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Peter McLoughlin's book on the Muslim grooming gangs, Easy Meat: Inside the British Grooming Gang Scandal, has now been updated to include new material bringing it up to 2016. It can be bought in paperback and ebook from Amazon. McLoughlin is maintaining a website of material supplementary to the Easy Meat book - . The link to his website points to a page showing you what the additional material in the book covers. There is also a very useful interactive, searchable table on McLoughlin's website. You can search and sort this table using names, towns, dates to see this grooming gang scandal from different angles.

This analysis is being misrepresented by a website called "Sharia Unveiled".

My analysis pertains to "grooming gangs". They have transformed this into "child rapes and molestations".  It seems highly likely in a country where 90% of people are non-muslims, that most child molestation is by non-muslims (just as in a muslim-majority country the majority of rapes and the majority of anal sex is by muslims).

"Localised Grooming" Gangs (convictions from 1997)

This list is compiled based on definitions provided by Andrew Norfolk, The Times, 5 January 2011:

"The 17 cases identified by The Times which showed a pattern of exploitation"

Andrew Norfolk won the Orwell Prize for Journalism for his reporting on grooming gangs. He was the only journalist who provided expert testimony to the House of Commons select committee, in their (2012-2013) investigation into the grooming gangs.  This parliamentary investigation (published June 2013) concluded that it  "would certainly seem to be the case" that most of grooming gangs are muslim.  See p.52.


trial   first 2nd name/
date location name surname
Nov 1997 Leeds Mohammed Naim Rashid
Nov 1997 Leeds Abid Hussain Sadique
Feb 2005 Keighley Shabir Ahmed
Feb 2005 Keighley Munwar Khan
Apr 2006 Blackpool Sandeep Chauhan
Apr 2006 Blackpool Puppy Parmar
Jun 2007 Oldham Shahzad Masood
Jun 2007 Oldham Mohammed Suleman
Aug 2007 Blackburn Zulfqar Hussain
Aug 2007 Blackburn Qaiser Naveed
Oct 2007 Sheffield Ayad Mahmood
Oct 2007 Sheffield Aziz Sabir Hamed
Aug 2008 Oldham Shofiqul Islam
Aug 2008 Oldham Shamim Ahmed
Nov 2008 Manchester Mirza Baig
Nov 2008 Manchester Mohammed Ditta
Nov 2008 Blackburn Ian Hindle
Nov 2008 Blackburn Andrew Wells
Apr 2009 Blackburn Imran Pervez
Apr 2009 Blackburn Zaheer Khan
Jul 2009 Skipton Mohammed Zackriya
Jul 2009 Skipton Mohammed Taj
Jul 2009 Skipton Mohammed Shabir
Jul 2009 Skipton Shafaq Hussain
Feb 2010 Rochdale Ajmal Afridi
Feb 2010 Rochdale Imtiaz Syed
Feb 2010 Rochdale Tayub Hussain
Feb 2010 Rochdale Mustafa Arshad
Feb 2010 Rochdale Mohammed Usman Raja
Jun 2010 Nelson Azeem Shah
Jun 2010 Nelson Tabassum Shah
Aug 2010 Rochdale Asad Yousaf Hassan
Aug 2010 Rochdale Mohammed Basharat
Aug 2010 Rochdale Mohammed Atif
Aug 2010 Rochdale Aftab Khan
Aug 2010 Rochdale Abid Khaliq
Aug 2010 Rochdale Mohammed Anwar Safi
Aug 2010 Rochdale Ahmed Noorzai
Aug 2010 Rochdale Mohammed Khan
Aug 2010 Rochdale Najibullah Safi
Sep 2010 Preston Mohammed Moosa
Sep 2010 Preston Faisal Ghani
Nov 2010 Rotherham Razwan Razaq
Nov 2010 Rotherham Umar Razaq
Nov 2010 Rotherham Zafran Ramzan
Nov 2010 Rotherham Mohsin Khan
Nov 2010 Rotherham Adil Hussain
Nov 2010 Derby Abid Siddique
Nov 2010 Derby Mohammed Liaqat
Nov 2010 Derby Mohamed Imran Rehman
Nov 2010 Derby Faisal Mehmood
Nov 2010 Derby Akshay Kumar
Nov 2010 Derby Naweed Liaqat
Nov 2010 Derby Farooq Ahmed
Nov 2010 Derby Graham Blackham
Nov 2010 Derby Ziafat Yasin
Aug 2011 Accrington Amjad Hussain
Aug 2011 Accrington Shahid Hussain
Aug 2011 Accrington Tanveer Butt
Mar 2012 Telford Shamrez Rashid
Mar 2012 Telford Amar Hussain
Mar 2012 Telford Jahbar Rafiq
Mar 2012 Telford Adil Saleem
Mar 2012 Telford Amer Islam Choudhrey
May 2012 Rochdale Kabeer Hassan
May 2012 Rochdale Abdul Aziz
May 2012 Rochdale Abdul Rauf
May 2012 Rochdale Mohammed Sajid
May 2012 Rochdale Adil Khan
May 2012 Rochdale Abdul Qayyum
May 2012 Rochdale Mohammed Amin
May 2012 Rochdale Hamid Safi
May 2012 Rochdale Shabir Ahmed
May 2012 Bradford Shabir Ahmed
May 2012 Bradford Munwar Khan
Feb 2013 Ipswich Surin Uddin
Feb 2013 Ipswich Mohammed Sheikh
Feb 2013 Ipswich Hamza Ali
Mar 2013 Birmingham Raja Khan
Mar 2013 Birmingham Adeeb Sultan
Mar 2013 Keighley Shazad Rehman
Mar 2013 Keighley Bilal Hussain
Apr 2013 Brierfield Mohammed Imran Amja
May 2013 Oxford Kamar Jamil
May 2013 Oxford Akhtar Dogar
May 2013 Oxford Anjum Dogar
May 2013 Oxford Assad Hussain
May 2013 Oxford Mohammed Karrar
May 2013 Oxford Bassam Karrar
May 2013 Oxford Zeeshan Ahmed
Jul 2013 Barking Naeem Ahmed
Jul 2013 Barking Nabeel Ahmed
Jul 2013 Barking Hassan Raza
Jul 2013 Manchester Shamin Uddin
Jul 2013 Manchester Giash Uddin
Jul 2013 Manchester Robert Jackson
Aug 2013 Leicester Aabidali Mubarak Ali
Aug 2013 Leicester Rakib Iacub
Aug 2013 Leicester Wajid Usman

