochdale Abdul Aziz
May 2012 Rochdale Abdul Rauf
May 2012 Rochdale Mohammed Sajid
May 2012 Rochdale Adil Khan
May 2012 Rochdale Abdul Qayyum
May 2012 Rochdale Mohammed Amin
May 2012 Rochdale Hamid Safi
May 2012 Rochdale Shabir Ahmed
May 2012 Bradford Shabir Ahmed
May 2012 Bradford Munwar Khan
Feb 2013 Ipswich Surin Uddin
Feb 2013 Ipswich Mohammed Sheikh
Feb 2013 Ipswich Hamza Ali
Mar 2013 Birmingham Raja Khan
Mar 2013 Birmingham Adeeb Sultan
Mar 2013 Keighley Shazad Rehman
Mar 2013 Keighley Bilal Hussain
Apr 2013 Brierfield Mohammed Imran Amja
May 2013 Oxford Kamar Jamil
May 2013 Oxford Akhtar Dogar
May 2013 Oxford Anjum Dogar
May 2013 Oxford Assad Hussain
May 2013 Oxford Mohammed Karrar
May 2013 Oxford Bassam Karrar
May 2013 Oxford Zeeshan Ahmed
Jul 2013 Barking Naeem Ahmed
Jul 2013 Barking Nabeel Ahmed
Jul 2013 Barking Hassan Raza
Jul 2013 Manchester Shamin Uddin
Jul 2013 Manchester Giash Uddin
Jul 2013 Manchester Robert Jackson
Aug 2013 Leicester Aabidali Mubarak Ali
Aug 2013 Leicester Rakib Iacub
Aug 2013 Leicester Wajid Usman

99 convictions
6 non-muslims (maybe they saw muslims getting away with it, so copied them)

20% of those convicted in the grooming gangs are called "Mohammed"
94% of those convicted in the grooming gangs are muslims

The Times article from Jan 5 2011, on this grooming phenomenon shows a realisation (at least in one newspaper) of the scale of the problem (attached as a PDF here).  You can see his original list (to the end of 2010).  There have been as many convictions since 2010, as there were in the previous 13 years investigated by Norfolk.

The vast majority of the victims of the gangs listed above were white/non-muslim girls.  However, some were asian (there's no evidence of any of the asian girls being of any religion other than sikhism). 

See this discussion on the grooming of Sikh/Hindu young women/girls.  The police have been as inactive about prosecuting the abusers of those girls as they have been inactive in prosecuting the white victims. 

This shows that it is not the police being anti-white per se, as them refusing to do anything to upset muslims, because of muslims being prepared to act collectively to deflect any criticism.  Muslims will close ranks (and thus protect the groomers).  Muslims will do this by rioting or by using their 100s of pressure groups/infiltrators.

We originally began collecting information based on Norfolk's definition in early 2012.  The main table in this post will be updated regularly, as new convictions come to light.

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He was arrested at his home in east Hull after an international investigation involving Humberside Police, the Serious Organised Crime Agency and the Dutch Military Police.

Dutch Military Police?  Why would they call in some heavy backup, if they are only handling the Religion of Peace?

Joe said:

It finally looks like evidence is emerging that muslims in Britain and in Holland are working as part of an international ring of child-rape pimps.

Hull man suspected of running human-trafficking gang as girls found in van

A man appeared in Oxford Crown Court yesterdayday charged with intimidating girls before the Bullfinch sex grooming trial.

Zeeshan Ahmed, 28, of Palmer Road, Wood Farm, was charged by child sex exploitation police with two counts of perverting the course of justice.

The charges relate to incidents before the 18-week trial started at the Old Bailey in January.

Ahmed will appear again for a plea and case management hearing on November 15.

