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From the top of virtually every flag staff in our country flies the emblem of The United States of America. Our national flag is a moving symbol of what we believe the country has stood for since our victory against the British. It has flown as the rallying cry for men and women in combat. It has been seen by some as the single sacred goal for refugees in hostile lands who were literally crawling for the protection of its embassy or a U.S. Marine detachment protecting the soil on which it flies. And for still others, it has flown border to border and coast to coast as our “guardian angel” spreading its majestic colors for the world to see and know that America stood for something greater than self, a visual picture to all who see it from a distance, that the might and glory of her history was truly something to cherish and die for if necessary.

I believe with all that is within me that we still have an unassailable claim to the unbendable and unshakable rule of law found in the Articles of Confederation and to a lesser degree the Constitution itself, for which “old glory” perpetually stands in silent honor. Before that flag flew for the first time, the Declaration of Independence was written by imperfect, flawed men who sought a Republic in which to chart their own and others—destinies. We may argue vociferously about whether or not our founding generation was Christians, atheists, deists, or cultists. It matters only in that we may VERY soon have the opportunity to do it right again—or perhaps for the first time.

To our ultimate shame and utmost agony, we are now a mere shadow of that symbolized greatness. We have become a pathetic caricature of the strong, independent and “righteous” embodiment of liberty, freedom and justice for every citizen. No longer are there patriotic and moving renditions of our national anthem. Sousa marches are heard once or twice a year at service academy graduations or on Memorial Day. Veterans are shunned. People complain about service honor guards use of “real guns” to volley for the deceased. A flag draped casket is a symbol of foreign intrusion and reckless use of force by our military and that may indeed be true.

What has driven us to such a deep trench of despair and an ongoing sense of detachment from who we are, why we knew our duty and were not afraid to hold others accountable if they strayed from the well worn path of common sense, honest lawmaking, courage and devotion to freedom?

Patriots, real, honest to goodness uncompromising stalwarts of a national treasure held in the hearts of men and women, are now faced with the most vicious pack of rabid beasts to ever walk within the district limits of Washington, D.C. This putrid pack of evil human beings deserve hell fire so hot as to burn the guts out of our own sun. What they have done to this nation’s hopes and aspirations for generations yet unborn (if the child survives the womb) is a war crime against humanity if there ever was one defined. They have legislated for the corrupt. They have labored to provide safe haven for criminals and perverts. They have stolen from the people and created an island of slavery so vast and inescapable that even suicide seems sweet to those entombed in its grip.

We have been constant witnesses to the mutated process that is called government in Washington and in many of our states as well. Layer upon layer of bureaucrats have taught each other the ropes in a game of how much can we do to the citizens before they roll over in their fast food haze of stupidity and pass some gas. Real pretty picture isn’t it?

And up on that flag staff? Fifty stars have fallen onto the dirt and the red and white stripes have entwined themselves into a sickly anemic pink more to the liking of the sodomizers among us than men and women who still believe that the “stars and stripes” have promise and mean something more virtuous than a sold out America battered by lecherous politicians writing demonic law and calling it “change we can live with.”

It is far too late in the game to cover the reasons why we are where we are. If you don’t know, then find out. If you don’t care, then get out of my way. As Sam Adams said, “……let posterity know that you were never my countryman.” Be gone, be silent and hide. You will not fair well in what is coming. Abortionists deserve what they give out to the innocent. Sodomizers need radical surgery where it counts. Politicians deserve a bunk in a FEMA camp. Bankers need 20 years of living in a dumpster. Corrupt business leaders require 12 hours a day in the heat of the south picking strawberries while the former mistreated workers relax in the Virgin Islands.

To some, what I have described is NBC’s version of a “right wing fanatic and his rantings that are a danger to this socialized bastard democracy.” To millions of freshly educated, formerly dead on their ass liberals and entitlement vampires, truth just went up a notch or two.

Now, let me be very clear. Americans have been brutalized by tyrannical government long enough. Soviet style law making must be ended. The politicians responsible for our economic, military and banking catastrophes must be arrested, tried and sentenced for their crimes—without exception and everywhere they have ruled. Nazi style security, surveillance, cameras and satellite GPS census systems must be located and shut down. Lawless judges, police officials, and rogue military personnel must themselves be brought to justice for the violations of their oath of office and the corruption left in their wake.

