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"Three Girls" - whatever you do, don’t mention the ‘M’ word …

If you wanted to write a drama about child grooming, where would you choose? According to Rotherham Labour MP Sarah Chapman, there may have been more than a million white children abused up and down the country by gangs of predatory Muslim Asian men. Bradford, Halifax, Rochdale, Nottingham, Calderdale, there’s plenty of choice.

Take Calderdale where fifteen Muslim Asian men "systematically" groomed and sexually abused teenage girls in Halifax and Bradford between 2009 and 2011. No, Calderdale is too complex. The police had to sift through nearly 60 hours of interviews with the two victims. There were 1,848 statements, 2,963 exhibits and more than 20,000 items of disclosure in what was described as a "complex and lengthy operation". Worse still, the girls were reported as showing "immense courage and bravery in reporting these matters to the police and in providing evidence". No, not Calderdale, the victims are not victim enough.

How about Rotherham, where eight Muslim Asian men were jailed for 19 charges, including rape, indecent assault and false imprisonment of girls as young as 13 between 1999 and 2003? Perhaps, but in an April 2017 update on the progress of Operation Stovewood in Rotherham, the investigation initiated after Professor Jay’s damning report, the National Crime Agency report revealed that since September 2016 they have added another 2,955 lines of enquiry, bringing the total up to 14,055. As of April this year there are 58 ‘designated suspects’, 276 separate crimes have been reported and an additional 185 victims have been contacted following interviews with existing victims. Rotherham would be too difficult because the abuses, the grooming, the long line of viciously manipulated young girls traded like pieces of meat by Muslim Asian men have not stopped and there are just too many cases.

Rochdale seems almost perfect, although there are a lot of cases there too. In Rochdale, nine Muslim Asian men were jailed for offences including rape on girls as young as 13 between 2005 and 2008. The ringleader of the grooming gang, Shabir Ahmed, was jailed for 22 years after being convicted of a string of offences including rape in 2012. Three members of the gang were convicted of conspiracy and trafficking for sexual exploitation charges. In December 2013, another five Muslim Asian men were jailed after an investigation into the sexual abuse of a girl was reopened following the exposure of police failings. Between September and October 2014, two girls aged 13 and 15 and a 13-year-old boy were groomed by three Muslim Asian men after repeatedly going missing from care. In 2015, three more Muslim Asian men were sentenced for a string of child sexual offences that took place in Rochdale.

How can you write a drama about those events, you might wonder, without exploring the reasons why it happened? How can you put words on paper without wondering what motivated such inhuman violations, not spontaneous but carefully planned and prepared and executed not solely but in groups over a period of years that is so long that it defies understanding to imagine that it could have been happening on such a scale and for so long without someone stopping it.

The BBC must be given full credit for seemingly attempting the impossible, and the BBC’s new drama series ‘Three Girls’ will show whether they have brought it off. With the declared goal of not giving the English Defence League the chance to “hitch … [our] … wagon opportunistically to anything” and not including anything that “could be used by far-right groups to further their racist agenda”, author Nicole Taylor sets out to dramatise the suffering and misery in a carefully sanitized manner with the same sense of political correctness that was one of the major underlying reasons why these crimes were ignored for so long.

How does she intend to avoid mentioning the largest elephant in the room? How does she avoid the inconvenient truth that a British Muslim male is 170 times more likely to be part of a sex grooming gang than a non-Muslim? That there are no recorded instances of non-Muslims grooming Muslim girls as part of a criminal enterprise? The drama technique is an old one, tried and tested in such more notable works as Schindler’s List and The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas - give it a personal slant, focus on the victims, their emotions, their suffering and not what is happening to them. Keep it small scale; choose just one case out the many with one, maybe two major characters, and if you can, find a hero or heroine and give the audience something positive to take away from it all. And so it goes; pick just three girls from the 47 victims interviewed and one social services heroine. The villains in the piece, easy; the police are an easy target, as are social services: the great and faceless establishment; they’re a safe target, no-one will complain if you give them the blame.

