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19 October 2015

Pegida in Dresden, Germany

Thank you for the invitation to speak here today and encourage a movement that will be part of the salvation of Europe!

I look around here today and I see a beautiful city.  A city built from ruins only 70 years ago.  I see a brave and strong people, economy, culture and democracy. 

But make no mistake; Europe is at a Crossroads - the like of which we have never seen since the time of the Crusades.  The last century saw the horrible scourge of two World Wars that brought us to our knees but we have moved forward since then and have made great progress in working and living together.  And those wars were INTERNAL to Europe.  But the Crusades were a result of EXTERNAL threats which lasted 600 years.  Such threats face us yet again.  Muslim invasions failed many times during the Crusades and this gave Europe time to build a Civilisation that is the envy of the World.

We need to learn from the past in order to build the future.  We should look back to, and learn from, the famous battles that saved Europe: battles in places like Targoviste, Romania (in 1462), Otranto, Italy (in 1480), Malta (in 1565), Lepanto, Italy (in 1571), Vienna, Austria (in 1529 and 1683), the re-conquest of Spain (over hundreds of years); and before the Crusades, the defeat of Muslim invaders at Tours, France in 732.

During the Crusades people from all over Europe came together to see off the threat of Islam and come to the aid of beleaguered and persecuted Christians in the Middle East.  We can do it again!  We forget our past at our peril.

We are a movement that is resolutely free from Jew-hatred and racism.  Those hatreds have no place in our efforts to preserve and defend what we in the last century fought two world wars over.  Every country has a right to defend itself, including Israel.  And, of course, so does every country in Europe – including Germany!

I encourage you people to refuse the shame game.  Refuse to feel guilty!  Germany is not obliged to solve the refugee crisis!  The past is not the present.  Do not to let Germany be dragged back to chaos, violence and destruction.  All your progress is now threatened!  Your current Chancellor, Angela Merkel, seems to be handing out the birth-right of German citizens like she is handing out candy to children. 

The facile charge against all of us is that the current refugee crisis is like the refugee crisis of WWII - and like then we are supposed to respond with great generosity.  The difference of course, which we are not permitted to speak about, are the two evils of terrorism and ideology.

We are often silenced.  Free speech is all but dead in Europe today.  We live in a post free speech society.  The attacks on Charlie Hebdo have proven that to the whole world.

Only in assemblies like these can the truth about Islam be spoken of in the public square.  And those like me who do speak out about the dangers facing our countries are confronted with death threats and financial terrorism; we face harassment and persecution from Muslims, Leftists, and the State.

On 10 October in the UK, the English Defence League held another demonstration, this time in Aylesbury in Southern England.  They protested against the Sharia-pushers and the rape jihad of young non-Muslim English girls, some as young as 12 years of age. 

Though I am no longer involved with the English Defence League I know that since almost the beginning of its existence many in Germany have supported our efforts to speak the truth about Islam.  Even last week members of the German Defence League travelled 10 hours to Aylesbury to join the shout out against Muslim rape gangs that have proliferated in our beautiful country.  I salute those determined GDL members!

Defence Leagues throughout Europe are necessary because Governments and Bureaucracies refuse to listen to the fears and concerns of the vast majority of the people.  These Governments and Bureaucracies need help in getting their priorities right!

We need to unite around a common programme which appeals to the vast majority of people who are fearful of their futures and that of their children.

And their fears are not misplaced.  The current crisis of refugees and the influx of people from other cultures is a legitimate concern.  When millions of people are coming into our countries without control and scrutiny then all of us are threatened.

Uncontrolled immigration is nonsense and only serves the agenda of those who want to irrevocably change our societies into either a Sharia or Marxist State.  This current immigration is an invasion.  Our borders are porous.  There is little or no control.  A country that cannot control its borders will soon not be a country!

We are not xenophobic, or afraid of foreigners, but every country has the right to make decisions based on principles that preserve the country’s integrity, stability and prosperity.

Love of country does not mean hatred of foreigners or humanity; but priorities are necessary.  It is not racist or xenophobic to control national borders for the benefit of citizens.

I believe the first aspect of control that is required is simply to recognise the influence of Islam on Muslims who wish to come here to live.

Islam teaches Muslims to become Sharia-pushers.  Wherever they are and however long it takes, Muslims are required by Islam to create an Islamic society, similar to Medina or Mecca in the 7th century.  A society where non-Muslims are second class citizens, where all women are discriminated against, where art, culture, education and politics are subservient to the theological dictates of Imams, Mullahs, and Ayatollahs and their understanding of the Sharia.

A nation with a growing Muslim population will inevitably feel a growing pressure to change into a society which their leader Mohammed would be proud of; much like ISIS today.  Those who do not see or understand this process are either wilfully blind, ignorant or liars.  Those who cooperate with this process are traitors.

Pegida is a sign of hope today.  When our politicians, media, academia, and sometimes the forces of law and order lose their way, then we the people need to intervene.

When many of our elected politicians fail to do the basic job of protecting our traditional way of life and Judeo-Christian values, which is the bedrock of our culture, civilisation and history, then we must build a coalition that threatens their own political futures; they need to be replaced because their dereliction of duty threatens our families and communities.

We need but one banner: save our culture, save our country, save our future.  Unite to save a future for our children!

There is much work ahead of us.  But I am hopeful.  I believe that we can build a coalition against Islam that safeguards and protects our respective countries. 

At the same time this coalition will give the many Muslims who currently live amongst us the opportunity to break free from their slavery to Allah; the courage to ignore the dictates of their leader Mohammed; and the insight to choose a path to true freedom and peace.

Thank you

God bless Deutschland, God bless Dresden, God bless every one of you.  We are the people.  Vive …

Tommy Robinson

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Tommy Robinson's speech starts at 2:27:17

Is this for real ?

One day he is against Islam, the next he's working with them and kissing there arses! And now he is Germany against them again FFS

I'll never trust the bugger :-)

Politics is a complex field, and sometimes its necessary to make tactical moves which seem to go against the overall strategy - much like military theory.

If you think this is bad, its nothing compared to the other damage wrought by an even more dangerous aspect of Politics - the law of unintended consequences. Some of the most damaging actions on conservative society, have been done by conservative leaders. Heres some off the top of my head - but ive written about others elsewhere.

  • Ted Heath taking us inti the Common Market, thinking it was just a "common market"
  • Thatcher selling off the council housing, thinking it will only be going to British people who support this democratic system (not anti-secular, anti-democratic Muslims)
  • The UK welfare state and US entitlements, not realising it would lead to a an electoral majority of recipients, repeatedly voting themselves benefits, to be paid fir by the next generation
  • The closing down of the 5 military-only hospitals, not realising that later, armed forces personnel woul get abused, or even threatened, when they came in injured, for treatment.

I could go on. The process that Tommy has gone thru, is merely "politics as usual".

'Do not let Germany be dragged back to chaos and destruction': EDL founder Tommy Robinson speaks to 40,000 strong crowd at the Pegida anti-immigrant rally in Germany

Read more: 

When someone's suffered as much as Tommy has in the fight against islam, that's when they can get on their high horse and judge him.

Tha Grenadier said:

Is this for real ?

One day he is against Islam, the next he's working with them and kissing there arses! And now he is Germany against them again FFS

I'll never trust the bugger :-)

That the Daily Mail and self-styled "Independent" are reporting on this is quite interesting. They must think the idea of TR hooking up with Pegida significant. Or maybe they are going for the "he's the new Hitler, leading German neo-Nazis" angle.

The Lefturds keep on about how guilty we should be about both the Crusades, as mentioned above, and our Colonialism.  For the latter, see also here:


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