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It is shameful to watch Turkey lead the chants and propaganda of the world against Israel with concern to the “peace activist” Gaza flotilla. The rhetoric from the Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu at the UN on June 1 2010, - “Another member state has committed a crime against all the values upheld since the establishment of the UN,” “Grave breach of International law,” and “It is murder conducted by a State.” These words of outrage coming from the same country that committed Genocide against the Armenian Christians, murdering between 1.5 and 2 million during World War 1. Yet even today in this “model of secular Islamic democracy” it is a crime in Turkey to even mention this event of history. This is the same country that has the nerve to lecture the world on human rights. As Walid Shoebat says “confession is the beginning of healing.” There is no confession in Turkey, unlike in Germany who have confessed their sin of the Holocaust and have made it a
crime to deny the Holocaust yet in the Islamic country of Turkey it is a crime to even mention the Armenian Genocide and if any country should point this out including the United States it causes a major diplomatic embarrassment, not for Turkey but for the Dhimmi Western country.

Turkey’s government has now been taken over by the Islamist movement and hangs on as a secular country by a thread. It is only the secular Generals of the Turkish military that continue to hold on to its secular nature, but it is inevitable that this will soon change, and when it does Turkey will be a similar thorn to world peace as Iran is today but ten times worse. The latest incident is just the start of a very hostile and expert Islamist propaganda machine. Up to recently Turkey has steered clear of championing the Palestinian cause but now has jumped in to the fray with both feet. By using the Palestinian cause, the objective is clear; to capture the hearts and minds of the Arab street, take the lead in the Muslim world by rejuvenating the dream of a restored Caliphate with the usual Islamic dogma of the destruction of world Jewry, Israel and taking over the world. The cat is now out of the bag but the world is oblivious to the obvious.

What does the leader of the Jewish Anti Defamation League Abe Foxman, the so-called champion of peace and tolerance have to say about Turkey and the Armenian genocide? Nothing! Not only does he have nothing to say but advocated the U.S. Congress to take a neutral stand and not condemn Turkey. What a disgraceful, shameful and cowardly position from the usual bunch of useful idiots that call themselves leaders of the Jewish community. The only redeeming feature is that many of his underlings at the ADL showed their disgust and resigned.

It is also shocking to see in the Israeli media and their misguided assessment over the 182 million dollar contract to supply drones (unmanned military aircraft) to Turkey. The concern was not that it should be cancelled but that they were celebrating that it would not be affected based on the Gaza Flotilla incident, Wow! Of course it won’t be affected, the Islamic mindset says ‘this will be the means to help destroy Israel down the road, why not take the weapons from Israel.’ Did the Jews not dig their own graves in the forests of Poland and Russia before the Nazis shot them; a few years before the death camps were able to murder them more efficiently? The many recent diplomatic rejections of Israel by Turkey as well as this latest propaganda ploy to champion the Palestinian cause should be a wake up call to understand the new Islamist regime of Turkey is now an existential threat to Israel. The Israeli government needs to cancel all its military contracts as well as cut
military dealings with Turkey immediately. This policy of doing business with Turkey based on the old regime in Ankara is very misguided and tantamount to doing business with Nazi Germany.

The biggest tragedy of this Gaza Flotilla incident was the failure of the IDF’s leadership in using bad military strategy and tactics, which led to them having to use deadly force against the Islamists who if we are honest have no concern for human life. The IDF’s failure to bring about a non-violent close to the attempted break of the Gaza blockade has handed a huge PR victory to the Islamists.

As for the US administration’s policies and its weakness; this has also been a contributing factor to this incident, in that the Islamic world senses that the US is not as supportive of Israel and smells blood. The incident is just another test to see if America will abandon its ally or not. We will see if the Obama administration will lean to the thinking of its radical left base or towards the traditional and righteous support of its number one ally in the Middle East.

Keith Davies
Director Walid Shoebat Foundation

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Another hypocrisy in this incident is that some of the flotilla boats left from Turkish occupied Cyprus. Yes! So, not only is it a crime in Turkey to even mention the Armenian Genocide, but they are also using their recently conquered land in Northern Cyprus to launch these attacks on Israel's blockade.

"The Turkish invasion took place in two stages and ended in August 1974, when Turkish troops occupied 37% of the island's territory, which was followed by the establishment of the de facto Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) that only Turkey recognizes, in contradiction of the terms of the 1960 Treaty of Guarantee"

Turkey should remove its military from Cyprus before it says or does anything. But of course it won't and the world won't make it. It will stay there till future generations have forgotten and just accept it. Then, of course, it will attack the South and proclaim all of Cyprus to be a part of historically Turkish territory. Then, the ethnic cleansing will begin, just like it has nearly completed now in Anatolia / Turkey itself.


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