Who did it? Why did it happen? No need to worry about that, after all we wouldn’t want to open ourselves to accusations of being racist, would we? Or, heavens forbid, Islamophobic. Why these girls then? No problem, call it class. Oh, but don’t mention the words ‘working class’ that might upset some people and might open us up to accusations of being elitist, even snobs. No, let’s keep it neutral, we’ll call it “a certain strata of society” - has a nice academic ring to it, doesn’t it?

The Daily Express reported in August 2016 that the sexual grooming of children is still going on in Rotherham on an  “industrial scale”. They have not stopped in Rochdale either but, in the words of Maxine Peake, one of the stars of Three Girls, “steps have been made and things are getting better” … perhaps she and the BBC team are already planning for a sequel next year and another after that, with a ‘return of’ and a ‘resurrection’ follow up planned for the years after that, if the ratings are high enough.

When sentencing the Rochdale groomers, Judge Gerald Clifton said the men - eight of Pakistani origin and one from Afghanistan - treated the girls "as though they were worthless and beyond respect". He said: "One of the factors leading to that was the fact that they were not part of your community or religion.” Chair of the Equalities and Human Rights Commission, Trevor Phillips said it was "fatuous" to deny racial and cultural factors.

It is highly unlikely that this BBC drama will mention either the ‘M’ word or the ‘I’ word, but we encourage people to give it a chance. Sadly, we suspect that this drama which is supposed to ‘shine a light on the trauma of sexual ‘grooming’, providing knowledge and understanding for parents and children alike’ will be a missed opportunity if the cultural and religious make-up of the perpetrators is ignored.

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Tuesday 16 May

The huge scale of the Muslim rape jihad in this country is unimaginable. Finally, the BBC is bringing to the public a drama focusing on ‘Three Girls’ and the tragedy that befell them and their families due to Muslim rapists and pimps. But we fear that this drama will try to make a molehill out of a mountain and deflect the attention of the public in the wrong direction.

“How does she [the author of the drama] intend to avoid mentioning the largest elephant in the room? How does she avoid the inconvenient truth that a British Muslim male is 170 times more likely to be part of a sex grooming gang than a non-Muslim?”

Tuesday 16 May

We encourage our readers to have a look at this 3 part series and let us know what they think.


English Defence League London Division II The producer of this BBC drama, Susan Hogg, does not want to give groups like the EDL an opportunity to ‘promote their cause’. "I feel like they're going to attempt to hitch up their wagon opportunistically to anything," said Hogg, adding: "I feel confident our drama doesn't really give them much opportunity to do so.’

Oh, so protesting the mass rape of non-Muslim girls which was largely ignored by society for years, until the EDL came along, is viewed by Ms Hogg as simply an opportunity. She should be grateful that we have protested against this rape jihad and will continue to do so. And of course she is not promoting her career by producing this drama.

"Rochdale grooming gang drama won't help whip up racial tensions"

When it's the "race" of Islam that is raping and enslaving the "race" of kuffar, then why shouldn't you whip up racial tensions?  Did we whip up racial tensions in the 2nd world war, when the race Germans and the race of Japanese were enslaving those they conquered? Did we whip up racial  tensions when the 'race' of white South Africans were rendering the races of black South Africans as 2nd class citizens? 

Racial tensions are not axiomatically wrong.  If one race is systematically abusing another, it is both correct and necessary to have racial tensions - that's the only way you will get the emotional energy for dealing with it.  But, I suppose the Guardianistas and BBC staff are too busy preening their halos to grasp this.

And a cohort of Islamophilic police and lawyers will be studying these words to see if they can silence the last few remaining voices of protest, like our own.

"Last week, Breitbart London reported that the BBC drama Three Girls, which tells the story of three children from Rochdale targeted by a gang of Pakistani and Afghani origin Muslims, makes no mention of Islam in the trailer or in any press releases."

a comment on the first episode


Esme Weatherby

On the subject of Three Girls
The BBC may not have mentioned the 'M' word but they mentioned the 'A' words to describe the vile type of raped sex the girls were suffering. The men wear Muslim robes, they have Muslim names, the ringleader has his real name Shabir Ahmed, Muslim phrases are spoken, Pakistan is mentioned, Ahmed's refusal to drink as he plys the girls with vodka is attributed to his religion and the halal sign is prominent on the door of the kebab house.
So far so accurate and harrowing, but there are two more episodes to come.

