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Statement from Alan Lake regarding the Norwegian Gunman - Anders Breivik

  • I do not know this man, I have never met him, and I am not his mentor
  • I did not even get involved with any political issues until 2007
  • He is not a member of 4Freedoms, as far as I can see, and does not appear to be a member of the Norwegian Room either
  • I have no interest in the Knights Templar movement, and in fact, strongly resisted any attempts to get me involved in the promotion of such a movement, as I see it as a waste of time
  • I categorically condemn his actions, which have also killed friends of a friend of mine - one in Oslo and two on Utoya island.

In hundreds of pages of online comment over 3 years, I only made one injudicious statement which I withdrew within 1 day. That statement has been kept alive by leftist websites eager to cause damage to society.  They should be held responsible for perpetuating that statement, and any damage it may cause.

There are numerous totally false and fabricated stories circulating about me in the media at the moment. Those who are doing this should reflect on the effect this latent dishonesty has on the community discourse.  

By using a succession of lies and dirty tricks to discredit any messenger they disagree with, they also succeed in shutting up those people who are weak in discourse, who then lose faith in the democratic process and the institutions of government.

It is not unreasonable to think that, it is precisely this suppression which causes people like Anders Breivik to seek other outlets for their anger.   For this reason, I hold those sections of the media, which use dirty tricks and dishonesty, partly responsible for this tragedy.

I am not the type of person to have that communication problem.  I am fully engaged in, and committed to, the process of discourse in secular democracy.  But those media that are now circulating totally false and scurrilous speculation about this sad event, should reflect on the implications of their behaviour, and the further harm they cause.

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Another funny Guardian article:

"The killer has evidently absorbed the far right's shift from the language of race to the language of culture."

No, we use the language of Ideology.  Its you leftists that use the language of culture.

We object to an ideology which preaches the destruction of our institutions and the enslavement of our freedoms.

You leftists are incapable of dealing with these issues (and reading the texts) so you hide behind issues of culture so you can just label us as  'racist' and 'fascist', etc, and shut down any debate.


"But what is most striking is how closely he mirrors the claim that Islam and Islamism pose a mortal threat to western civilisation."

And what's most striking here, my dear Mr. Milne, is how you are incapable of addressing the validity of that claim, but just speed on with the vitriol, taking it as accepted dogma amongst your leftist cronies.  And of course, you have to get to that Islamophobia word as soon as possible.  Thats always a great excuse for not having to think.


Joe said:

And when The Guardian quotes the Europol reports on terrorism in Europe, what The Guardian fantasist fails to mention, is that not only are most terrorist offences in Europe not caused by muslims -- most terrorism in Europe far and away from the left-wing (communists, anarchists, animal libbers, and leftist ethno-separatists like ETA).

What is clear from the Europol reports from the last 5 years, is that there have been so few right-wing terrorist incidents, that the one (or zero) that happen annually are statistical noise when compared to the hundreds or so that have been performed across Europe by the left and muslims.

Thanks Heather for the support and for the compliment :-))


There are some legal people in 4F that I can get advice from.  But when I pursue the actual case, I'll probably do it on a no-win-no-fee basis, so I can take on a good/expensive lawyer without having to worry about the cost.

Heather Gilbert said:

Do you need a lawyer?  You come across as way smarter than the lawyers I've ever encountered. You are smart enough to do without them I think. Just sayin'  Backup is always nice though.  You are not alone and please do not forget that for a second Alan
Just out ; timely new vid from Martin J Willett ; "Never Be Silenced" -

Articles in The Times and The Telegraph are fingering Paul Ray as the inspiration of Breivik.  Of course, since the media have shown themselves so incapable of logic, fairness and even consistency over so many years, who knows if Paul Ray was connected to Breivik.

Let's hope that (post-facto) the security services of Britain and Norway are able to actually find out what Breivik's true connections are.  Until then, I can't bring myself to believe anything the media say.  The media, the police and the security services have all shown themselves lacking over the Breivik outrage.  Today I was reminded that Paul Weston predicted a likely path that things could take, yet such imagination and conjectures seems to have been beyond the blinkered world-views of the paid professional experts.

No-one could have been expected to predict the collapse of 3 towers of the WTC on 9/11.  But the idea that sooner or later non-muslims in Europe would start to take drastic action was predicted by many over the past few years. About 12 months ago I predicted it myself to specialist police officers - and their expressions showed they did not accord my words any seriousness.  Untrained individuals like us with no access to resources couldn't possibly have been expected to know about Breivik and the Knights Templars, so of course we got the timescale wrong (bearing in mind Breivik's claims that he had been working towards this outrage since 2002, our predictions were off by 20 to 30 years).  But at least we imagined the possibility and brought it to the attention of the paid professionals who were supposedly investigating us.  And as far as I can see, they ignored all the warnings.  Perhaps that just goes to show the extent to which the blinkers of "poltiical correctness" are working, even on the professionals.