99 convictions
6 non-muslims (maybe they saw muslims getting away with it, so copied them)

20% of those convicted in the grooming gangs are called "Mohammed"
94% of those convicted in the grooming gangs are muslims

The Times article from Jan 5 2011, on this grooming phenomenon shows a realisation (at least in one newspaper) of the scale of the problem (attached as a PDF here).  You can see his original list (to the end of 2010).  There have been as many convictions since 2010, as there were in the previous 13 years investigated by Norfolk.

The vast majority of the victims of the gangs listed above were white/non-muslim girls.  However, some were asian (there's no evidence of any of the asian girls being of any religion other than sikhism). 

See this discussion on the grooming of Sikh/Hindu young women/girls.  The police have been as inactive about prosecuting the abusers of those girls as they have been inactive in prosecuting the white victims. 

This shows that it is not the police being anti-white per se, as them refusing to do anything to upset muslims, because of muslims being prepared to act collectively to deflect any criticism.  Muslims will close ranks (and thus protect the groomers).  Muslims will do this by rioting or by using their 100s of pressure groups/infiltrators.

We originally began collecting information based on Norfolk's definition in early 2012.  The main table in this post will be updated regularly, as new convictions come to light.

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What a tortuous litany of despicable crime.  And it seems that the South have been happy to let the North bare the brunt of sexual depredations against children.

Muslim Gangs Drug & Rape Children All Over The UK Wake Up Britain

The Children's Commissioner "Final Report" is due out this month. 

Sydenham Kebab Shop Worker Ali Tok Aged 50 Found Guilty of Sex Assault on 11-Year-Old Girl

44 yo Bradford Muslim Mumtaz Khan Found Guilty Of Sexually Assaulting Girl, 13

So much for Jack Straw saying that it was young unmarried muslim men fizzing and popping with testosterone.  Even in the grooming gangs, the average of the perpetrator is 29.  Most of them would have been married for 5 to 10 years by that age.

The garbled report I commented on a few days ago, was a 2nd Rochdale trial which was conducted in secrecy.

 The media are clearly being very obliging to muslims and not reporting these cases until the day of judgement.  I wonder why this should be.  Could it be another cover-up action by the NUJ, one of the principal sponsors of the  fascist UAF?

Joe said:

I can't make much sense of this article.  It seems really unclear to me about how many trials have gone on, and whether or not these are different men or the same men who were convicted in a previous trial.  I'll review it when I need to. 

I also noticed Jack Straw's pathetic plea to the idea of 'boisterous young men' as if all we're suffering from is an episode of high jinks that got out of hand.  I just wish Douglas Murray had had the gumption to quip sarcastically:

"Yes, a lot of spunky young men of 50 and above were involved, and curiously, many from the same family.  So it must be a hereditary high level of testosterone that is the source of the problem".

But then, we wish many things about Douglas Murray (and Peter Tatchell ), only to be disappointed.

Muslims grooming Roma girls ;

Looks like the EDL should form a Gypsy division !

Thanks for the link Antony.

From the article: Mr Blunkett, MP for Sheffield Brightside, said: “We have got to change the behaviour and the culture of the Roma community, because there is going to be an explosion otherwise. We all know that.”

Changing the behaviour of people is a tall order for Governments.  How about they first just start enforcing the existing laws?

No reason why muslims feel sex with children is justified?  Imam exposed for marrying 14yo girl returns to work at mosque.

Up until now i was unaware of the Muslim grooming gang on trial in the North East. Four males are in the dock on charges relating to the sexual abuse of 2 schoolgirls, a 13 year old and a 14 year old.