I cannot emphasize enough that this all needs to be done in a quick, peaceful and dignified manner and done so immediately. Forget the damned feel good “tea party” speeches that these scurrilous bastards laugh at and do something. You, who complain that writers like me outline problems and offer no solutions and you want action paths, then convene Grand Juries in every county of America, WITH OR WITHOUT THE “CONSENT” OF THE JUDICIAL SYSTEM.

Failing that, recall elections should be run against every targeted elected official that holds office.

Finally failing the previously peaceful two options, hundreds of thousands of people must leave the comfort of their homes and mass around every state capital building in the 50 states. Hundreds of thousands of others must do the same around the capital in Washington, D.C. Voices from these crowds must drown out all other sounds and it must continue for many minutes. Utter silence must then replace the noise with one well spoken citizen in each location rising to read a brief demand. It must be the same in all the states and in D.C. It should read something like this:

“On behalf of the citizens of this republic representing the Constitution of this nation and of the individual states, we hereby claim our right of SUPERIORITY and final AUTHORITY over this place and those who are inside. We have fired you from your office by common consent and demand that you leave this city immediately never to return. You have one hour to vacate.”

Then all who have come to make the final plea must leave the area. When the expected failure to comply has been duly noted, the military should be notified to arrest, detain and try each former legislator.

At this point you are processing my suggestions and have come to the inescapable conclusion that this is pointless and cannot succeed. First of all do not be so sure that any one of these suggestions may not be possible.

What follows this potential plan of action is all that would be left and that is open, outright, and undeterred rebellion against the wickedness in high places. To continue “business as usual” with the corrupt government entities would be unthinkable and you would be part of the corruption. Working “within” the system would be siding with the enemy and your lot would have been cast with the devil himself.

Make no mistake. Whether it is the smallest most corrupt nation in Africa, Asia, South America, or the United States of America, rebellion is the choice of last resort. Outcomes are tenuous and the path to victory is a tragic admission that government tyranny ALWAYS results in civilian misery. Fighting for one’s country then carries a new and deeper meaning.

We are just moments and one horrible piece of corrupted law from facing that choice. The people who will determine this nation’s fate are neither in uniform nor in plush power soaked suites on Capital Hill. They are you and live in your communities. You will choose the means by which this nation lives out its historic future, or you will preside over its ultimate death. That choice is in your hands and is quickly going to be pushed into your gut. If your gut is soft, you will collapse with your breath taken away and the fight will be over. You WILL be taken away in shame and agony.

However, if your strength of conviction is equal to the task, then you will be able to speak softly these words, while preparing to do battle against these usurpers of freedom with fellow heroes yet to be named.

“ O thus be it ever, when free men shall stand, between their loved homes and the war’s desolation. Blest with vict’ry and peace, may the Heaven rescued land, praise the power that hath made, and preserved us a nation………

Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just, and this be our
Motto, “In God is Our Trust.” May the Star Spangled Banner, in
triumph forever wave. O’er the land of the FREE and the home of THE BRAVE.!” *

Our flag may once again fly proudly over us, having witnessed courageous people doing great things in desperate times. For the indicted traitors among us, it is a time to count the cost of your betrayal. For many the ultimate choice for crimes so great will be dishonor and prison or the wall. For the patriotic heroes of the American Revolution of 2010, whatever form our struggle will ultimately take, our posterity will be able say, “Thank God Almighty, the Patriots of 21st Century America were Forever our Countrymen.” …………Steady boys, steady as she goes………….

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Just to clarify, when Thomas talks about sodomizers he is not referring to homosexuals, he is referring to "the Ass-Holes in the District of Columbia that are fucking everyone of us in every way", and I don't think I could put it anymore eloquently than that.

And on that topic, I encourage everyone to try get more members of the Gay community involved, as this is a key part of our armory. Have they not seen those photos of gay men hung from cranes in Iran? Do they not fear their fate? Or perhaps they have swallowed the whole "Islam means peace" mantra... either way, we need to wake them up.

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