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Philip Smeeton on honour killings:

At the foot of all of this lies an obsession with “equality” (with the notable exception of equality for all people before the law).  “Equality” however is somewhat ill-defined.  It is not about the equal rights and protections of the human being; instead “equality” means equality of beliefs and cultural values.  The result is that cultures in which women are treated as property (as a matter of state law) are equal to those in which we are not.

On Joe's negativity:

Margolis, fundamentally you and me are on the same side.  I'll bet we agree on 90% of things.  Yes, I am very negative.  I believe that the UK, France, the Netherlands are facing civil war within the next 30 to 40 years.

5 years ago when I realised that the leftwing leaders had been lying to their followers like me, I felt my comfortable delusions had been pulled from me.  I saw how their lies have put people like me in immediate danger.  But 4 years ago, I thought: there are moderate muslims and there are muslim extremists.  I thought those few I came across who were predicting civil war were mad and dangerous and I simply avoided contact with them.  But then as I learned more about islam and the history of islam, I saw that "moderate muslims" would not denounce the behaviour of the terrorist who founded islam, and I personally witnessed situations where "moderate muslims" simply gave up in public debates with "extremists", because the extremists had islam on their side, whilst the "moderates" had nothing on which to found/substantiate/defend their "moderate islam".  

I started to see more and more contradictions, like Cameron saying "islamic extremists are nazis", but then him and his government doing nothing to stop them (for example, both Tony Blair and Cameron said they would ban Hizb ut Tahrir in Britain -- but they didn't, instead the media simply stopped talking about Hizb ut Tahrir leading even "informed" people to think Hizb ut Tahrir had been banned or no longer existed).   The job of the media (the 4th Estate, constitutionally) is to expose the deceit and hypocrisy of politicians.  Instead, the media simply say what the government (or LibLabCon) want them to say.

Fundamentally, it comes down to this.   If one believes that the government/media/academics are ignorant about islam and events in Britain, then educating them might help bring about change.  If they are NOT ignorant, then trying to educate them is a waste of time.   I used to think they simply didn't know/didn't understand.  I was staggered in 2010/2011 when I realised that Gove had produced a book in 2006 which said what the EDL started saying in 2009.  Parliament is a village, where everyone is connected: if someone like Gove writes such a controversial book, you can be sure all the MPs/peers know of it.  Even if they don't read it, they will read summaries from interns, they will overhear others discussing it.

All the evidence shows that the elite have known these things for a long time (decades). 

We active dissidents are a tiny group (no more than 3000 in the UK).  Our time is valuable, because we are all unpaid volunteers, we have no resources/institutions/meeting places.  Therefore, it is vital we understand the terrain, so we don't get lost wasting our time.

If we can find out about the ECHR judgement, don't you think that the politicians, lawyers, journalists, academics already know of this (or at least, knew of it when it came out in 2003)?

The politicians and media all knew about the problem with FGM from as early as 1985 (that's when the first law in the UK was passed against it).  But as these images show, the media refused to discuss it for years - until EDL came along and the media/politicians had to ask themselves "what are the issues that are causing people to join/support this movement".  Suddenly after EDL started marching, FGM became a topic the media discussed; suddenly the grooming gangs started to get prosecuted.  In my opinion, the EDL are the only group who have effected any change in the national debate about islam in the past 30 years.

See this chart, and it shows how the media will conspire to suppress an issue like FGM, but how the EDL forced this into the public consciousness.    I first heard of FGM back in 1982, when lesbian feminist friends of mine were incensed with anger about it.  These days, those same feminists tell me "its racist to criticise other cultures".  Stopping things like FGM won't come from the leftwing feminists, it will come from actions like those of EDL.

I see no evidence that groups like One Law For All or Sharia Watch will achieve anything.  

I see no evidence that UKIP will be a government in time to reverse things.  The more one realises that the islamisation is being managed/maintained by those in power, the more one realises that things will eventually end in violence.  Muslim groups (like Hizb ut Tahrir) have been telling us for decades that we will be 3rd class citizens in a muslim-controlled society.  And the demographics tell us that the UK will be a muslim-controlled society within 40 years.  It was 1989 when muslims marched round wanting to kill Rushdie; by 2013 they were beheading our soldiers on the streets of London in broad daylight.  Yet not one step has been taken to stop the growth of the muslim population (doubles every decade).  

If nothing has been done in the past 25 years, we must assume the future will be like the past.  And nothing will be done by the politicians, journalists, academics in the next 25 years.  To believe the future will be radically different from the past is something for which there is no evidence; to believe that the future will mostly be a continuation of the past is borne out by experience.