Taxi driver Shakil Munir, 32, of Tollesby Road, Middlesbrough, faces four charges of sexual activity with a child and one of abducting a child. His Facebook friends list contained a large amount of under age school girls

Ibrar Mahmood, 18, of Breckon Hill Road, Middlesbrough, faces four charges of sexual activity with a child and three counts of causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.

Junaid Butt, 18, of Kensington Road, Middlesbrough, faces a charge of sexual activity with a child and one of arranging or facilitating the commission of a child sex offence.

A 17-year-old boy, who can’t be named for legal reasons, faces three charges of arranging or facilitating commission of a child sex offence.

Grooming trial: Accused denies having sex with girl, 14, in his car at A19 lay-by

19 Nov 2013 07:58

Shakil Munir, 32, of Middlesbrough, also insists that he thought the girl was 16, Teesside Crown Court hears

Shakil Munir at Teesside Crown Court
Shakil Munir at Teesside Crown Court

A taxi driver accused of having sex with a 14-year-old schoolgirl in a lay-by told a court nothing happened between them in his car – and insisted he thought she was 16.

Shakil Munir, of Tollesby Road, Tollesby, Middlesbrough, is one of four defendants accused of sexually exploiting a number of teenagers from the town.

The prosecution alleged the Bradford-born 32-year-old picked up a 14-year-old girl and had sex with her in the early hours in a parking spot on the A19 after they sent each other explicit messages on Facebook.

Late one night in January, she asked Munir to pick her up and take her to the garage to buy cigarettes, but it was alleged he stopped in a lay-by.

Munir told the jury of ten women and two men at Teesside Crown Court he thought the sexual messages between them on Facebook were “banter”.

The driver, then aged 31, believed she was 16, he told the court.

Teesside Crown CourtTeesside Crown Court

Asked by his barrister Ekwall Tiwana why he got involved in the conversation, Munir who is twice-married said: “To be honest with you, I was going through a bad patch and I was bored and I just started chatting.”

He had recently picked up the girl and two of her friends and given them a free lift, the jury heard.

He denied they had sex in his car when they stopped in a lay-by.

He explained that she had wanted to talk and told him about her family life and her problems.

Munir parked up and they talked, he said, but he denied having sex with the girl.

That night, with the girl still in his car, Munir received a text from her mother, telling him to bring her home immediately or she would call the police.

It was only when the mother said her daughter was 14 that he realised her age, he said.

“I thought she was 16,” he told the jury.

In a later meeting with the mother, he told her: “Your daughter told me she was 16.”

Munir said he had an arranged marriage when he was 17, which lasted “two to three years” and that he remarried in 2004 in Pakistan.

He denies child abduction and five counts of having sex with a child.

His co-accused, two 18-year-olds and a 17-year-old, also deny all the charges against them .

At the close of the prosecution case, the jury was told police had received reports that attempts had been made to stop girls from giving

Christopher Knox, prosecuting, asked Detective Inspector Dino Carlucci, who is in charge of the investigation: “There were in the course of the investigation reports reaching the police that there were pressures upon girls at or about school, discouraging them from reporting events to the police or agreeing to give evidence.”

Mr Carlucci replied: “That is a fair summary.”

The trial continues today.

Not directly connected to a grooming gang.  But more evidence of mature muslim men pursuing underage girls.  This man was 36, married, an engineer, luring a 13yo girl into sex with him.  Perhaps he is connected to a grooming gang, but just not in ways that the CPS could be sure of a conviction.

A MARRIED engineer sexually abused a trusting schoolgirl after convincing her they had a future together.

Mansour Savari told the 13-year-old he wanted them to get married and have twins during a series of secret text messages.

The 36-year-old dad took the teenager, from South Tyneside, to a pal’s empty flat and engaged in sexual activity with her.

He was arrested at his home after a worried friend of the victim contacted the police about what she knew.

At Newcastle Crown Court yesterday Savari, of Somerset Cottages, Silksworth, Sunderland, was jailed for three years and ordered to sign the Sex Offenders’ Register for life.

He had pleaded guilty to two charges of sexual activity with a child just before his trial before a jury was due to start last month.

Judge Roger Thorn QC told him: “You engaged in the most appalling and inappropriate sexual relationship with a young girl who you persuaded you were in love with and she was in love with you.

“Your victim was only just 13 years of age and by contrast you were 36.

“There had been here a significant period of grooming, promising, in effect a long-term relationship eventually which would be characterised by both marriage and children.

“That, of course, led ultimately to her seduction.”

The court heard Savari had denied the offences outright when he was arrested, meaning the victim faced the prospect of giving evidence in court until he changed his plea to guilty.

Judge Thorn added: “You did, eventually save that young victim of yours having to give evidence.”

Prosecutor Amanda Rippon read examples of the dozens of text messages exchanged between Savari and his victim.

She said: “They talk of having a baby together, the defendant and she have a conversation about what it would be called.

“The defendant says ‘I would love us to have twins’.”

Paul Currer, defending, said: “It is his sincere wish that this young girl and her family recover from the trauma and difficulties they have faced through his offending.”


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