As Ramadan approaches, we conscientious Muslims should start to examine and openly discuss the cultural values that created so many sexual predators who think white girls are meat. We must claim these girls as our daughters. Because they are.

Yasmin Aliabhai-Brown may believe that to be true but Islam does not. Another bit of misdirection away from Islam.  Mind you Islam does not have much regards for Muslim daughters either!

from a Face Book posting


The TRUTH the bbc left out!!!

By Karen Kelly

Just putting this out there for all those that I'm seeing that watched 3 Girls and who to a degree are Victim and Parent blaming. Not your fault and not aiming it at anyone in particular. Your watching a drama from the BBC which would be biased anyway. Did you know these Grooming Gangs used their younger Brothers? So in primary school or round the park whatever all boys and girls playing together they become friends. The older ones/men have cherry picked the ones they want from say 10years old. Then when the girl goes to primary school they've already got a measure of the girl, no brothers or male cousins maybe dad has left? or just maybe like All teens they are at that age when they want to appear older.

Anyway these feckers were hanging round the school gates in their flash cars chatting to girls as by this time some would have known them being friends with the younger brothers. Begs the question where were the teachers? They knew and did nothing to protect the girls as no matter what Men in Cars chatting to young girls is Wrong? What you have to know is in places like Rochdale some schools are miles away not just half hour like miles. Anyway the older ones then start flirting with them and if say your that age 11,12, 13 to a girl that's like a confidence boost forget the ethnicity these girls are being paid compliments, then it's do you smoke heres a fag do you want to try vodka? here try this joint. I know that when I was 13 I tried lager cos my mates were doing it lol and I didn't want to look silly.

Once the girl is drunk and incapacitated then the feckers not only can rape them (this happened in youth clubs, homes, playground etc). but some one else takes photos. So the Grooming has taken place and now the blackmail begins and the threats. Imagine the shame of your parents being shown pictures of you being raped or made to look like you were engaging voluntarily? that's why these girls carried on seeing them through fear. They were told that if they told their parents or police then their families would be killed house set on fire no wonder these girls did what they did. Parents once they found out did all they could to try and stop it, blokes in cars sitting outside there homes would smash their windows etc police did fuck all, some put their kids in care but the care homes turned a blind eye. Some girls like one I know went to the police to tell them she was being raped and was told to Fuck off or you'll be nicked for prostitution she was 13 years old. A prostitute at 13? No she was being trafficked raped and tortured.

My apologies for writing this essay but when I see comments like where were the parents? Why hang about with them? I know where my kids are. Then there is a need to explain, because to truly understand what these girls and their families went through you have to read the truth. I have a 25 year old she couldn't move she still has to call me I expect a text no matter the hour even now If she staying out it drives her mad but that's the rule. But it's not the girls or the parents fault at all. It's the Pakistani Muslim Grooming Gangs and all those that knew and did nothing.

I bet that wasn't mentioned in the drama? and it won't because for 30 years Victims, Police, Social Services, Teachers, Health Authority's were told and to my knowledge are still being told to say Asian because they were and still are worried that it can been seen as racist, not caring that when these girls were raped they were called things like White Slag, White Whore etc now that's Racist. How can you protect your kids with something like that, are they Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, the actual word is Rape Jihad as they believe that they are at war with the west and in their book it states, What the right hand possesses

That means Slaves. Look it up. I just worry about the motive of the BBC because of the feeds I'm seeing would suggest that the narrative and blame is somehow being shifted. All I've said happens there's plenty of Autobiographies out there some written by the parents as well. My friend Toni Bugle runs yearly conferences for MARIAS where victims of these Rapist speak about their experience in the hope to raise awareness. Maybe come along to the next one? Or read The Easy Meat report to get the truth like I have.


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