As Mark Steyn says: "demographics is destiny".   In my opinion France, Holland, Denmark, Sweden will all have governments with parties who are critical of islam long before the UK will.  Each of those countries already have parties in parliament who criticise islam; the UK has not one politician who will criticise it.  There is a chasm growing in the UK between the views of the public and those of the politicians and the media.  The UK might well have massive anti-islamic civil violence before we have a single politician who will criticise islam.  We have already had anti-islamic terrorism in the UK (courtesy of a Ukrainian student in Birmingham).

I hope that explains my negativity.

Tony Ashworth:

Well some of us are a little more tetchy. Some of us are a little more pig sick of discussion. I live on the fringes of a huge Islamic enclave in Lancashire England. It reeks of Muslim descent round here. They absolutely hate us and every sorry soul knows it but no spineless soul has the balls to do anything about it. But of course it's all too late, we know that.

Only today there was a huge gathering of islamics marching through the streets of my town, Islamic flags aloft, black jihad flags among them, proud and strong, not a fear in the world. The streets a mile away from me are peppered with litter, scruffy horrible no go areas.

When you drive through these areas during the day to go from A to B you get double stared at, it's absolutely heart breaking. Freshly sand blasted houses with brand new double glazing and new front doors, council money spewed upon the lot of them. These parasites know exactly what they're doing. It's been 4/5 decades of planning, and it's worked. Bring on the civil unrest if it happens. I hope I'm young enough to take part.

Reply by paul collings 11 hours agoDelete

It doesn't matter how long they hid behind stupidity, because all these things will cease to be crimes in the not so distant future.

You can bet your house on the religion of peace starting a campaign to get some of the Groomers released from Prison long before their sentences  are up.

They will probably become better Muslims while locked up being fed and allowed to pray 5 times a day, so we ccan only presume that letting them out will be of great benefit to us 'stupid' Dhimmis

Tens of thousands of Girls Raped and brutalised, tens of thousands mutilated via FGM, thousands forced to live without contact with the outside world, hidden under veils, slavery, honour killings disfigurements, radicalisation and a generally pissed of Country who can't escape the constant threats and intimidation that comes with from the ever growing Islam population. And no one is to blame!

On the mis-use of the words Race, racist, racism by Alan Lake


Now consider this failure to distinguish 2 separate meanings of the word racism.  It is currently used in 2 senses.

Racism1 = the old meaning = to discriminate against someone on the grounds of his race or ethnicity

  • The advantage of convicting someone of Racism1, is that they are instantly guilty, because we all agree that this is bad.
  • The disadvantage of convicting someone of Racism1, is that it is harder, because you have to show that the group being discriminated against is racially or ethnically homogeneous

Racism2 = the new meaning = to discriminate against someone on the grounds of his ideology

  • The disadvantage of convicting someone of Racism2, is that they are they are not instantly guilty, because we think it's ok to discriminate on the grounds of ideology. For example, we think its ok to discriminate against Nazis or Maoists, because they support the Nazism or Maoism.
  • The advantage of convicting someone of Racism2, is that it is easier, because you have to show that the group being discriminated can be defined by some common belief set 

What the Muslims do is equivocate between the two meanings, in order to gain the advantages of both.  We all know that Muslims are not a race.  There are many white western Muslims, as we know well, because we see them daily, threatening us on our TV screens from their ISIS controlled lands.  Therefore, they convict us of Racism2 on the grounds that we discriminate against the ideology of Islam.  However, since that is a permissible action in todays society, they equivocate back to Racism1 in order to get society to disapprove of our actions.  

The fact that the word for Islam believer (Muslim) is different to the word for Islamic ideology (Islam), makes it easier to foist that fallacy on the audience.  And inasmuch as that fallacy is a cheap ad hominem attack on someone who is trying to protect human rights, it is a dirty trick.

Now step back and note that we've just seen 3 different pairs of concepts that have are mixed up by Leftists and Muslims.  Consider also the point that Bill Warner keeps returning to: the duality of Islam.

I think that at some point Islam decided to try take over the West by using our freedom and democracy against it.  Normally you'd think that's not possible.  The Marxists couldn't do it, for example.  But Islam is such a mixed up mess,  they come pre-equipped with a bunch of confusing, time wasting and energy sapping equivocations to use against us, plus they don't feel any embarrassment about this mixed up thinking, since that's what they've grown up with and adapted to.

This means that a key to unlocking the Islamic war of ideas, is to explode all these conflated concepts, and insist on the distinctions to stop them equivocating.  It will be difficult, but if it succeeds, they will be permanently destroyed.


