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Some years after adding this discussion, I found an article from 1999, about a report from The Commission for Racial Equality, stating that most of the victims of racist attacks in the UK are white.


This is divided into 3 sections: 1. racist murders, 2. serious racist violence/attempted murder, 3. more "minor" racist violence.  Within each section, new items are added at the top of each section.

2001: Senior police officer says "asians" behind most racist attacks:

2006: white people are the victim in half of racist murders ("political correctness stifling debate"):

Racist Murders of White Men/Women by Muslims

88yo Margery Gilby in Shadwell care home murdered by 17yo muslim from Romford (2013)

Alex Holroyd (2013)

Lee Rigby (2013)

Kieran Crump-Raiswell (2013)

William McKeeney (2012)

Victor Parsons & Keith Needell (2012)

Rosina Waller (2010)

Christopher Folkes (2009)

Keith Brown (2008)

Andrew Holland (2008)

Vicente Delgado (2007)

Christopher Yates (2005)

Mary-Ann Leneghan (2005)

Kris Donald (2004)

Gavin Hopley (2003)

Charlene Downes (2003)

Ross Parker (2001)

Marilyn & Nicholas Cook (1992) 

Attempted Murders/Extreme Racist Violence by Muslims

Barnsley Soldier (2013)

 Attacked from behind, stomped on while unconscious by a "pack of dogs"

Aaron Dugmore (2013)

 9 y.o. hangs himself after being victim of racist bullying by "asians"

Adrian McCarthy (2013)

Ronald O’Connor (2013)

Daniel Stringer (2012)

Gary Smith (2011)

Shaun McNally (2010)

[muslims know of Kris Donald, when the white population does not].

Joseph Haigh (2009)

Oliver Hemsley (2008)

John Payne (2006)

"Minor" racist attacks by muslims:

22yo muslim man gets 18 weeks in prison for unprovoked attack on white schoolgirl, breaking her jaw (2013).

Mr. Tull, bus driver (2013)

Tara Quigley, victim of acid attack (2013)

Muslim men in racist attack on 11yo white boy (2013)

Christopher Riley (2013)

Andrew Goodram (2011)

Un-named 25yo father + baby son (2005)

Walter Chamberlain (2001)

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Hard to know how significant the trend is.  But since EDL was formed in 2009, there has not been a racist murder by muslims in England (not that I know of).


Added this comment in October 2013:

Well, I was obviously foolishly optimistic in January 2013.   In the intervening 9 months there's been at least 3 murders in the UK of white non-muslims by muslims.

James victim of gang attack

Reporter: Marina Berry 
Date online: 17 February 2010

A TEENAGER needed hospital treatment after he and two friends were attacked by a gang of around 20 Asian youths. 

James Howard (14) had his head stamped on and suffered a broken nose, two black eyes, and cuts to his head, arms and hands, in the attack shortly after 7pm on Sunday. His two friends, aged 14 and 23, were also taken to hospital, where they were treated for facial cuts and abrasions. 

The injured teenager’s mother, Angela, said: “James was battered senseless. They stamped on his head and he is an absolute mess. 

“He looks like he’s gone ten rounds with Mike Tyson and he’s absolutely devastated. It’s frightened him to death and I don’t think he’ll ever go out again.” 

The incident happened in Victoria Street, Chadderton, as James rode his bike home from a local newsagents, flanked by his two friends on foot. 

Mrs Howard (34), said the attackers made racist comments and left footprints on her son’s head and back, and stole his bike, his mobile telephone and his shoes. 

She said: “They could have killed my son. If I thought my child was capable of doing something like this I would take them to the police myself.” 

The family have lived in Chadderton for 16 years, and Mrs Howard and her husband, Joe, also have two other children, aged eight and 12. 

A shopkeeper took the boys in, and James called his father, who took the three straight to the Royal Oldham Hospital. 

Doctors wanted to keep James in overnight, but the shocked youngster wanted to go home to be with his family. 

She said: “He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. The people who attacked him are not children and something needs to be done before something goes drastically wrong in Oldham.” 

The youths were all aged around 20. 

Police said they confronted then chased James and his friends, and a fight broke out when they caught up. 

They said one of the offenders was heard to make a racist remark.

'a fight broke out when they caught up.'

oh sure, 'a fight broke out when they caught up' that is when James fought back to defend himself.  So at that point 'a fight broke out.'  If James had handed everything over when asked to do so then 'a fight' would NOT have broken out when they caught up?  

When will the press start reporting accurately.  This neutral, third-person language is debilitating and deceptive.

Heres a list of attacks that'll make  Islam proud.

Racist attack by "devout muslim" students on white people in Bolton.

The above video "Muslims Attacking white couple", is one that Muslims, and their secular Fascist allies, will try get removed.  This is in accordance with the Quranic instruction to suppress any facts, including the truth, if it is not helpful to Islam. So if the above embed doesn't work anymore, just play the copy below.


