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We in the West inevitably think in terms of Christian good an evil, even if we are avowedly atheist. After all, what is the driving force behind Humanism? The desire to construct a 'good' system from first principles, without appealing to historical religion or cultural archetypes.

With this good & evil model comes a conceit, that we are the ones doing the good stuff, and the Nazis were the evil ones, say. In previous times the Muslims would have been plainly the evil ones, with everything from savage imperialism, slavery, worthless peace treaties, supremacism, authorised lying, even polygamy as a form of women abuse. Of course all that 'evil' has now been smothered by a blanket called 'cultural tolerance and understanding'.   It is so nice and simple. Or is it? Things have now gone so far, I think we've now gone thru a reversal on this. Because Muslims and other groups have realised how effectively they can exploit this desire to be 'good', they've actually made our 'goodness' become a source of evil. 

Other groups know how to exploit our desire to do good and treat everyone equally, and they know they've now got us running scared.

I now think that the desire to do good and to be seen to be good (virtue signaling), in the sense of 'pathological altruism' coined by Laura Towler, is one of the most pernicious and evil mindsets you can have, paradoxically. 

Conventionally, the supremacist, 'racist', enslaving, colonialist and predatory Muslims would be seen as the 'evil' ones; and the generous, forgiving, tolerant, egalitarian, sharing, non-discriminatory secular democrats, of the UK say, would be seen as being 'good'. But what is more evil than letting a quarter of a million of your young schoolgirls be raped, abused, drugged up and pimped out by an army of foreign men? Then to stand by and let it continue for 5 decades?  Then to act as apologists for the druggists and rape gangs? We in the West have become thoroughly evil in our desire to be good.

What is the opposite of the (suicidal) altruistic, non-sectarian view of modern Western societies? 

It is the group-centred non-altruistic, sectarian approach of Islam and BLM. They are quite happy to forget individualism, and divide society up into competing groups. In the case of Islam and the Black Panthers, they are quite happy to say their group is superior and deserves superior benefits and exemptions.

The opposite of our suicidal altruism is a kind of beneficial predation of Islam, where it preys on the Dhimmi in countries it rules, and the preys on the kuffar in countries it has immigrated in to, in order to improve the lot of Muslims and Islam. It is purely group-selfish. Conventionally this would be labelled as evil, but in the UK as it is today, with the way the native population are having their rights taken away till in the end they will just be an abused minority like in Zimbabwe or South Africa or a struggling like in Lebanon, surely we can say that it is the altruistic view which is evil, because it leads to evil outcomes, and that group-selfishness is good, because it preserves and looks after those you should care more about - your family, your local community, your cultural group, and your nation (which used to be the same as the cultural group in the UK)?

Our pathological altruism has made us truly evil, and in the sense that Muslims look after other Muslims' interests, they have become 'good'.

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Martin Sellner puts it very clearly in the video below. Basically, we abandoned tribalism to found the modern secular egalitarian state, which enabled fantastic advances in technology and commerce, and the highest standard of living the world has ever seen.

Then we let in fundamentally tribalist groups, who reject the authority of the state, and exploit its benefits whilst abusing its tolerance and forgiveness. So now everyone is allowed to go tribal - in fact they will be supported by the state to do this - except white people. In fact, its even worse than that, because every attempt of white people to also form a tribal identity is not just attacked by dumb Leftists, but also crushed by the state and the large corporations.  Thus the white people are left identity-less, leader-less and vulnerable; ready victims for bullying and exploitation by the far stronger tribal groups.

(The taken-down video was of German police losing control to Muslims. Of course, something like that can't be allowed to stand.)

The final part of this story is where the white tribe-less group has become the minority, so does not even have the protection of holding many of the reins of power, like in the police, judiciary, local government, funds allocation, etc. At that point it becomes open season on white people, and they can be abused, tortured, murdered, have their property legally confiscated, have false testimony against them accepted by corrupt judges, etc.  

And of course, all of this will happen while liberals and Leftists in other countries remain silent about this abuse of the 'minority'. The arguement "We must give them special privileges and exemptions because they are a minority" vanishes as soon as that minority is a white one. At that point it becomes "whatever" and a shrug of the shoulders as every new gang rape and murder is reported (and eventually not even reported).

The following comment was in this forum, which is also related to this morality flip.

Tribalism: the end of Egalitarianism

These few words capture the essentials perfectly. They are worth their weight in gold and should be distributed to everyone in the country.

"The only societies that have ever attempted to be race blind and universalist are white societies. Look at how non white countries are, and that's how Britain will be once white Britons become a minority. We will be hated and despised, no one will enforce the anti-discrimination laws that we passed to protect non-whites on our behalf, they will just laugh at our stupidity for handing over the only homeland we have to them."

It was in one of the written comments on this video:


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Most Western societies are based on Secular Democracy, which itself is based on the concept that the open marketplace of ideas leads to the optimum government. Whilst that model has been very successful, it has defects. The 4 Freedoms address 4 of the principal vulnerabilities, and gives corrections to them. 

At the moment, one of the main actors exploiting these defects, is Islam, so this site pays particular attention to that threat.

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An additional Freedom from Religion is deducible if the law is applied equally to everyone:

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