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Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't the socialist party playing war-games on Uttoya island (pretending to break "the siege of Gaza")?

Criticized for fleeing Utøya

AUF leader Eskil Pedersen is criticized for fleeing Utøya on board the passenger ferry MS Thorbjørn.

In an interview with the BBC Pedersen gives his perspective on the flight and the criticism that followed afterwards. Nine people escaped the island onboard the ferry when the massacre occurred.

“I think I acted the way people would normally act in such circumstances, on instinct. I did as I was told and boarded the vessel, based on the information I had at the time,” Pedersen says in the interview, excerpts from which NRK showed last Sunday.

Now he is criticized from within the ranks of the AUF about the choices he made on July 22, 2011. AUF member Bjørn Ihler survived the massacre by hiding on the southern tip of the island.

“It’s easy to say that this is how people would react, that most would have fled the island. But this was the leader of the people on the island. It is akin to a captain abandoning ship,” Ihler says.

“Our only hope”

Adrian Pracon, County Secretary of Telemark AUF, describes the ordeal in his book, Heart to the stone, about how he was lying on a rock and simply couldn’t believe that the ferry had left the island.

MS Thorbjørn was our only hope, and now it had left without us,” Pracon writes in the book. Pracon was shot in the shoulder, but survived the massacre by playing dead. He later stressed that this passage is not in any way meant as a criticism of Pedersen or the crew onboard MS Thorbjørn.

Pedersen said he acted on instinct and that he was told by others to get on the ferry.

“The offender has stated in interviews that I was his main target on Utøya. He had studied pictures of me and wanted to kill me. It is important to remember this,” says Pedersen.

“Does not recollect details”

The ferry departed Utøya around 17.30, fifteen minutes after Anders Breivik Behring made landfall. While the ferry was heading away from the island on the Tyri lake, several of the people on Utøya contacted the ferry with their cell phones and pleaded with the crew to return.

Pedersen says he does not remember who made the decision not to return.

“It is very difficult to analyze the choices that people made that day and what could have been done differently. It’s a hypothetical question that only produces hypothetical answers,” he says.

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The Leftists are too cowardly to face up to the anti-democratic, women persecuting, child abusing, Christian persecuting, apostate murdering, Jew hating side of Islam, we all knew that.  But it turns out they are even too cowardly to save their own activists!

The AUF leader Eskil Pedersen is a typical leftist 'leader:  too cowardly to recognise his own cowardice, and too dumb to realise how transparent and pathetic his excuse is.  The fact that Breveik had studied Pedersen's photo and wanted to kill him would only be a valid excuse if:

  1. That intention of Breveik had been known at that time
  2. Breveik cornered some other people on the island and said "Oh, you aren't Pedersen, so you can go". In other words, Pedersen's reasoning is irrelevant, he was just saving his own cheap skin

One glaringly obvious factor that seems to have been overlooked in the Breivik issue is that of his drug abuse, which was touched upon immediately after his arrest, but everything has gone silent on this since. He openly wrote about using steroids and the stimulant Ephedrine (the precursor to the powerful Methamphetamine), and this was just what he admitted to. It is well known that steroid abuse causes "Roid Rages" and amphetamine use will cause paranoid and often violent psychosis - Question - did the Norwegian police test Breivik's hair, Blood and urine samples to see what he had taken ? if not , why not ? it would certainly be remiss of them not to.

On Terror Island, the political summer camp of AP (Norwegian Workers Party), the AP youth in cooperation with other socialist organisations and al-Fatah (an ally of Hamas) were, the day before the gunman arrived, holding a Boycott Israel rally which the Norwegian Foreign Minister attended.

They were also playing Gaza Flotilla, break the blockade, games in small boats around the island.

The Norwegian Prime Minister has also attended the island camp and smilingly received a T-shirt from an al-Fatah youth on which was written « Tear down the wall». The wall that prevents terrorists sneaking into Israel to blow up busloads of Israelis.

The Norwegian Ambassador to Israel said recently that Israel deserved to be attacked by Hamas but that Norway had done nothing to deserve a terrorist attack. In Norway you are a hero if you hate Israel.

See pics below.


It seems Breivik missed one. This is precisely the coward that should have been killed. Cowards can run but eventually they meet their fate. May KARMA play its part now. 

My analysis after many years in Norway is that Pedersen will be Prime Minister one day.

If the leader of the NDL has any sense, he would make a big play of Pedersen's behaviour and his absence from court.  I don't know if there would be a possibility of that in a Norwegian court.

The Scandalous Lies of Hope Not Hate - Bruce Bawer hits the nail on the head again ;

Scarily true.

Philip Smeeton said:

My analysis after many years in Norway is that Pedersen will be Prime Minister one day.

Of all the laws known to man, my favourite is the law of unintended consequence.

HNH and the journalists who suckle on Nick Lowles' teat are going to look very stupid in the years to come.  They think there is no distinction between truth and ideology.  They are setting sail to the reef of reality, and they will run aground.

Antony said:

The Scandalous Lies of Hope Not Hate - Bruce Bawer hits the nail on the head again ;

A quote from Tom Clancy's book- The Bear and the Dragon.

"Everywhere people had theoretical models based on ideology rather than facts, and these people usually found their way into academia or politics, because real-world professions punished that sort of dreamer more than politics ever did."

These politicians, academics and journalists are attempting to defend their own lazy acceptance of multiculturalism. They ignore the fact that it is not working, and perversely blame those that point out this inconvenient truth with being responsible for it not working. Multiculturalism is an impossible proposition, for practical, real and factual reasons. An ideology imposed upon a nation leads to that nation's destruction.

Pedersen and everyone else on that ferry are pathetic. They jump on a ferry and fled knowing there was over a hundred children and young adults still on the island. They decided that their 9 lives where not going to give the other 100 plus lives a chance, they try to rationalise their cowardness with the words of weasles. Let NO ONE be in any doubt they ran for their lives leaving children to fend for themselves against an unknown killer. 9 people on board a ferry that looks big enough to hold at least a hundred.

And Phillip says pedersen could one day be prime minister. A man who scarppers, leaving kids behind to get killed.

He may not have known who was doing the killing, or how many were involved and he would not have known what if any religion they would have been. Thats fair enough. But not even stopping a moment to see if you can save a few people is pretty rubbish. They took their chance to save their own lives, and they want everyone to believe thats normal.  Yep your right, a natural politician. I take it the other eight that made the strategic getaway will be pedersens cabinet ministers.


Breivik did not 'miss one' as he should not have murdered anyone.  The murder of a 'coward' is still murder.

Morrigan Emaleth said:

It seems Breivik missed one. This is precisely the coward that should have been killed. Cowards can run but eventually they meet their fate. May KARMA play its part now. 


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