He was remanded in custody. 

over 100,000 women working as sex slaves in Turkey, of which half are children, a non-governmental organization has revealed in an extensive report on prostitution in the country quoted Saturday by daily Hurriyet. Up to 3,000 prostitutes work in brothels located in 55 of the 81 provinces of Turkey and 15,000 other registered prostitutes work with an official document, according to the report prepared by Sefkat-Der, a civil association founded to help marginalized segments of society. The most shocking aspect of the report, however, is that the number of women selling sex on the streets has climbed to over 100,000, half of whom are children

The jury in the trial of three men, from Middlesbrough, and a teenager accused of sexually exploiting under-age girls has been told it must not draw comparisons with similar cases.

Judge John Walford, prior to the prosecution opening at Teesside Crown Court, told the panel: "These are the sort of allegations which tend to arouse emotions - allegations of sexual misconduct towards children.

"Comparisons may be drawn with other cases where other, similar allegations have been made in other towns and cities in this country - cases which have given rise to public debate and discussion.

"For reasons which I hope are obvious, not least because you must decide the case on the evidence and only the evidence, it's important you disregard any views which you may have heard or found about what happened in other towns and cities involving different groups of people on different occasions in the past."

Taxi driver Shakil Munir, 32, of Tollesby Road, Junaid Butt, 18, of Kensington Road, Ibrar Mahmood, 18, of Breckon Hill Road, all Middlesbrough, and a 17-year-old, who cannot be identified, deny all charges against them.

The jury has been told that a fifth man, Sakib Ahmed, 18, of Cambridge Road, Middlesbrough, has admitted five counts of sexual activity with a child.

Christopher Knox, prosecuting, said: "This case involves the exploitation of a group of young girls - they were by and large 14 at the relevant times although one was only 13 - by a group of loosely connected young men."

Apart from Munir, the defendants were three or four years older than the girls they picked on, the prosecution said.

"When you get further on in the mortal coil, four years doesn't seem a lot but two, three, four years at that age is a big deal," Mr Knox said.

Some of the charges relate to a defendant asking and getting an underage girl to perform oral sex on him.

Others involved touching girls sexually, while some charges related to regular sex, albeit with a girl under the age of consent.

The victims were groomed and shared by the defendants, the jury was told.

"The young girls in almost all cases in some shape or form have been groomed by these young men and sometimes passed from one to another," Mr Knox said.

One girl was persuaded to perform oral sex and then she was told her boyfriend would be informed if she did not do it again on further occasions.

"This is not boyfriend-girlfriend, this is exploitation," Mr Knox said. "Exploitative relationships in which you have grooming."

A girl would be pressured after she had been befriended, the court heard, then brought gradually into a sexual relationship.

BlackBerry BBM messages and Facebook communication was a feature of the case.

Mr Knox said there were examples of two defendants taking a girl and her friend out for a drive.

While one man stayed in the car and pressured a girl to have sex, the other defendant would leave with his girl.

Mahmood approached two 14-year-old girls in the town's Albert Park last summer and demanded "a blow job", Mr Knox said.

On another four occasions he "persuaded, cajoled or you might even say blackmailed" one of them to perform oral sex, by threatening to tell her boyfriend what she had previously done, Mr Knox said.

Mahmood was said to have grabbed two girls in the park and grappled with them, making sexual demands.

Days later he pounced again, telling the same 14-year-old girl he had been blackmailing: "Come with me, I haven't had it in ages."

On a separate occasion Butt and Ahmed took two girls for a drive, the court heard.

While Butt took one away, Ahmed got the victim left in the car to perform oral sex. The prosecution said this was deliberate and forms one of the charges Butt faces of arranging or facilitating the commission of a child sex offence.

Mr Knox will continue outlining the case on Thursday afternoon.

Bristol grooming gang.

Brothers convicted of sexually assaulting same 13-year-old girl at different times

25 Oct 2013 09:33

Harrow Crown Court jury finds siblings, 34 and 25, of Colindale guilty of one count and acquits them of another

TWO brothers - one a former Metropolitan Police staff - sexually assaulted the same 13-year-old.

