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The United Nations is demanding immediate support for the Central African Republic (CAR) during a very difficult period. Apparently over450,000 people have fled their homes after the Muslim dominated Seleka took power and began persecuting Christians irrespective of the alleged government of national unity during the transitional period. Not surprisingly, Christians are trying to protect themselves against Muslim forces within Seleka which are clearly out of control. Therefore, bloodletting is sowing the seeds of distrust and clearly the international community needs to do something before the crisis reaches a point of no return.

Unlike Christian communities in Egypt, Iraq, Pakistan, and in other nations, whereby various sects are persecuted, it is clear that in the CAR -- just like in South Sudan -- that Christians will not just sit back and wait to be slaughtered or become trapped in ghettoes. It is hoped that the international community will be fair in pointing out the real factors behind communal violence. After all, it is clear that religious tensions erupted after Seleka troops began to ransack Christian areas. However, the same media which always points out the "Buddhist" angle in Myanmar (more Christians have been killed in Myanmar than any other non-Buddhist religion in the last few decades) in relation to the persecution of Muslims in this country; they appear to loathe to point out massacres by Muslims forces in the CAR against Christians; just like the persecution of Buddhists and others in the Chittagong Hill Tracts is barely mentioned in Bangladesh.

In must be remembered that when less than two thousand people had been killed in Kosovo the West intervened rapidly and took this part of Serbia away from the indigenous Orthodox Christians. Yet when northern Cyprus was occupied by Turkey and Orthodox Christians were cleansed then Western nations did zilch apart from sell more military arms to Turkey. Similarly, when millions of black African Christians and Animists were massacred in Sudan (many forced into slavery and forcibly converted to Islam) you never had the threat of Western intervention. Likewise, the mainly Christians of West Papua are currently facing Javanization and Islamization in Indonesia but the world is turning a blind eye once more just like they did when the Catholic Timorese were massacred in vast numbers by the same forces.

Elizabeth Kendal reports in Christian Today that the "Central African Republic is French-speaking and its population is around 76 per cent Christian. On Sunday 24 March 2013, Seleka -- a coalition of local and foreign Arabic-speaking Islamic militias -- seized control of the capital, Bangui, in an orgy of violence and looting."

"But Seleka does not rape, loot and kill indiscriminately. Rather, Seleka attacks Christians and spares Muslims, causing traditional community trust to evaporate, and creating a sectarian tinderbox."

The same author reports that Christian militias are now retaliating and massacres against Muslims are happening based on the actions of Muslim forces within Seleka. Indeed, just like you have countless militias in Libya then it is difficult to define Seleka because many are mere rogue elements which are focused on economic goals alongside anti-Christian persecution. However, while religious agitation wasn't enforced by the usual Christian leaders of the CAR, it is abundantly clear that you have an Islamist cause within all the chaos and common criminality of forces within Seleka and clearly the so-called government of national unity isn't in control of the situation.

Christian Bishop Albert Vanbuel stated "a rebellion of religious extremism with evil intentions, characterized by profanation and planned destruction of religious buildings, especially Catholic and Protestant churches" is now in power. In other words, the new government under Djotodia is based on an agenda which threatens the religious mosaic of the CAR because elements within Seleka clearly have a religious angle.

The International Crisis Group reported "The new government of national unity is fragile and faces considerable challenges. Securing the country, organizing elections, restoring public services and implementing judicial, economic and social reforms, were agreed to in Libreville and remain on the agenda. But dissension within Seleka, the proliferation of weapons in Bangui and the deterioration of the social environment could jeopardize the very fragile transition. The humanitarian situation is deteriorating: the population is suffering from deprivation, which will be compounded by the rainy season, and there are some 150,000-180,000 internally displaced people. Faced with multiple problems, the new government will have to define security, humanitarian, budgetary and political priorities. To secure the peace and stability that previous governments failed to achieve, it must develop a new disarmament, demobilization and reintegration (DDR) program and rethink security sector reform (SSR). Restoring security and promoting innovative approaches tailored to the country's needs are key to ensuring the success of the transition."

Of great concern is who is behind the funding of Muslim forces which are spreading sectarianism in the CAR? It isn't difficult to point the finger at Gulf petrodollars and similarly Sudan may have ambitions? However, currently you have no substantial findings in this regard because various specialists have provided different answers to this important question. Despite this, it is clear that Seleka is well armed (despite being disbanded this movement continues to kill and ransack) and the sectarian agenda also points to sinister outside forces.

France announced that they will send approximately 1,000 military personnel to the CAR which will top up the current 400 plus soldiers which are stationed in this nation. The Defense Minister of France, Jean-Yves Le Drian, made it clear that France would send 1,000 troops to the CAR in order to boost security. However, unlike in Mali the role of France isn't clear because will France take sides or work with the tainted self-proclaimed leader of this nation? After all, in Mali the mainly black African Muslim ethnic groups welcomed France after a mixture of al-Qaeda affiliated forces began to attack indigenous Islam in this nation alongside genuine grievances felt by the Tuareg. Yet in the CAR it is clear that Christians in many areas lack faith in the current self-proclaimed leadership which is blamed for the bloodletting and setting the fire of sectarianism.

