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Important new book sheds light on the Islamic jihad genocide of the Ottoman Greeks

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The Genocide of the Ottoman Greeks: Studies on the State-Sponsored ..., edited by Tessa Hofmann, Matthias Bjornlund, and Vasileios Meichanetsidis.

A forgotten historical episode reexamined. From the publisher's website:

Studies on the State Sponsored Campaign of Extermination of the Christians of Asia Minor (1912-1922) and Its Aftermath: History, Law, Memory

Edited by Tessa Hofmann, Matthias Bjørnlund and Vasileios Meichanetsidis

hardcover; 512 pages, 37 photographs, maps

The period of transition from the collapse of the Ottoman Empire to the foundation of the Turkish Republic was characterized by a number of processes largely guided by a narrow elite that aimed to construct a modern, national state. One of these processes was the deliberate and planned elimination, indeed extermination, of the Christian (and certain other) minorities. According to demographic studies, the numbers are stark: In 1912 the areas of Asia Minor and Thrace were inhabited by about 4-5 million Christians and 7-8 million Muslims; by 1923 only 250-300,000 Christians remained.

Raphael Lemkin, the legal scholar who introduced the term genocide into international law, formulated his early ideas on the definition of this war crime by studying the destruction of the Christians of Asia Minor, while the distinguished Turcologist Neoklis Sarris has noted that the annihilation of the Christian minorities represented an integral element in the formation of the Turkish Republic. As the editors of this volume note the recent resolution by the International Association of Genocide Scholars recognizing the Greek and Syriac genocides suggests a wider range of victim groups. This volume therefore represents an effort to provide an outline and a direction of a more extensive study of the deliberate destruction and elimination of a Greek presence that spanned over three millennia, in the space that became the Turkish Republic.

The last two decades have seen a massive amount of research of the genocide of the Armenian population in the Ottoman/Turkish space; our publishing house has produced a number of works, most notable of which was the eyewitness testimony of the Leslie A. Davis, US Consul in Harput (The Slaughterhouse Province: An American Diplomat's Report on the Armenian Genocide of 1915-1917). Much less scholarly work has been done on the genocide of the Greeks of Asia Minor and Thrace; there are many reasons for this, including the fact that Turkish governments have been successful in intimidating diplomats in the context of Turkish-Greek relations of the last generation, and of subverting academic integrity (inducing some scholars to make a career as denialists supported by international NGOs, all in the name of countering nationalism).

The volume includes article contributions on the areas subtitled: Historical Overview, Documentation, Interpretation; Representations and Law; Genocide Education; Memorialization; Conceptualization; and a very extensive Bibliography.

Read a review of this vitally important book here.

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With such a history is there any wonder about some of the results in the latest election

from the BBC:

'The extremist Golden Dawn party is on course for at least 20 seats in parliament.

"It is time for those that betray [Greece] to be afraid," its leader Nikolaos Mihaloliakos warned. "We are coming. We are Greeks, nationalists, and we will allow no one to doubt this."


from the Daily Mail:

Rise of the Greek neo-Nazis: Ultra-right party Golden Dawn wants to force immigrants into work camps and plant landmines along Turkish border

…Flanked by burly, muscular men in tight black t-shirts, Golden Dawn leader Nikolaos Mihaloliakos marched down the street in Athens yelling 'liars' and 'You must be ashamed for all your lies!' at foreign journalists following him.

'Greece is only the beginning,' he shouted at them. When asked what that meant, he said: 'You know very well', wagging a finger at the television camera.

As they strode to the hotel, his supporters began chanting 'Greece belongs to Greeks' and 'Foreigners get out of Greece'.

When asked what his first action in parliament would be, Mihaloliakos said: 'All the illegal immigration out! Out of my country, out of my home!'

Asked how he planned to carry that out, he angrily said: 'Use your imagination'.

As he entered the news conference, party members ordered assembled journalists to stand to attention.

'I'll say one thing: 'Veni, Vidi, Vici',' Mihaloliakos said from the podium, surrounded by his bodyguards sitting motionless with their arms crossed.

'You defamed me, you shut my mouth - I won.'

It is the first time such an extreme right party has been in parliament since the fall of a military dictatorship in 1974.

'We will continue our struggle for a free Greece, free from foreign loan sharks and a Greece that is independent and proud, without the slavery of the bailout,' said Mihaloliakos, who was elected to the Athens city council in 2010.

He promptly gave the Nazi salute on his first appearance there.

'We will struggle for a Greece that is not a social jungle because of the millions of immigrants they brought here without asking us,' he said.

The group - which openly displays books on Aryan supremacy at its party offices - has been frequently linked to racist attacks, but denies beating up migrants.

'This victory is devoted to all the brave boys with the black T-shirts and the white letters reading Golden Dawn,' Mihaloliakos said. 'Those who betrayed the motherland - you should be scared now.'

Read more:


Funny how the media never comment on all the muslims in the middle east giving "the Nazi salute", isn't it?  These journos sure like to keep a story stupid.


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