Mohammad Imran Shabbir, 34, who worked for the capital’s force, and Muhammad Farhan Shabbir, 25, both of Sheaveshill Court, The Hyde, Colindale, were found guilty yesterday at Harrow Crown Court of sexual assault.

The court heard that the younger sibling assaulted the girl at an address in the NW9 post code district in May 2011 while his older brother committed the sexual assault some time between January and March 2011.

Jurors heard the abuse came to light after the victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, told a teacher at her school and the brothers were subsequently arrested in December.

Investigating officer Detective Constable Luke Williams, from the Child Abuse Investigation Command, said: “Two men have today been convicted of child sex offences.

“The vulnerable young victim in this case showed great courage in coming forward.

“The Metropolitan Police will tirelessly pursue offenders who exploit the most vulnerable in society.”

The Shabbirs will be sentenced on November 22. Both men were acquitted of another sexual assault on the same girl.

Did the Met know that one of their staff was dodgy in this way when they fired him?  And did they keep quiet about it because he was one of the 'master race'? 

“The Metropolitan Police will tirelessly pursue offenders who exploit the most vulnerable in society.”

They can go to hell with their lies and cover-ups.

I think this is the trial where the judge directed: do not make any comparisons with grooming cases!

Grooming trial: Teenage girl tells court she was "pinned down" by man in Middlesbrough park

31 Oct 2013 12:12

A teenage girl told Teesside Crown Court that things turned nasty when she and another girl refused to carry out a sexual act on Ibrar Mahmood in Albert Park

The girl gave evidence at the trial of three young men and a 17-year-old boy accused of grooming ... .

She said she, another girl and Ibrar ‘Ibby’ Mahmood were laughing, joking and messing about in Middlesbrough’s Albert Park. Things turned nasty when they said no to carrying out a sexual act on him, the girl told Teesside Crown Court.

She said: “I think he just got angry because we said no.”

She told jurors: “He was pinning us both down.” She said Mahmood had her against a tree while he held the other girl by her leg.

The girl added: “She was laid on the floor and he had hold of her leg and dragging her. She was trying to get away but he had her leg and she was like crawling on the floor.

“I tried to get him off her and he grabbed me.”

She said she was scared as he held her with an armlock around her neck while the other girl screamed. Asked whether the other girl was screaming in fun, she replied: “She wasn’t having fun.

“He wouldn’t get off her. He was being really serious. You could tell in his face. He wouldn’t let go.

“I punched him and he punched me. We were having a fight.”

As they ran away, she said Mahmood threatened the other girl: “I’ll ring your mam.”

“She was worried in case he really did,” the witness added.

Mahmood’s barrister Ian Mullarkey pointed out differences between her accounts to the jury and to police.

“I can’t deal with this, I’m going,” she said at one point, getting out of her seat. When she returned to cross-examination, Mr Mullarkey suggested: “Nothing at all like that happened in Albert Park.

“There was never a time when he was aggressive towards you or (the other girl) or used any force towards you.”

“Yeah he did,” the girl answered. She did not agree that she had tailored her account, made things up or invented things.

Mr Mullarkey suggested that she offered to carry out the sexual act on Mahmood in exchange for a cigarette. She responded: “Obviously not. I don’t even smoke. No I never.”

Mahmood, 18, of Breckon Hill Road, Middlesbrough, denies four charges of sexual activity with a child and three of causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.

Two other men and a 17-year-old boy deny charges relating to sexual activity with children.


Until I heard EDL was having a demo in Peterborough 2 years ago, I had no idea there were any muslims in Peterborough.

Peterborough child sex gang 'organised abuse of girls'

A gang of four men and four teenage boys "organised and controlled" the sexual abuse of five girls aged between 12 and 13, a court has been told.

The case came to light when one of the alleged victims was taken into care and told her social worker she had been abused, jurors at the Old Bailey heard.

She and the other four complainants come from Peterborough.

The gang, who all lived at addresses in the city, deny a total of 57 counts of abuse, including rape.