Le Drian said "France will support this African mission with about 1,000 soldiers…We will do this in support, not as the first ones in, as we have done for Mali, and for a short period, in the range of about six months."

France 24 reports "…Le Drian said the soldiers would act as support to a 2,500-strong regional peacekeeping force deployed by the Economic Community of Central African States. The African Union will take charge of the force in December and boost its size to around 3,600 troops."

The Security Council was urged by Jan Eliasson, Deputy Secretary-General of the UN and highly respected diplomat from Sweden, to turn the CAR into an operation for the UN. He stated that "The CAR is becoming a breeding ground for extremists and armed groups in a region that is already suffering from conflict and instability…If this situation is left to fester, it may develop into a religious and ethnic conflict with long-standing consequences, even a civil war that could spread into neighboring countries."

If action isn't taken then the spiral of violence will only get worse and sectarianism will hang over the CAR. Yet, who will France, the UN and AU work with given the tainted self declared leader of this nation who clearly isn't trusted by many within the Christian community?

By Pierre Leblanc and Lee Jay Walker

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A very good review of the treachery of the West, and Christians, when it comes to protecting its own people.

Didn't really get a lot of news coverage on this story apart from the fact it was happening and the African Nations were stepping in to try and stop it.  France had sent some Men, but the situation was obviously very fluid and difficult to report on.

 Following the resignation on Friday of president Michel Djotodia, the first muslim leader of the Christian majority country. (15% Muslim, 85% Christian), it seems as though any problems reporting have disappeared. The news media can now report that the Christians are attacking the poor defenceless Muslims. They can report how the Muslims fear a genocide. The brutality of those pesky Christians.

I suppose there's no chance, what with all the journalist's being scrambled  to  report on the Christian bullies of CAR, that we'll get to see a report on all those pesky Christian's resisting beatings, rapes and death in Egypt, Mali, Afghanistan, Iraq, and any other country or strip of land where the two civilisation collide.  And we certainly won't get the full story of why the Christians of CAR have started to fight back.  

Saw the C4 news report on this lastnight ; - they had an interview with a leader of the Christian self-defence group "Anti-Balaka" who said they wanted to expel all the foreign muslims who had been responsable for the violence.. and good luck to them for standing up to the islamo-nazi thugs I say ! maybe the EDL should have "I Love Anti-Balaka" placards on their next demo ?!

I expect now the Christians,animists & secularists have started fighting back, C4,BBC,Guardian etc will be calling for UN & British troops to be sent to fight on the side of the muslims... we should be arming and training the christians to start rolling back the expansion of islam in Africa !

 "I Love Anti-Balaka" placards on their next demo ?!

Now that would put the UAF in a pickle wouldn't it.

I noticed on a Radio 4 report a couple of days ago, the relish with which the BBC journalist was able to talk about "violent christians" and "violent muslims".  I've never heard any report from the BBC refer to "violent muslims" or "muslim violence" in reference to the Sudan, Nigeria, Thailand, etc.  Clearly they are told to avoid such terms, unless they can also "even handedly" refer to violence from christians, buddhists, sikhs, hindus, etc.

paul collings said:

'they wanted to expel all the foreign muslims who had been responsable for the violence...'  

How very generous of them to want to expel ONLY those particular Muslims.

Thousands of Muslims have fled the capital of the Central African Republic, fearing for their lives as "horrific" sectarian violence has spread.

Christians lined the streets to cheer as the Muslims left, protected by troops from neighbouring Chad. 

One man who fell from an overloaded lorry was brutally killed by the crowds.

"He didn't even have the time to fall - he landed into the hands of the angry mob who then lynched him at the scene," said Armando Yanguendji, a resident of the Gobongo district of Bangui.

Another vehicle only escaped attack when Burundian peacekeepers fired into the air to disperse the crowd.

Angry mobs have set fire to mosques and brutally killed anyone accused of collaborating with the Muslim government which took power last March but lost power some months later have been targeted.

On Wednesday, a person suspected of having helped last March's overthrow of President Francois Bozize was attacked for 15 minutes with knives, bricks and feet by soldiers just minutes after a ceremony attended by the interim president.

Displaced Muslims from Central African RepublicMany people have been displaced by the attacks

Uniformed soldiers then paraded his body through the streets before it was dismembered and set on fire.

Peter Bouckaert from Human Rights Watch said: "It really is a horrific situation. All over Bangui, entire Muslim neighbourhoods are being destroyed and emptied.

"Their buildings are being destroyed and being taken apart, brick by brick, roof by roof, to wipe out any sign of their once existence in this country."

 The International Criminal Court in The Hague has opened an initial investigation into war crimes in the country.

"My office has reviewed many reports detailing acts of extreme brutality ... and allegations of serious crimes being committed," Fatou Bensouda said in a statement.

An alliance of Muslim rebel groups from the north joined up to oust the president from power early in 2012, but their grievances were political and economic not religious.

The rebels known as Seleka quickly became despised by Christians in the capital after some of the fighters went on looting sprees, raping and killing civilians at random.

