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The Left in Spain celebrate the Invasion, enslavement, massacre by the Arabs in 711

From the indefatigable Yollanda Morin on Twitter: @yolandamorin
you really couldn't make this shit up!!!!!
Jorge Dezcallar, embajador de España en Estados Unidos, festeja la invasión árabe de la Península Ibérica hace trece siglos




Lexington (Virginia, Estados Unidos) fue escenario, el pasado fin de semana, de unas jornadas organizadas en las que se conmemoraba la invasión árabe de España hace trece siglos, en 711. Lo curioso es que, en la inauguración estuvieron presentes dos embajadores acreditados en Washington: uno, el de Marruecos; el otro, el de España.

La asistencia del embajador español, Jorge Dezcallar, en un evento en el que se rememoraba el paso del Estrecho de Gibraltar por Tariq Ibn Ziyad´s y el comienzo de la dominación árabe en la Península Ibérica no dejó de sorprender a destacados arabistas, que no terminan de entenderlo.

Promovidas por el Instituto Militar de Virginia, el folleto de presentación de las jornadas, tituladas “East meets West” presenta la invasión de los árabes, hace 1.300 años como el encuentro entre las culturas oriental y occidental y el comienzo de una época idílica en la que musulmanes, cristianos y judíos, convivieron durante ocho siglos en Al Andalus, “un modelo perenne de tolerancia”.


Tolerance = they must be ignorant, illiterate or Stupid - yeah! you are right - all three!!!


After the conquest of North Africa and the forced conversion of the Berbers to Islam, the Arabs were frustrated that they faced the Sea (Atlantic Ocean) with no more lands to conquer. According to Arab chronicles, when the Arab army reach the sea shore for the first time, the Arab commander Uqba-ibn-Nafe waded into the sea and swashed his sword at the water to express his frustration that there were no more lands to conquer in which to spread the 'glory' of Islam.

The Arabs now started eyeing Spain the country that lay across the Mediterranean. They faced the legendary Pillars of Hercules (later renamed by the Arabs as Jebel-ut-Tarik or Gibraltar as we know it today). Spain was then under the rule of the Visigoths, who had embraced Christianity. The Visigothic king who was ruling the Visigothic Spain was Roderic, or Rodrigo (in Spanish)

The Battle on the Guadalete river

Legend has it that King Rodrigo of Spain married the daughter of one of his noblemen, Count Julian against the wishes of her father. To avenge what Julian perceived as his violated honor, he opened secret parleys with the enemy and invited with the Emir (Governor) Musa ibn Nusayr, the Muslim ruler of North Africa, who was based in Tunisia to invade Spain. The Caliph al-Walid authorized the invasion of Spain (710-711 AD), on condition that Count Julian recited the Shahada and embraced Islam.

The hate-blinded father, decided to turn traitor and abjured his ancestral faith and embraced Islam along with his retainers. So Musa and his commander, Tarik ibn Ziyad, with the traitor Count Julian as advisor, crossed from Tangier to the Pillars of Hercules (which was renamed by the invading Muslims as called Jebel ut Tarik, or Tarik’s hill which was later corrupted to Gibraltar). Muslim Subterfuge leads to defeat of the Spanish defenders at the Battle of the Guadalete river.

The two armies met on the banks of the Guadalete river on July 19, 711 in the extreme south of the Iberian peninsula. The Muslims used their regular subterfuge of inviting the Spanish (Visigothic) army to cross the river.

The Visigothic king Rodrigo decided to cross over to repulse the invading Arab hordes. But as had been pre-mediated, those contingents of the Spanish army who were secretly loyal to Count Julian did not cross and remained on the other bank. It was these contingents that betrayed the Spanish army once the battle started, by attacking their own compatriots from behind. This was a tactic that the Muslims successfully used in the battle of Cadesia (Qadsiyah) between the invading Muslims and the Zoroastrian Persians in 637 and also in the battle of the Talas river between the invading Muslims and the Buddhist Chinese in 751.

King Rodrigo’s severed head was sent back to Damascus as a trophy to amuse the Khalifa (Caliph); The Muslims renamed Iberia as Al Andalus and ruled over it for the next eight centuries.


But the Muslim chieftain Emir Musa’s grand aim was to attack Europe from three sides and catch the disjointed Frankish kingdoms in a pincer move, so that Islam would surround the Mediterranean Sea which would then become a Muslim Lake and Europe a Muslim continent.

When the battle of the Guadalete river started turning against the Spanish, Rodrigo with a few troops tried to retreat and regroup by crossing the river. It was here that the traitor contingents blocked his path. He was trapped with the Muslim army closing in from behind and the traitor contingents facing him on the opposite bank.

His troops wanted a fight to death. But Rodrigo, wanting to save the lives of his select troops as well as his own, opened negotiations with the Muslims to secure his freedom and survive to fight another day. The Muslims feigned agreement and asked him to go over to the traitor contingent of the Spanish army. But there was betrayal in store that had been scripted by Tarik ibn Ziyad the commander of the Muslim army.


The neo-Muslim renegades of the Spanish army captured Rodrigo and handed him to Julian, who presented him to Musa ibn Nusayr and Tarik ibn Ziyad. On the orders of Musa, Tarik caught hold of the fugitive emperor’s hair and sawed off his head. The Muslim army stuck the Spanish Emperor’s head on a pole and paraded it before those contingents of the Spanish army that were still engaged in opposing the Muslims in crossing of the Guadalete River.