Zdeno Mirga, 18, his brother Dusan, 20; Hassan Abdulla, 32; David Ziga, 19; two 17-year-old boys and two 14-year-old boys are on trial.

The alleged abuse happened between April and December last year.

'Shared around'

One of the girls, a 13-year-old known as "Victim A", said she was raped in a park in the town and made to have sex with several other men in the following months.

The court was told the girl had severe learning difficulties.

She described Zdeno Mirga, known as "Skinny", as the gang's boss, prosecutor Angela Rafferty said.

"He encouraged her, often very forcefully indeed, to give other boys and men... sex.

"He did this using the power he had over her at the time, or threatened her and sometimes he used violence against her.

"Skinny took her to parties where she was shared around sexually," Ms Rafferty added.

The girl told police that Zdeno Mirga "shared" her because he wanted money to buy cannabis and vodka, the court heard.

Ms Rafferty said some of the defendants were "more heavily involved than others".

"Some organised and controlled the sexual activity, some took a spur-of-the-moment decision to become involved," she said.

Jurors were warned they would hear "very graphic descriptions" of what allegedly happened to the girls, and they would have to put their emotions and sympathies to one side during the trial.

The case continues.

I can't make much sense of this article.  It seems really unclear to me about how many trials have gone on, and whether or not these are different men or the same men who were convicted in a previous trial.  I'll review it when I need to.

Five men sexually exploited 'damaged' 15-year-old girl in Rochdale

8 Nov 2013 14:14

The victim, now aged 20, gave evidence against the defendants in two trials.. The men are due to be sentenced on December 20.

Five men sexually exploited the "profound vulnerability" of a "damaged" 15-year-old girl inRochdale, it can be reported today.

The victim, now aged 20, gave evidence against the defendants in two trials.

Many of her abusers plied the troubled teenager with vodka and cannabis before committing their offences, which took place in 2008 and 2009, Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court heard.

The majority of the defendants were first arrested last year after the grim portrayal of a largely Pakistani-heritage child sex ring preying on white girls in the town emerged into the public domain in a separate trial at Liverpool Crown Court.

But one of her abusers, Congolese refugee Freddie Kendakumana, was arrested and interviewed by Greater Manchester Police (GMP) in December 2008 after the girl - also white - complained to police that he had raped her the month before.

The girl was told at the time by an interviewing male officer that it was important not to have any future dealings with Kendakumana while the investigation continued but she later confessed she had bumped into him at a flat. Soon after, she went on to have consensual sex with his friend when still aged 15, although that man knew she was under-age.

In a later interview, she explained: "I spoke to the police about it. The police said don't go back there. If you go back up there, we don't have a case, so I said I won't.

"I went on to see Freddie in a flat. I didn't really speak to him, I had a drink and then came home."

Kendakamuna, 27, was finally charged, along with his co-defendants, in October 2012 - nearly four years after the girl made the initial rape complaints as several men went on to abuse her in the intervening period.

By that time the girl had undergone numerous video-recorded police interviews from the end of 2008 to October 2011, totalling more than 23 hours.

The victim was first prompted to go to the police on the advice of a health support worker when she disclosed that Kendakumana was sexually forcing himself on her.

But social care and health professionals dealing with the youngster failed to pass on her other confessions in 2008 and 2009 that she was having consensual sexual contact with a string of older men whom she labelled  "boyfriends".

Reporting restrictions were lifted on both proceedings by Judge Jonathan Foster QC at today's conclusion of the second trial.

Last month in the first trial, Kendakumana, of Illminster, Rochdale, was convicted of rape and sexual activity with a child. He was cleared of a second count of rape.

Two other men, Mohammed Rafiq Abubaker, 32, of Freehold, Rochdale, and takeaway worker Roheez Khan, 27, of Ashfield Road, Rochdale, were found guilty of sexual activity with a child. Khan was also convicted of witness intimidation.

A fourth man, Chola Chansa, 33, of Illminster, Rochdale, pleaded guilty to sexual activity with a child just before the first trial started.

