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UP Pompeii published a new post entitled "There is a state of open warfare on young girls in this country" on 3/8/2013 12:15:49 PM, written by Gandalf.

There is a state of open warfare on young girls in this country

We now know that there has been yet another victim of multiculturalism, how many more will there be my guess is many more, the abuse and deaths of these predominantly young white girls is now a national disgrace, and still the authorities blatantly attempt to deny the unassailable fact that the perpetrators of these crimes are predominantly from the Black and ethnic minority population, and even more specifically from the Islamic and African groups.

People will dispute this, so be it, but how do those who dispute explain away the evidence, whenever a crime of this nature is committed it is nearly always a person from the aforementioned groups.

We are actively importing future offenders, in Pakistan children today are being taught hatred of us in the UK - indeed hatred of any non Muslim wherever they may be - In Africa the population is still tribal, this is reflected here in the number of African gangs that roam the streets - killing to them is Kudos- status - kill a white girl - yeah respect bro.

the hate content in textbooks has more than doubled since the last time they were revised. For example, some 30 Grade 5 to 10 textbooks published in Punjab, examined in 2009, were found to have 12 instances of biased material that could be considered “hate content.” In 2012, the textbooks underwent a curriculum revision. After another review, the total number of quantifiable instances of questionable or factually incorrect material went up to 33

Many of these Children will end up in the west and their hate filled heads will perpetuate the crimes that we are seeing in the UK today.

Girls that are from the Ethnic minorities in the UK - ie Pakistani or Bangladeshi and the Indian subcontinent are being attacked by their own parents and husbands - again this is being covered up by politicians and the authorities.

Girls are being killed before they are even born - just what is it with these people why do they hate women:-

Ministers have refused to release information about which immigrant communities appear more likely to abort unwanted girls.

Officials at the Department of Health have compiled a list of nationalities whose mothers tend to have far more boys than girls, a sign of illegal sex-specific terminations.

But they say that it would ‘not be in the public interest’ to publish the list.

The government is clearly afraid of offending our preferred and protected ones, young white girls are slaughtered and mass raped, female children are being aborted simply because they are female and the people responsible for all of the above are primarily the Muslim and African populations of this country.

A beautiful 16 year old girl has been slaughtered, she had the throat slashed, all she was doing was going to school, I do not want to see young girls crying over the murder of one of their friends - I should not have to see it - it should not happen.

I have read Yvette Coopers speech on immigration - this rant is full of inaccuracies and promises more of the labour dogma on immigration - She said:-

And it is why we believe in developing an integration strategy – rooted in a sense of “shared citizenship,” and in communities, housing and the workplace. 

The above means - we will let in all and sundry and the host population of the UK will just have to put up with it, they will have to surrender more ground, more of their culture will be sidelined and more houses will be built to accommodate the incomer.

Leo McKinstry says it much better that I  - (thank you anonymous)

Leo McKinstry does NOT refer to the open warfare being waged against the female population of this country

"Our democracy has been subverted by tribalism at the ballot box, our justice system by sharia law. Vicious misogyny is rampant, reflected in the appalling incidence of honour killings and forced marriages. Incredibly the Home Office estimates that 24,000 girls in this country are at risk every year from the barbaric practice of female genital mutilation. Miliband’s blatherings last night would have been laughable were they not so offensive. He proclaimed in his broadcast that it is “not prejudiced” to worry about immigration yet Labour always painted critics of its open-door policy as xenophobes and racists. 

“A bigoted woman,” was Gordon Brown’s notorious description of Rochdale voter Gillian Duffy when she dared to express her concerns about immigration. Only a few months ago Labour-run Rotherham council removed a child from the care of a couple who happened to be Ukip voters and were therefore deemed by the municipal race commissars to be unfit for the role of foster parents. 

"That is the climate of institutionalised bullying that Labour created right across the civic bureaucracy, with their endless equality programmes and propaganda. Miliband concluded his broadcast by spouting the predictable cliché, “ diversity makes us a successful country”. That is patently nonsense. Britain was a far more successful country when we had a settled population."

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