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Kuffarphobia in Spain


Kuffarphobia in Spain

Para todos aquellos que luchan por España -

Un Pais, Un Idioma y Una Ley para todos.

For all those who would fight for Spain -

One Land, One language and One law for all.

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Sami Aldeeb

The residents of the town of Salt protest against Islamist terror backed by the leftist town council

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The expulsion of muslims from Spain.

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The myth of an Islamic Andalusian paradise

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Comentario por paul collings el agosto 20, 2017 a las 12:35pm

The future has been decided, the furore from the Elites and their disciples any time Islam is slighted is a clear indication that islamisation is a planned process not an accident. Brexit is another sign.

I know what you mean when you say about repeating yourself, we've said it all before.

We are going to have to change our Political system to one that protects us from outside forces that destroy us with our own laws.  And Mass deportations will have to happen. If not the demographics will win. and they will win fast. 

Our security cannot be a left or right wing political tool. We need laws that are set in stone that leave no room for mis-interpretation, and leaders prepared to follow through on those laws. 

Refugees go home as soon as its deemed safe. No anchor babies.  No refugees from countries we have diplomatic ties with, and only take refugees when no other option is available, like camps in their own region. 

All Illegals to be removed at once. 

Only allow immigration from countries that have Citizens who share our values. And that means no one from an Islamic Nation.  We can't do deals that trade people for goods. Just because i buy a TV or fridge from Turkey doesn't mean i accept freedom of movement in return. 

No Mosques, and no Halal, and Sharia to be outlawed. 

Islamic money is turning  Britain into a middle eastern landscape of Mosques and the awful sound of the howl to prayer. 

Lefty twats like to ask us to define what it is to be British.  British is the end of English.

They should really ask us what it is to be English. 

But then the English have gone the way of the Vikings. What's left is just an echo of the past, and so the question is immaterial.  

Comentario por Philip Smeeton el agosto 20, 2017 a las 11:47am

It is complete moral cowardice by the elites Paul. You and I understand what is wrong and who is to blame.

To give an example. Thousands of islamists are under constant surveillance. Why are deportation orders not issued for these islamists?, and have done with it. If they were not cowards they would make laws that protected the likes of you and me, our rights and the homeland that we own.

They keep making excuses for not doing anything and the laws they do make are aimed at silencing any that point out what is wrong, who is to blame and how to end it.

They make up all sorts of terms to avoid the truth and the reality and the fact that it is Muslim Terrorism and that Islam is to blame.

Jihadists, islamists, moderates, extremists, radicals. They are all Muslims, it is Muslim terror, they are all to blame and they are Islam. Islam is to blame, and so are all of it's followers.

The only way to protect ourselves is to ban Islam and deport Muslims.

I know I repeat my self, but it is that simple, and cannot be said often enough. There is no other way to end the terror.

Comentario por paul collings el agosto 20, 2017 a las 11:13am

The King and Queen of Spain attend a mass for the victims of the van crash in Barcelona.

Yesterday they attended a street memorial, they laid some flowers and there were cheers from the crowd. How loverly. The People who are aiding the invasion of Europe get to lay some flowers, and the crowd goes wild, they think its all over, and it is now....sorry thought i was watching a game.

The media are showing pictures of the terror suspects family, who are so sad, and local members of their Mosques are all claiming that Islam means peace.

Europe has been thrown to the Lions, and our elites are watching from terraces. I'm just waiting for them to give the Thumbs down.  

Comentario por paul collings el agosto 17, 2017 a las 8:38pm

A terror attack in Spain.

I haven't seen Trump out condeming the white supremacists yet, why he would take so long i'm not sure.

At least Herr Merkel has got her apology in quick, describing the event as revolting.

So this is just an event, and its revolting, like a childs mud pie perhaps.

ISIS ? who i thought were defeted and gone, have claimed responsibilty for this attack. i'm sure this claim will be quickly denounced and blame put firmly where it belongs, mental illness due to extreme islamophobia, and cuts to the NHS budget.

Its obvious what we need to do, put up more concrete barriers for graffiti artists to decorate.

we dont know who's to blame for this attack, but if it turns out to be islamic inspired in any way, Who Do we blame?

Or maybe we should ask how many more innocent people need to die before something is done.

Comentario por Philip Smeeton el junio 21, 2017 a las 11:43am

You can understand Muslims, refugees and immigrants wanting to let more of their own kind in, that is only natural they have no respect for the natives and we all act ultimately in self-interest- unless we are barmy. Which is what the liberal natives that support open borders are; totally insane.

Now, I can understand a world without borders, mutual respect and harmony, absolute equality, love and kindness and no crime and no poverty or disease IN THEORY!

The REALITY we confront every single day is something completely different.

So we have the liberal-left living in this fantasy world and having the power to enforce their suicidal idealistic policies, while we the ordinary people are brutalized, deprived and oppressed; denied even the right to complain as everything goes terribly wrong.

Maybe it just has to be that society breaks down completely and anarchy reigns supreme everywhere, but I can see no benefit in this and it could all have been avoided by simply applying common sense to every situation.

Perhaps it is better to have no principles at all because in the wrong hands with those in power they cause harm, destruction and suffering. We could achieve a real golden age if we went about it in a careful and considered manner.

Comentario por Alan Lake el junio 21, 2017 a las 5:33am

These demonstrators look like they can't even look after themselves, yet they still insist on letting more dependents in.

‘Enough excuses’: Madrid protesters urge govt to accept more refugees (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Comentario por Philip Smeeton el junio 19, 2017 a las 10:14am

It is not enough to be angry, Christians have to react, by demanding that Islam be removed. They have to get over the love thy neighbour principle that is placing them in mortal danger, Muslims have to be deported and Islam banned. Religious freedom and tolerance does not apply to a religion that tolerates nothing and persecutes other religions.

Comentario por Antony el junio 19, 2017 a las 8:35am
Comentario por Alan Lake el enero 5, 2017 a las 11:32pm

‘Extremely violent, organized:’ 1,000 migrants storm Spanish enclave bordering Morocco (VIDEO)

One of the injured policemen lost an eye.  Is that fair?  Why should he lose an eye to appease feckless politicians that won't face reality?  They were under invasion, and like any invasion, it should be handled by the military.

Comentario por Philip Smeeton el julio 6, 2016 a las 11:19am

The first attempts to convert Muslims to Christianity was through bribery. Converts were showered with gifts, money, and land. This approach proved to be unsuccessful, as most of these “converts” quickly returned to Islam after getting such gifts.

Sound familiar?

In 1502, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella officially made Islam illegal throughout Spain  


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Most Western societies are based on Secular Democracy, which itself is based on the concept that the open marketplace of ideas leads to the optimum government. Whilst that model has been very successful, it has defects. The 4 Freedoms address 4 of the principal vulnerabilities, and gives corrections to them. 

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