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UNSUBSTANTIATED DISCUSSION TERMINATED: EDL threats yet again prove they are nothing but violent thugs

Comment from 4F Admin

The creator of this forum, William Richard Baker,  has failed to respond to several requests for verification and validation from members and administrators of 4F. Consequently, as it makes serious allegations, this forum has been terminated as unsubstantiated and invalid.

The following behaviour guidelines have been breached:

  • 2.6: failure to respond to questions
  • 2.7: posting spurious and serious allegations without validation
  • 2.12: failure to respond to communication from an Admin (posted on this forum)

The creator of this forum should note that this kind of behaviour does not meet the standards that the rest of the 4F community are seen to uphold. 

Please make great efforts to copy their better example.

In addition, there are signs that this discussion has caused damage to the wider movement, which would be a more serious breach, that of 6.3.

This case will now stay on record, and future instances will not be taken lightly.



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I guess they are as worried and threatend by islam as I am. East Enders have always spoken in that way in my experience. I expect they are violent. They've never bombed anyone though, and at least they are not in denial, like your MP and local police. Its not their fault that their education has been so poor. I think they are mistaken in behaving violently on the streets, but I would be careful about criticising them heavily without extending that criticism to muslim extremists in the area where these gentlemen are forced to live.


I think you are getting worked up too much by a few comments on FB.  To call this exhange of comments 'EDL threats...' is way off the mark.  Are these commenters EDL?!  Are they leaders of the EDL?  Can you show me the same 'threats' from the home page (not comments on the forum) of the EDL website?

Is this all you have left in locker Bill, constantly attacking the EDL? Perhaps if your obsession stopped and you just got on doing whatever it is you do then it wouldn't be such a problem. I have no sympathy for you Bill, you bring it on yourself and you know it. Now where is that link of you calling for people to arm themselves?

Well Bill

Having seen you in action on a number of occasions I think its a definite pot, kettle black scenario. How many times have you called for violence against muslims , socialists and the like. Casuals United is not the EDL in the same way as CxF are not the EDL and screenshotting convos like an expose scumbag does you no favours. You,ve lost the plot Bill and a lot of friends on the way. 


See you saturday....

The bottom line is that FB is an open cesspool of innuendo lies and bullshit and although i do not blame the shitstirrers-i do blame those gullible enough to take it all in.


As kinana quite rightly points out-none of these "threats" are appearing on the official EDL site in which the leadership team have full control and so your claims that the EDL are "violent thugs" are completely without foundation.


You have obviously upset someone bill otherwise you would not be on the receiving end of such vitriol-how do you know the person is EDL??-the bottom line is you do not as accounts can very easily be hacked in FB.


I am EDL and proud to be so-but i am also no violent thug!!.


And besides-quote william baker "Fight terrorism with terrorism as its the only thing they understand"-now correct me if i am wrong-but is this not inciting violence??-i e the work of a violent thug!!..

Andy London says "Notice he is using 'EDL' even though he is no longer involved".  I think he's talking about your website domain name  Other people here on 4F have commented already on that choice of name as well.


I'm just going to stick to something objective and apolitical.  I have experience in IP (Intellectual Property) and brand protection, and domain assetts of my own.


Brand theft or brand piggy-backing is never a good idea, and does not inspire respect.  You need to change that domain name.  Its no loss to do that and perform the work it involves because, as it is now, its not only of no value to your cause, its damaging to it.

You just can't stop your obsession Bill. Perhaps the deal is to mob your march instead! Perhaps we''ll head up after.

Yes you would bill, you crave attention you old attention seeker you.


And is it true that you've been telling people that UAF and antifa (never seen them myself in this country), are protesting the BPS march on Saturday. Tsk, blaming the EDL for putting people off going and then spreading these unsubstantiated rumors. I ask you. Is there no depths you wont sink to in your quest to destroy any competition to the ENA?  

I think the only idiot here is the one that stares back at you in the mirror. What a stirring, lying, little creature you are, fancy stirring up the pot with your continual posting in public about EDL this and EDL that, no wonder people get all riled up with your constant barrage and bickering. You are worse than the U.A.F. Are you getting paid by the Police?
See you at the fate on Saturday.
Well well William.  I'm  sure you sat there splitting your sides as you managed to link
the word  village with 'idiot'. It's unfortunate however Billy Boy that there is nothing
original about it. Yes I can be foolish at times but if there were a podium  finish 
for idiocy you would indeed win gold. You continue to trot the same old  rubbish with
regard to drugs and merchandising whilst chastising people for  drunkenness   . How you
would love to have the support that the EDL musters  but  you dont. Like MOhammeds 
attempts to ingratiate himself with the Jews and the  Christians you have attempted
the same with the BNP, Mfe, EDL and English  Democrats. And just as big Mo was, you
were royally fucked off.
I understand  your bitterness, I mean it couldn't have been easy wanting to be EDL 
top dog and  finding that you weren't even wanted at the bowl. I suppose that's why
you've  tried to gather all the other runts of the litter together. 
Anyhow , with regard to your claims about UAF and antifa. It is customary to 
provide a link to verify your claims.
Oh, and one other thing Willy. It's not advisable to criticise a mans choice of 
non de plume when your parents have chosen to name you after a mans appendage.  XX 


You so far have not responded to my point and the follow up points by Tony Curtis about your headline designating the English Defence League as nothing but violent thugs based solely on the screen shot from Facebook.  Is this still your position?  If so, can you provide more evidence?   If you cannot, do you see how unbelievable your claim is?  Are you calling Tony Curtis a violent thug?  Are you calling me a violent thug?!  Since he is more EDL than I am are you saying he is more of a violent thug than I am?!


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