In the second trial, taxi driver Abdul Huk, 37, of Ouldfield Close, Rochdale, was found guilty yesterday of sexual activity with a child.

All five men will be sentenced on December 20.

Today the jury failed to reach a verdict on Mohammed Ali, 28, of Rochdale, on an allegation of sexual activity with a child.

The jury in the first trial also failed to reach a verdict on the same allegation against Mr Ali and, as a consequence, the Crown decided not to proceed with a third trial and has asked for the matter to lie on file.

Asrar Haider, 39, of Rochdale, was cleared by the second jury of sexual activity and inciting sexual activity with a child, while another defendant, Anjam Masood, 31, from Rochdale, was cleared of sexual activity and inciting sexual activity with a child on the direction of the judge after the prosecution said it was no longer offering evidence against him.

Charges were also dropped before the first trial against a 34-year-old man who had been accused of engaging in sexual activity with the girl in a car when she was as young as 12 or 13.

In May last year, nine men were jailed for the systematic grooming and sexual abuse of five white girls - aged between 13 and 15 - in Heywood and Rochdale.

The trial at Liverpool Crown Court resulted in a national debate over the role of gangs of largely Pakistani-heritage men in grooming white girls.

A subsequent report from child safeguarding chiefs ruled that social workers, police and prosecutors had missed opportunities to stop the exploitation in Heywood and Rochdale.

The first victim, who was 15 when the abuse began, told police what had been happening in August 2008, but her complaint was not taken seriously and she continued to be abused by the gang until December 2008 when she fell pregnant and moved away.

In July 2009, a CPS lawyer compounded the police failure to take her seriously and made the decision not to charge the two gang members she was accusing because he did not think a jury would find her "credible".

Social workers in Rochdale were criticised for apparently writing off underage girls who were deemed to be "making their own choices" in engaging in consensual sex.

Although the girl in the latest court proceedings, who is also white, was being abused at about the same time, she had no known links with any of the defendants who were jailed at Liverpool Crown Court.

The convicted defendants in the Manchester trials also came from a range of nationalities - Kendakumana and Chansa are from Congo, Abubaker is a Kurd, while Huk and Khan are believed to be of Pakistani heritage.

Several knew each other but it was not the prosecution case that they all acted in an organised manner.

In March, Assistant Chief Constable Steve Heywood said GMP had identified 42 potential victims of child sexual exploitation in the Rochdale area and said they were working closely with six of them to bring more people to justice.

Opening the case against all the defendants, prosecutor Neil Usher said: "It is the Prosecution's case that leading the chaotic life that she had for some time by the age of 15, she was vulnerable to being groomed and exploited by those who correctly perceived she would be easy to flatter and impress with free and plentiful drink, cannabis and just as importantly, a level of attention and affection that she craved and felt she had lacked in her difficult early life.

"She repeatedly and regularly returned to a number of older men all of whom sexually exploited her and some of whom physically abused her, despite her being advised and supported by health care and social workers.

"The risk-taking and potentially harming positions she regularly put herself in was an indication of the extent of her profound vulnerablily and emotional immaturity."

In 2008 the girl was a troubled teenager who had been taken into care by Social Services at an early age following a chaotic upbringing by her drug addicted parents, he said.

She was later returned to her mother after a stint in foster care but began drinking alcohol, taking crack cocaine and sniffing lighter fluid from the ages of 11 and 12.

The girl had contact with a number of agencies including Pennine Care Foundation Trust's Crisis Intervention Team which deals with sexual health and Early Break, an organisation which focuses on substance misuse problems.

The prosecutor said she would tell those agency support workers and her social workers from Rochdale Council about the lifestyle she was leading.

She would tell them that she regularly went to addresses with older men and engaged in sexual activity with them.

She claimed they would give her copious amounts of alcohol, sometimes drugs. and largely would have consensual sex with them.

The court heard that the girl realised herself just before her 16th birthday that her torrid lifestyle had to end and she later cut her ties with older men and enrolled at college.


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