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Suicide bombers are not new, but they are not normally this sucessful. A major blow to Assad and his cronies, a family member killed, and his head of security injured.

Is this going to be a turning point in the war in syria? Is  the use of a suicide bomber about to bring about the down fall of a govenment?  Or at least the start of the fall.

The people killed are innner circle, and how ever the Assad govenment try to play this down, this will i have no doubt cause enough paranoia to cause any waivering members of the govenment to start planning get out plans.

I think the lessons learned from the libyan war will be put to good use now. The Free syrian Army is getting armed from someone, and now Assad's govenment has been attacked on the inside, the members of the govenment, and the Army must realise there days are numbered. I'd be very surprised if there wasn't people, weather from the west of the other countries around Syria,  putting pressure on those people to defect.  That suicide bomber peeled a couple of fingers of Assad's grasp on power today.

The other point to this event is this. If this attack is taken as the reason for bringing down a govenment, how will this be seen by other islamist forces. How will this look to the Afgan govenment, or Iraq. Or more importantly in Pakistan. The forces of islam love a winning fomula. If i was in govenment anywhere in the world i'd be looking around.

I'm sure all sides will try and play down the importance of this. But i'll bet their personel security has become a top worry.  Lets see how the Assad regime reacts over the next 48 hours.



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To quote you Paul

But i'll bet their personel security has become a top worry.

I think it should also be our top worry also.

 Thirty odd years ago the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood led an uprising, the Assad, father Hafez al-Assad, conducted a scorched earth operation against the town of Hama in order to quell a revolt by the Sunni Muslim community against the regime of al-Assad, killing 20-30,000.

 About 1,000 Syrian soldiers were killed during an operation and large parts of the old city of Hama were destroyed. Alongside such few events as the Black September Massacre in Jordan, the attack has been described as one of "the single deadliest acts by any Arab government against its own people in the modern Middle East". The vast majority of the victims were civilians.

 According to Syrian media, anti-government rebels initiated the fighting, who "pounced on our comrades while sleeping in their homes and killed whomever they could kill of women and children, mutilating the bodies of the martyrs in the streets, driven, like mad dogs, by their black hatred." Security forces then "rose to confront these crimes" and "taught the murderers a lesson that has snuffed out their breath"

 Yo they where not snuffed out, be cause many of its leaders where already in  exile.

Among the Syrian exiles  was  Ali Sadreddin Al Bayanouni, a lawyer and former bodyguard to Brotherhood officials. Mr. Bayanouni fled to Jordan in 1979 and eventually took over as president of the Brotherhood's Syrian arm. In 2000, Amman expelled him to appease Damascus, and Mr. Bayanouni settled in London.

Though his son-in-law was executed during the 1982 crackdown, Mr. Bayanouni says he rules out armed struggle as a way to change Syria. He advocates the rights of women and ethnic minorities, and envisions a government based on "pluralism and power sharing.

"The Brotherhood has a very moderate understanding of Islam that needs to be taken into account," he says. 

 As I say many times, we are at war, that has lasted 1400 years,during this time there have been many, what we in the west regard as wars but the islamist regards as battles they win some and lose some, when the west wins they sit back and celebrate victory at a war being won, where as the islamist plan and gather strength and allies for the next battle,

 They scheme and plan for years until they are ready, in the case of Syria, they are back after 30 years, with a host of allies one being the USA another being al Qaeda

Below is a link to give you a rough idea of how the syrian islamists re grouped.





 It seems as though they were never truely away. its also looks like a replay of Afganistan. America made allies of the taliban, then ended up at war with them. After arming and funding them for years of years of cause. Something Bin Ladin was often pointing out.

America's support for the brotherhood is a dangerous ploy, or its just as people have been warning, that the brotherhood have infiltrated so far into the US govenment, they are now singing from the same songsheet.

Islam plays the long game. That is its greatest strength. It has i feel been dragged along a bit faster than is purdent because of the impatience of leftwing ideology. Maybe that will be its undoing. Moving too fast too soon.

If Europe starts showing serious signs of islamisation and the strife that will cause, then maybe America will wake up quick enough and make the hard decisions required to stop the cancer spreading. The US is openly supporting the Brotherhood. If it blows up in their faces, it will be felt around the world.


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