The grisly sight of their emperor’s severed head was one which even the brave and chivalrous Spanish were not used to seeing. This sight caused pandemonium and panic in the Spanish army and what followed was a unruly retreat and a slaughter of a greater part of the now demoralized and retreating Spanish army.

After this battle the Moors or Moriscos (as the Spanish called the Muslims) proceeded to conquer most of the Iberian peninsula within the next five years.

King Rodrigo’s severed head was sent back to Damascus as a trophy to amuse the Khalifa (Caliph); The Muslims renamed Iberia as Al Andalus and ruled over it for the next eight centuries.


This became a common sight - torture and crucifixion were common punishments for Christians.

The Rape, Slaughter and subjugation of my Beloved Spain then became the Dark age that the Left would like to call Al-Andalus – may they rot in Hell!!


Semper Fidelis

John Sobieski




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Thanks, we all need to know more of the history of the, so called, kind and beneficent Andalusian era.  Now we all know what 'kindness' and 'justice' and 'peace' mean when Islam offers it!

Dear John, the Problem is that when one converts to Islam, or is/becomes and Islamophile,


then he/she starts appreciating (Islamo)arabism or (Arabo)islamism above anything else,


and does even think to be an (Islamo)arab or an (Arabo)islamic himself/herself!


Therefore, no Wonder that there are such stupid, ignorant and illiterate Spanish people,


praising Islamoarabism and Araboislamism, invading (in a murderous Way) Spain, their own Country, Culture, Civilization and People!


[Lord Je', how sad -> Islamoarabism/Araboislamism does really brainwash/-pollute People! :-(]

one translation of the two above paragraphs reads:
'The assistance of the Spanish Ambassador, Jorge Dezcallar, in an event that evokes the passage of the Strait of Gibraltar by Tariq Ibn Ziyad´s and the beginning of the Arab domination on the Iberian Peninsula left no surprise leading Arabiststo end up not understand it.

'Promoted by the Virginia Military Institute, the booklet of presentation of the Conference, titled "East meets West" presented the invasion of the Arabs, 1,300 years ago as the encounter between cultures East and West and the beginning of a idyllic time when the Muslim, Christians and Jews lived together for eight centuries in Al Andalus, "a perennial model of tolerance".'
most of the verbs and other words and phrases used are either neutral or positive.  like: passage, meets, encounter between cultures, idyllic time, lived together, etc.
i see only two negative words: domination and invasion.
How does the Spanish Ambassador, Jorge Dezcallar, reconcile these positives with the negatives?  Does he care?

Hi Kinana - I hate to piss in your tea and my Spanish is not the best but I take that end of the first paragraph as "the Arabphiles have not stopped trying to understand it" It does not contain a negative slant at all - it is an exercise of Leftist Cultural Dimmitude breathtaking in its depth of ignorance and of no surprise from an Ambassador from the Socialist Workers Party.


John S,

the translation is just something i picked up from the internet, and i notice that that phrase did not come out well.

thanks for your translation and clarification.

from what i did make out I was shocked at the sheer nonchalant and even traitorous attitude of the Ambassador to the history of Spanish struggle to be independent of Islamic rule, and to remain so.  Maybe, in order to ‘build bridges’ or recover ‘the idyllic time’ of the past he will start calling Spain by the Islamic name of al-Andalus or, as Al-Qaeda says, Andalusia?


Just to give everyone a bit of good news about Spain, as a relief from all those depressing useful idiots.  I've heard Jose Maria Aznar (former Spanish PM) speak at a couple of conferences, and my Spanish friend chatted with him for a bit.  He's not only totally clued up and and active in this area, he also seems like a great guy.
@Kinana: actually "Andalusia" is the Latin Name of AlAndalus, the former is the Name know by Latinos, the latter by Arabs and Islamoarabs (I guess AlQaeda belong to these ones, and not to Latinos!). Lovliest Regards.

Hi Kinana - my Spanish is not the best - I still have a long way to go and I have been know to use Babel or Google to translate but like you say it often misses but it is better than not trying at all - so well done Mate!


Alan - totally true - Aznar is the man - if it had not been for the Madrid bomb he would be in now.

At the moment we have Mariano Rajoy as the leader of the Partido Popular and I get the feeling that he is not of the same caliber as Aznar - so God help us all.


Although most Spanish are natural conservatives there is a resistance to voting conservative due to lies and propaganda of the left with regard to Franco, God rest his soul!


If anyone is interested and the blog thing works now I will post some stuff on Franco to prove that he wasn't a Fascist but a patriot.




John S.

Please don't use the blogs, it means we just lose the important stuff!  With potentially 800 individual blogs, with no subject category or geographical region to guide you, how can you find an important discussion you once saw?


Please either write on a wall, or create a new forum.  You can do that either in a national country room, or in a subject room. Thanks, Alan

Roger that! I will put something in the Spanish Room then. Didn't want to bore people with my rantings!!!

There are several Spanish sites that are watching what is going on in England with the EDL:


See also


The Portuguese are significantly less dhimmified than the Spanish.  I understand that in history lessons in Portuguese schools they do teach about the Re-Conquest of Portugal from the muslims.  They apparently do not fall for the idea of the "golden age of tolerance in Andulsia" - which followed from hundreds of years of massacre and resistance, and which was itself followed by the muslims being kicked out of Spain - that's a sure sign that the Spanish/Portuguese did not appreciate "muslim tolerance".

Fregosi's book "Jihad in the West" is good.  Of course, he was another of those authors who was issued with death threats for publishing a book which is balanced about the muslim/christian conflicts.  The publisher who initially invited him to write the book refused to publish it following death threats from The Religion of Peace.


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