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Due to the media censorship concerning the depravity of Muhammad perhaps it would be an idea to get a mass leaflet/pamphlet out with factual references? A few pages of the prophets sexual deviences and a few pages of why mainstream islam is fascist with a factual references eg Hitlers support of ss muslim leader Al Hussieni.



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Hi Adrian Pathers, brilliant idea !
How about distributing thousands at march planned for the 28th Aug in Bradford? How about having the series that Kinana has written being made available.- they are succinct, accurate, provide direct quotes from both the Koran and the hadiths and carry a theme.
If each of them has the shahadah as a kind of watermark, it will mean that the Believers will be really confused : on the one hand all their conditioning tells them to treat any page/newspaper etc which has those Arabic words on, with respect, and so they will not be able to dump/destroy the leaflets. .
Hello and thanks for your comment.

Giving leaflets out at demo sounds good but cops have a habit of keeping us hemmed in.

I would like a genaral leaflet that discrbes Muhammads deviancy such as sex with under age girls/slaves and murdereing the poets who critisized him all with references. And a further page on islams imperialism eg persecution of minorities, Al Hussanis pact with Hitler and a final page on apostacy,fgm and child brides in islamic countries. Yes an arabic symbol sounds brill. I think that if this was written with references, it should be no longer than 5 sides of a4. Then can be photocopied given to every household in the UK. I think this is a necessary and a possible exersize given the amount of support we have geographically.
The international group SITA has already produced an excellent leaflet
"All Islam in 2 Pages"
which I've attached to this post. It is the product of hundreds of hours of research and thought. Please feel free to use this one.
Cheers Alan a very good leaflet thanks. Just watched the Newt Gingrich lecture on the Kitman TV blog. Amazing a politician that understands the threat of islam! Have a good weekend. Adrian

Alan Lake said:
The international group SITA has already produced an excellent leaflet
"All Islam in 2 Pages"
which I've attached to this post. It is the product of hundreds of hours of research and thought. Please feel free to use this one.

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