Regarding the racist attack by the Muslim gang in Bolton, the white occupants of the car handled it wrongly.  They should have stayed in the car and called for police stating they were under racist attack.  Just as with the attack on Tommy at his home, Muslims know the sneaky way of manipulating an Open Society, so they will try raise the charge of 'racist behaviour' first.  Similarly in this case, it appears from the judges remarks, that the Muslim gang alledge they were responding to initial racist behaviour by the white group.  

Of course, any sane person looking at a situation where you have:

3 women + 1 man  + no weapons (in one car)  v.  0 women + several men + 1 weapon (in 2 cars)

is going to decide very quickly who is the aggressor, but perhaps the Judge had Muslim sympathies.

Unless you force the police to record it and accept it as a racist attack, they will deliberately try ignore and hide it, if you are white.  I'm sure that if this had been classified as a racist attack from the outset, the punishment would have been stronger.

Barnsley Soldier (2013)

Attacked from behind, stomped on while unconscious by a "pack of dogs"

I wonder what the religion of the taxi driver was.

Soldier brutally attacked in street

A Barnsley soldier was attacked in the street, knocked unconscious and then repeatedly stamped and kicked in the face and head - just hours after getting home.

Servicemen and women, civic leaders and members of the public gathered at the war memorial outside the town hall on Monday as Barnsley raised the flag to mark a week of special events.

Servicemen and women, civic leaders and members of the public gathered at the war memorial outside the town hall on Monday as Barnsley raised the flag to mark a week of special events.

Saturday 6th July 2013


A Barnsley soldier was attacked in the street, knocked unconscious and then repeatedly stamped and kicked in the face and head - just hours after getting home.


The savage, brutal and unprovoked attack on the 28-year-old in a terraced street in the town centre has left witnesses shaken and horrified.


One has told the victim's mother: "They were like a pack of dogs, all gathered around his unconscious body to kick and stamp on him."


The corporal, who has served two tours of duty in Afghanistan and one in Iraq,  was left with concussion, a broken nose, black eyes and cuts and bruises all over his face, head and neck with some shoulder and pelvic injuries.


Because he was jumped on from behind, he has no idea how many people assaulted him at around midnight on Saturday - or why.


Ironically, earlier that day, members of the public had applauded soldiers who paraded outside the town hall as part of Armed Forces Day celebrations.


The soldier, who has served 10 years in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, had got back to Barnsley that day after a 30-hour journey home from the Falkland islands.


After spending time with his family he met friends in town for a drink and got a taxi  home at around midnight. He was attacked outside the family home.


Terrified neighbours who saw him unconscious and being punched and kicked in the middle of the road called 999- one said: "I was frightened for his life".


His distraught mum, who does not want to be named, said: "How can it be that in the morning Barnsley is honouring our forces and telling them we are proud of what they do and then hours later a soldier is treated in this way?"

A sadistic killer who wielded a ‘caveman’s club’ is facing life behind bars for battering two pensioners to death and attacking five other strangers in a month of random violence.

Ali Koc, 30, beat his victims with lumps of wood, before head butting, punching and kicking them in a series of attacks in parks across north London.

He was found guilty today of the two murders and five other attacks on men who were either out jogging or dog walking.

Following the verdict police said they police said they feared Koc may have attacked others in his rampage of violence and appealed for any other victims to come forward.

The court had head that the Turkish killer stalked the parks and woodland near his home in Hornsey, north London wearing a pair of gloves emblazoned with a skull and cross bones logo.

Victor Parsons, 67, died seven weeks after he was battered by Koc with a branch shaped like a ‘caveman’s club’ in Alexandra Park.

Keith Needell, 84, died six months after being beaten by Koc in Queen’s Wood.

The judge Mr Justice David Calvert-Smith adjourned sentence until Friday morning.

Koc was born in Turkey but came to his country in his early teens and lived with his parents, while claiming benefits.

Source and Full Story

Rosina Waller - January 2010

The murder of an elderly woman allegedly battered to death in her home by a burglar on New Year's Day has left her family "devastated", they said.

The body of Rosina Waller was discovered at her home in Southend, Essex, along with a 64-year-old relative who was also hurt in the attack.

Ms Waller's daughter, Janet Fairman, said it was a "tragic way" for her mother's life to end.

"Mum had just celebrated her 88th birthday with her family and enjoyed Christmas and New Year with family and friends," said Ms Fairman.

"She has left a daughter and son and five grandchildren.

"This has had a devastating effect on all of us and this will leave a big gap in our lives. She had reached a marvellous age and this is such a tragic way for her to end her life."

An Essex Police spokesman said a post-mortem examination revealed that Mrs Waller died of head injuries.

When officers attended the scene, they also found an injured 64-year-old man. He was taken to hospital.

Hassan Salahi, 34, appeared before Southend Magistrates' Court charged with one count of murder, one of attempted murder, grievous bodily harm with intent and aggravated burglary in connection with the incident.

He was remanded in custody to appear at Basildon Crown Court on March 10.



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