Tony Ashworth:

Back in the early 80's I remember my first scrape of trouble with a Muslim boy at school. It was over something and nothing as trouble usually is at that age. We started fighting and he collapsed to the floor, wincing and crying like someone mortally wounded, he was wailing, I can still remember the sound now and I had hardly touched him. The crying noise was so loud and 'put on' that we all started laughing. It was a Muslims' instant reaction to confrontation and we were all soon to learn that that was the way of every Muslim in those days, when they were out numbered. From that year on as their numbers grew, the trouble only got worse between us. Each year they got more confident. In our final year of scool the fighting was daily, we were out numbered ourselves in those short few years and there was only a few of us that had the courage to stand up to the huge groups of bullying Muslims that patrolled the school corridors. It spoiled our prospects as we didn't consider our school work to be important any more. Our parents were at their wits end, or mine certainly were. My mum nearly had a nervous brake down. We even made the front page of the local paper one Friday as we were all rioting outside the school gates that week. There were school blazers on fire in the trees, Muslims getting thrown into oncoming traffic, white kids and Muslim kids punching and kicking each other all over the road it was absolute carnage. The teachers were running round like headless chickens trying to keep control but obviously too scared to get involved. Muslim taxi drivers were pulleing up and joined in, fully grown adult Muslims punching 15-16 year old white boys. To this day I'm sure they were the parents of the boys we were fighting.

So in the space of 5-6 years I saw a huge change in attitude from the Muslims in our town. From the moment we left school we were all individually attacked, spat on, verbally abused and our families threatened in our own town centres. A large group of them even came and attacked me while I was working at my Saturday job at the butchers in the market. My boss jumped over the counter with his meat cleaver and chased them off which I found quite funny. Being wounded by a none halal meat cleaver would of really hit the spot lol.

Comment from a member:  considering that many in the anti-kuffarphobia movement criticise the merest hint of violence in others:

Do they really think we can talk our way out of this?

Philip Smeeton 

We still live in a democracy, sort of, and it is the voter that has the power. If they would only realise this and use it. I think people like us Joe make a difference, there are thousands of us and I think the numbers are increasing; and right-wing websites. Change happens when enough people feel that, or realise that, something is wrong. That they have been deceived and deprived of their natural rights. Our job is to explain it to them, and the brave souls that enter politics or expose themselves on the public arena, they have to be named and supported and ordinary people persuaded to vote for them and support them. It is what is happening in places like Holland, Hungary, Austria and America, and it can happen in England. I think the English are ready for change and disgusted with the power elite, but they need figureheads, leaders and representatives that they can respect and identify with. We have to redouble our efforts and let people know that they do not stand alone, and we need leaders with personality and a political party that they can vote for. The National Patriot Party.

Philip Smeeton:

Liberal socialist politics, despite its intention to unify, ends up creating division, because it attempts to unite people that are incompatible. It is all theory and principle that is imposed by force, and ends up creating totalitarian regimes.

Conservative nationalist politics unite society because they recognise that only homogeneous populations can be unified. It enables consensus. Conservatives tend to be realistic, practical and pragmatic.

Democracy will only function in a unified nation. Freedom depends on there being mutual respect within a people that have a common purpose and identity.

Philip Smeeton:

Islam being uncompromising, we have to be uncompromising towards Islam. Every concession we make and every right we give to any Muslim is a victory for Islam. Every Muslim knows and understands this. A Muslim cannot be halfway Muslim, Mohammed does not allow this, any that stray from the true path must die and burn in Hell.

There is no such thing as a moderate Muslim, every Muslim understands this. There are muslims that are lukewarm and do not fully practice Islam, but that is not being moderate. Islam is violent, fanatical and aggressive, everyone that calls themselves a muslim accepts this. Moderate Islam is a lie.

Alan Lake:

As we’ve said many times, the Bradford and Oldham ‘race riots’ weren’t race riots at all. They were anti-Muslim-child-rapist riots. And inasmuch as the Muslim rapists specifically targetted non-Muslim children, it was the Muslims that should have been condemned for filthy racist behaviour.

Philip Smeeton:

The probability is that the fanatics will win because they will never give up. The core of Islam is conquest and the subduing of all opposition. Jihad and its necessity is ingrained in every Muslim from the minute he is born.

They fight because they want to and we only fight because we have to.

... The war will end of course when Islam wins, then there will only be an internal conflict within Islam. We have no defence against it unless we become as hard and cruel and ruthless as they are. Right now they are winning through migration and birth rates. You can defeat an enemy that you face on the battlefield, but how can you defeat an enemy that outnumbers you and lives all around you in what was once your own homeland?


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Most Western societies are based on Secular Democracy, which itself is based on the concept that the open marketplace of ideas leads to the optimum government. Whilst that model has been very successful, it has defects. The 4 Freedoms address 4 of the principal vulnerabilities, and gives corrections to them. 

At the moment, one of the main actors exploiting these defects, is Islam, so this site pays particular attention to that threat.

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