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I'll overlook that this BarthsNotes guy doesn't know how to spell "Roland Barthes".  

He actually seems to be picking up and highlighting the infiltration techniques of the Muslim Brotherhood National Association of Muslim Police.  (One wonders why that organisation's name does not end with "Officers"; is it because they seem themselves as the early days of a muslim "morality police", as seen in Iran, Gaza, Kuwait, etc.?)


The EDL: “An Unresolved Investigation”

From the Independent31 July 2011:

Britain’s National Association of Muslim Police (Namp) will deliver a letter to Theresa May, the Home Secretary, stating that its officers have been targeted by radicalised members of the EDL. It details an unresolved investigation of an unidentified man arrested last year with “quantities of fireworks/devices” alongside names of Muslim police officers circled on whiteboards for attacks.

Thanks to a Freedom of Information request, I now have a copy of the letter. Here’s the relevant section:

Last year the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) arrested a man who was actively gathering intelligence/information on serving Muslim Officers including myself and other senior NAMP executive members. According to MPS he was in possession of a quantity of fireworks/Devices, neither NAMP nor any of other persons targeted have or were ever made aware of the full extent of this enquiry e.g. explosives and other enquiries to date. The police also found partial addresses and surveillance videos on his computer, this would suggest that he was undertaking reconnaissance activities. At the time were told that the man arrested was a lone wolf and not linked to any organisations. It took us just a few minutes of basic internet research to establish that this individual has links with the EDL and has attended EDL rallies and meetings, which we brought to the attention of MPS. He was released with any bail conditions and no risk assessment was carried out. This individuals is still of concern to us and we are not aware whether he is still subject to any ongoing intelligence work by SO15 or whether he has been referred to the National Domestic Extremism Unit for intelligence purposes or de radicalisation programme.

The investigation by Specialist Operations (SO) was very poor and dismissive of our concerns… It took the intervention of ACPO officers to inject a degree of seriousness into the investigation. However, sadly the investigation did not lead to charges being brought forward… MPS advised us that a file was sent to Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and they have advised no further action be taken. Earlier this year we had the opportunity to meet senior officials from CPS, we were extremely upset and disheartened to learn that they have no recollection of giving MPS advice on this particular case.

Despite the Independent‘s description, the detail of the “whiteboards” is not mentioned.

The letter was passed to James Brokenshire MP, Parliamentary Undersecretary for Crime and Security. His reply includes a direct quote by way of response from the Metropolitan Police:

The MPS is extremely disappointed with the inaccurate assertions made in Mr Ahmad’s letter, including issues around the quality and conduct of the investigation and the lack of referral to the CPS. However we do understand that the concerns raised by Mr Ahmad need to be addressed. A senior officer from the Counter Terrorism Command has already been in touch with him and a meeting has been arranged for September, during which we will address the allegations and hopefully provide him with the necessary assurances.

There’s not anything else in the public domain out there, although on-line thug Charlie Flowers has claimed on his abusive Twitter feed that NAMP was “making it all up”.

Back in October, the Guardian noted that prosecutions were sometimes “mysteriously dropped” when police spies were involved.

This (would be) Roland Barthes guy seems to be implying that the "radicalized EDL member" is actually a police officer/snitch.  If that is the case, then it would seem that he was being used as an agent provocateur within EDL (or associated organisations); the police on their own, or in connivance with the state, to encourage people in EDL to "bomb" (with a few sparklers), the homes of some muslim police officers. (Unless of course, we are to interpret this poorly-drafted complaint as saying the provocateur had real explosives, not a few sparklers). 

Let's compare the scale of this complaint with a few incidents from our gloriously enriched capital city. When one of my neighbours complained about the shockingly indifferent and dangerous driving of some muslims, the next night her neighbours window had a bullet fly through it.  Apparently realising that their reconnaissance was as bad as their driving, the muslim gang returned the following night and fire-bombed my neighbour's house (with her and her child inside).  Did the story reach even the local media?  Not to my knowledge.  Or let's compare the whining of the NAMP - as we know, the koran induces muslims to suffer simultaneously from supremacism & paranoia - with the Met's leafletting the area within 1 sq mile of East London Mosque, begging people to come forward with information about a suspected, massive, islamic fertilizer bomb.  The ordinary people of London seem to have far more to worry about in the area of being targeted by high explosives, than the namby-pamby NAMP.

That there's nothing else "in the public domain" about the NAMP's claims would suggest that this could be another example of the media keeping silent in their role as an organ of the state (i.e. the media think that entrapping EDL is of more propaganda value than yet more muslim whining).

And the point about The Independent larding the NAMP's claims would also tally with Nick Cohen's book "What's Left", where he argues that "the Indy" long ago gave up any idea of journalism, and is simply a propaganda rag.  NB: it was The "Independent" that uncritically carried the shoddy report by Prof. Copsey, which report enabled The "Independent" to claim that EDL were "white extremists" (despite the existence of prominent jews and sikhs mentioned in the same article by The "Independent").  And who paid the honest Professor his shilling?  Why, "Faith Matters", a front for islamic dawah.  And who heads up Faith Matters?  None other than Fiyaz Mughal OBE, the man exposed for his cover-up activities whenever the extremism of islam gets publicity in Britain.

I'm far from being "a grammar nazi" but you would think that the NAMP would be able to elect an official who could construct a coherent letter.  And you would think that if this issue was so important (involving muslim griping against EDL, the Met, SO, and the CPS were not taking their potential assassination seriously), that NAMP could have made sure that their assertions were actually coherent.