Very sad to think that those killed by Breivik might not have died if the security professionals had actually listened to the warnings of those who spoke out.


Looks like loose cannon Paul Ray is trying to shift the searchlight from himself onto Alan...

Flippin' heck, Cimmerian - it looks like Paul Ray really has lost the plot.


Alan, I think you might want to sue Paul Ray as well. His article about you is slander.

The only person to blame is Breivik. He was not far-right, he was in a class of his own.

Norwegian Massacre.

A couple of Muslims were killed in the Norwegian Massacre, top Norwegian Ministers specifically attended their funerals. The first Friday after the murders the Norwegian Prime Minister attended prayers at the largest mosque in Oslo and declared: «We are all Norwegians». I find it hard to see how Norway can avoid becoming an Islamic State. Debate programmes rush to defend Muslims and equate The Bible and The Koran. The lunatic Breivik blamed the Norwegian Labour Party for not seeing how dangerous Muslims really are. There are more than 200,000 Muslims in Norway, that has a population of a little over 4,000,000. The psychopath Breivik will have the satisfaction of saying: « I told you so», just before the Muslims decapitate him; or reward him for services rendered. Norwegian politicians truly believe that just talking to Muslims will make them behave in a civilised manner.

Do not praise Islam, Islam is an ugly creation bent on destroying civilisation. It's founder tortured, murdered and plundered. Every day some Muslim commits an act of terror in the name of Islam. Any decent Muslim would renounce Islam and cease to be a Muslim. Many of us have concerns about Islam, immigration and loss of culture. We just don't plant bombs and murder people.

Lena Andreassen said:

true  why scould they  ?my country its  islam  friendly..

i said  in  public in a speech  that we have to be aware  for  islam ..  i got back from the gouverment  .. an attacc on  muslims  islamists  its a attacc at the Norwegian gouverment  ...

Philip Smeeton said:

Why should the Islamists attack Norway, it is the most Islam friendly nation in Europe.
I suspect he hasn't got any money :-) And lives outside the UK anyway...

Derius said:

Flippin' heck, Cimmerian - it looks like Paul Ray really has lost the plot.

Alan, I think you might want to sue Paul Ray as well. His article about you is slander.



There is no reasoning with the extreme far left.

There is no reasoning with communists

There is no reasoning with Fascists

There is no reasoning with Nazis


All of these above fear truth. They fear facts.

They have no logic, just rhetoric diatribe.


You do not have to apologise or explain anything to anyone. Those who make the accusations are the ones responsible for providing the evidence for their claims, and by that I mean real facts, not an alleged guilty status by association. Also as Joe said above, note how they are not only inconsistent on their libel but contradictory. 


There is no need to sue anyone. I wouldn't go down such a stressful route. What I would do is release a strong and firm statement to clear any misconception by using honesty and truth. Honesty is always the best policy. 

After that relax and ignore the retards. They can only hurt you if you let them.

Those who know you know the truth. And those who don't do not matter at all. Their opinions are insignificant as their lives.  Alternatively we can always dish the dirt on them in public too. It's not hard. A couple of investigations here and there would bring all their hidden core to light. 




"No-one could have been expected to predict the collapse of 3 towers of the WTC on 9/11."

Not quite so.  Chaim ben Pesach (Victor Vancier of the JTF)  predicted it correctly. His video prior to the incident attests to that.

In fact Chaim predicted many other things which came to happen. He is extremely clued up and knows Muslims better than many of us. He was also requested to advise the FBI. 

Now, that is bound to rub shit on the face of some imbeciles who accused the Jdiv of contacting Chaim ben Pesach. ;) 

Joe said:

Articles in The Times and The Telegraph are fingering Paul Ray as the inspiration of Breivik.  Of course, since the media have shown themselves so incapable of logic, fairness and even consistency over so many years, who knows if Paul Ray was connected to Breivik.

Let's hope that (post-facto) the security services of Britain and Norway are able to actually find out what Breivik's true connections are ...

  The media are linking Brievik's actions with his statements. Islam is a danger, therefore i must kill innocent people. So now if any of us say we think,' Islam is a danger' the media will liken us to brievik and his actions. We may not be able to reason with the left but we have to communicate with the wider audience. The left have smeared s*** on everything. We need to strike back with the truth otherwise people will continue believing B/s.


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