An armed Christian movement known as the anti-Balaka (anti-machete), aided by loyalists of President Bozize, began retaliating several months later.

Christian fighters attempted to overthrow the Muslim rebel government in early December, leading to bloodshed that left more than 1,000 people dead in a few days.

Muslim rebel leader Michel Djotodia who took power last March has stepped aside, and the country is currently being led by former Bangui mayor Catherine Samba-Panza as interim president.

There are two narratives here:

1. "But Seleka does not rape, loot and kill indiscriminately. Rather, Seleka attacks Christians and spares Muslims, causing traditional community trust to evaporate, and creating a sectarian tinderbox." [above story by Pierre Leblanc]

2. ‘The rebels known as Seleka quickly became despised by Christians in the capital after some of the fighters went on looting sprees, raping and killing civilians at random.’

One source is either lying or is ignorant.

To follow on from Paul's 15% and Kinana's last comment.

There are accounts of the 2001 Bradford riot, where hindus/sikhs say that not only the property/businesses of the indigenous population were attack and torched, but also properties belonging to hindus/sikhs.  The reports say that muslims went through beforehand, marking out businesses which were not run by muslims.  I will see if I can find the reports.

The muslim "civilians" are being painted by the msm as some sort of innocent bystander, I've read reports and seen tv news revealing that these "ordinary muslim householders" were in fact caught storing guns,grenades etc and also supported the islamic coupe , so I have no sympathy for the islamics at all, on this occasion - a rare and refreshing change in world politics - the muslims have come unstuck due to the bravery of Christians and Animists fighting back against these murderers.rapists and thugs and are now being sent packing back to the land of their origin where they belong... a lesson for the rest of the world that islamo-fascism can be knocked back and defeated,

Christian Militia Could Wipe Out Central African Republic's Muslim Population, Says Human Rights Group

Christian militia taking revenge on the Central African Republic's Muslim population could drive the entire Islamic group out of the country, a human rights group claimed earlier this week.

The anti-balaka ("anti-machete") has increasingly fought back against the country's minority Muslim population since the Muslim Seleka rebel group antagonized the country's Christians.

Militia fighters known as anti-balaka pose for a photograph in Mbakate village, Central African Republic on November 25, 2013.Militia fighters known as anti-balaka pose for a photograph in Mbakate village, Central African Republic on November 25, 2013.

Human Rights Watch employees in the Central African Republic have claimed to have witnessed anti-balaka forces cutting "the throats of Muslim civilians, publicly lynching, mutilating, and setting their bodies on fire." It also reported attacks where the groups had cut off body parts or hacked Muslims to death.

It pointed to Yaloké, which prior to the arrival of anti-balaka forces boasted an estimated Muslim population of 30,000 and eight mosques. Now, it is reported that the town has only one mosque and 500 Muslims. Many Muslim homes in the area were also looted by members of the Christian militia.

The report also listed four other former "Muslim strongholds" that were now totally devoid of residents and whose shops and business have been looted by anti-balaka forces.

Peter Bouckaert, Emergencies director at HRW, said there is a good chance that such terrors will drive out a Muslim population which has lived for hundreds of years in the region.

"At this rate, if the targeted violence continues, there will be no Muslims left in much of the Central African Republic. People whose families have peacefully lived in the country for centuries are being forced to leave, or are fleeing the very real threat of violence against them," he said in a statement.

HRW has said the type of language that the anti-balaka groups were using "suggests their intent is to eliminate Muslim residents from the Central African Republic." However, he added that so far the group has not used any religious language to try and justify its actions.

Instead, they claim that they are responding to Seleka attacks that occurred after the group seized power in "March 2013, and carried out a campaign of executions, indiscriminate killings, village burnings, and rape that plunged the country into chaos and displaced nearly a quarter of the country's majority Christian population."

Bouckaert said that regardless of motive, the anti-balaka were finding success at removing their former aggressors.

"Whether the anti-balaka leaders are pursuing a deliberate policy of ethnic cleansing or exacting abusive collective punishment against the Muslim population, the end result is clear: the disappearance of longstanding Muslim communities," Bouckaert said.

Not all Christians have aligned themselves with the anti-balaka.

Father Fagba and his congregation in the town of Boali have opened the doors of their church as a sanctuary to hundreds of desperate Muslims.

Roughly 650 Muslims arrived seeking shelter almost a month ago and have not left — convinced that they will be killed if they step beyond the church grounds.

Fagba told the BBC that the community offered little support for him in his decision to harbor Muslims.

"When I did this, nobody in the community understood me. They attacked and threatened me," he said.

Part of their grudge may be because some of the people Fagba is harboring are only several months removed from terrorizing the country's Christian population.

"I've spoken to those who have done bad things. But I have not mentioned their deeds," he said.

"When I talk to them it's a call for them to change their lives and their behaviour," he added.

Fagba said that it was vital that Christians live out their beliefs in the midst of the violence and terror.

"Now is the time for men of good will to stand up and prove the strength and quality of their faith," said Fagba.

The Central African Republic has a population of 4.5 million. Of that, 50 percent of the country is Christian, 15 percent Muslim and those with indigenous beliefs make up 35 percent.


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