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At risk of stating the glaringly obvious - fireworks are not actually illegal ! could this also not be a case of muslim police using their positions to hype up a "terrorist EDL threat" - remeniscent of the way several years back an expensive police investigation into supposed organised football hooliganism raided "suspects" homes, confiscated knives form kitchens and hammers from garden sheds etc, then claimed these were weapons used in organised violence !

Ah, Antony... that would seem to put you firmly in the camp of Charlie Flowers, who has allegedly said this is all a fiction of the namby-pamby NAMP.  There may indeed be some merit in that opinion.  But I think it is also possible that the agents of the state were working with some operative to attempt to inflame then entrap EDL supporters.  Whatever, the truth of the matter, don't expect The "Indpendent" to have any concern with that elusive concept.

And, right on cue, we have an MP standing up in Parliament to denounce the alleged terrorist actions of a serving police officer, back in the 1980s.

And what is that serving police officer doing now?  He's heading up the islamist shill organisation, the European Muslim Research Centre.   The organisation responsible for what Andrew Gilligan termed the "most embarrassing academic report".  Exeter University had to withdraw the report after a single journalist managed to tear holes in the hypocrisy and lies of the report.

I wonder what Dr. Bob would do with 10 years' inside?  Presumably he'd convert to islam and join the prison gang with relish.  Expect to see him out in 8 years time, fronting up whatever overtly fascist organisation the UAF has morphed into.

Good grief. Where to start LOL. 

I've never been in the EDL. I don't even LIKE the police, let alone work for them. I do my own thing, my own way. If that should entail making a chart on the massively dodgy organisation known as NAMP, so be it. We've got some on the Infidels, C18 et al, too. NAMP, when it was active and had funding, was run by its' chair, Zaheer Ahmad, as some kind of private police force within the Met. They even carried out their own investigations without the Met's knowledge. Muslims they contacted told me about this.

When I was arrested, one of the arresting officers said to me 'we know this is probably bollocks, Charlie, but we have to be seen to be doing it.'  When Zaheer Ahmad was contacted by mutual aquaintances and asked what he was playing at, he admitted he had no actual solid evidence at all. Not long after, the Home Office pulled the plug on their funding. And yet... he persists. Is it because I help run a Muslim group and he doesn't like it?

I would sooner have root canal work than talk to Scotland Yard again, but it looks like I'm going to have to ring them tomorrow to get this canned.

Joe, Thanks for the info re NAMP.  Never heard of them before.  'Muslim Police'?  Is this like the Black Police Officers association, or whatever it is called?  NAMP seems to be more than a friendly association of Officers who get together for a BBQ.  The Police will lose authority the more its officers have specialist groups that appear to the public to be a cause of division in society rather than a united force to enforce the law of the land.  But maybe I am just old fashion.

I also think of this verse from the Quran:

'Mohammed [is] the apostle of God: And those who are with him are fierce against the unbelievers, [but] compassionate towards one another.'  48:29

NAMP was been established July 2007 and is a Police Officer and Staff based support network, they have some 12 affiliated forces and 4 in interim phase in England, Wales and Scotland, with a membership of over 2000.

NAMP objectives include:

· Support Network.

· Increase Trust /Confidence and improve Community Cohesion.

· Recruitment/Retention and Progression.

· Raising Islamic Awareness and dealing with Equality issues such as Islamophobia.

So how are they doing

 The National Association of Muslim Police (NAMP) claimed that ministers were wrong to blame Islam for being the “driver” behind recent terrorist attacks.

Far-Right extremists were a more dangerous threat to national security, it said.

Bent cops

Seems like the NAMP where trying to make hay will the sun lasts.

The organization (NMAP) said Prevent should focus on confronting far-Right extremists such as the BNP.

This arrest was a around the time of the Breviek thing.

It is apparently very clear that the purpose of NAMP and its 2000 odd members is not to uphold the law, but to advance islam

Ah. I see.  I didn't know that the "EDL extremist" arrested for having sparklers was you.  I take it you are now coming out here as "Charlie Flowers"?  I had no idea that these persons all coalesced round you.  I just noticed the story en passant on that bald chap's site.  My interest in the story was the NAMP getting no support from the other parts of the policing infrastructure, and The "Independent" larding up the story.

You must have a google alert setup for your name.  I can't imagine you are hanging on every topic discussed in 4F.

And no, I don't have a Google Alert for my name. What would be the point? See attached letter, which I think will settle the nonsense.


That letter does not prove anything.  But then I'm not accusing you of anything.  I thought that Barths' mentioning your name in this context was just an incidental dig at you.

I wish you good luck with AEA.  Hopefully you will get somewhere.  Although, frankly, I think that Tommy/EDL are managing to move the debate on at such a pace that your efforts are being left in the dust.  Tommy managed to put ABM, MDI & MPAC in their place in that recent debate.  I think he will soon be in public debate with far bigger fish than those tiddlers.

Well of >course< it proves something. It proves that it >was< all a load of rubbish after all. But then... then a thought occurred to me, a few hours ago. If the dodgy wronguns of NAMP and the SWP and their attendant loonies from Islamic Forum Europe are all now terrified of me because they think I'm some mad lone-wolf terrorist-

a) more fool them

b) good.

PS shortly after this letter, I received my enhanced security clearance. What does that tell you?

Other people's foolish misapprehension is much to be desired.  

I don't understand what "enhanced security clearance" means.  It could mean you now work for MI5.  It could mean you've got a backstage pass to a Lady Gaga concert.

We're naught but humble pirates.


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