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July 14, 2013

Professors of Anti-Fascism

By Paul Austin Murphy

It's good to see Professor Nigel Copsey, of Teeside University (in the UK), writing the following:

"Clearly, the Far Left (i.e., the Marxist Left) is utilising the internet to disseminate its anti-patriotic, revolutionary and anti-democratic vitriol more widely and more effectively. Of the organisations that are specifically identified are Respect, the Stop the War Coalition (StWC), Counterfire, as well as many militant university professors and various university research groups. However, Hope Note hate and the SWP-UAF are by far the most active organisations making their presence felt in this particular domain."

Ah! But of course Nigel Copsey didn't write that! He wrote this instead:

"Clearly, the far-right is utilising the internet to disseminate its anti-Muslim vitriol more widely and more effectively. Of the organisations that are specifically identified, the English Defence League, rather than the BNP, is by far the most active organisation making its presence felt in this particular domain."

Have you ever wondered why literally zero of these university 'think tanks', 'research groups' and individual professors investigate and analyse any far-left groups or individuals? I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that these think tanks and research groups are overwhelmingly made up of, well, Leftists. That would explain it. That does explain it!

I think at most one of these 'think tanks' (e.g. the Extremis Project) does deign to investigate Islamist or Muslim extremism (though not Leftist extremism); but it too does so only in conjunction with far more investigations into 'far-right extremism'. In any case, the amount it spends on Islamist extremism is minimal in relation to how much time, and space, it spends on what it calls the 'far right'. This leads me to conclude that the addition of Islamist groups is often or always tokenistic; just as when the UK's Hope Not Hate, or Nick Lowles, included Anjem Choudary and Muslims Against Crusades/Al-Muhajiroun in its list of 'extremists' (yet not a single other extreme Islamist group or individual). Hope Not Hate only did so after this Communist-run organization had existed for many years and around six or more years after the London bombing, as well as at least twenty years after Islamist and Muslim extremism had become a big problem here in the UK. In other words, both Hope Not Hate, and that single 'investigative project into extremism', include a single Islamic extremist group precisely to counteract -- or anticipate -- any accusations of bias against, or overemphasis on, the 'far right.'

As for Professor Nigel Copsey. This guy is literally a professional 'anti-fascist'. He has written a big bunch of books on fascism -- or what he takes to be fascism. And you need to be careful because people like him often take groups or individuals to be fascist when hardly anyone else outside his own university, or Leftist meetings/ seminars, does so.

Our universities are full of these professional and full-time self-appointed 'anti-fascists'. I wouldn't be surprised if each university has its own resident anti-fascist and even a Chair of Anti-Fascism (or a Department of Anti-Fascism). In fact, there is a Fascist Study Center at Professor Copsey's Teeside University. (There's also something bizarrely called Center for Right-Wing Studies at Berkeley, at the University of California. That doesn't mean a place in which right-wingers formulate theories and policies. No. It's a critical center devoted to 'analysing' the 'Right'.)

The upshot is, then, that these 'experts on fascism' are more often than not themselves extreme -- extreme Leftists. They are people who think they can pontificate about the 'far right' and yet do so from their own theory-intoxicated, fringe positions. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

These academic Leftists indulge in journals, 'think tanks', seminars, etc. and in none of them do they allow any contradictory positions to be advanced. They never for one moment express, at least not objectively or without any severe and copious injections of Marxist theory, the positions of the EDL, etc. They don't do so lest they infect their gullible and star-struck students -- and others -- with 'false consciousnesses'. And when they do consider why the 'far right' believes and does what it does, they offer their ancient and shop-worn Marxist analyses to do so. They argue that the average 'far right' individual believes what he believes and does what he do because he is unemployed, alienated, a victim of 'today's austerity', etc. (This is more or less the same Marxist analysis they also give of Islamic terrorists. That is, the millionaire Osama Bin Laden, the university/college-educated terrorists and leaders of Hamas and other groups do what they do because they are unemployed and victims of capitalism -- either that, or victims... of something not of their own making.)

The professors of Anti-Fascism are paid very well, both by the universities and by the state. The average salary of an established UK professor is around £70,000 a year. Professor Nigel Copsey will earn a lot more than that through his books and the rest of his private enterprise investments and initiatives. (The average salary or wage in the UK is between £20,000 and £26,000. Prof Copsey earns at least three times as much as this a year.) Copsey has in fact also written many books on fascism, as well as articles, papers; and no doubt he's done a fair amount of well-paid 'lecture tours' too.

(Professor Matthew Goodwin, an 'expert on far right groups', is another good example of a career anti-fascist. He comes across as a mix between an arrogant snob and a Leftist Tory Boy. He's always on the TV discussing 'extremism'... yet never Leftist extremism, Muslim extremism, Islamic extremism or any kind of extremism not carried out by the white working class; a group which tends to make his snobby little choir-boy face go into contortions of hatred. [See him here on the BBC's "The Big Questions", debating, five-to-one with his allies, with Tommy Robinson.])

So beware of professional 'anti-fascists'. They are obviously politically biased and paid handsomely. That's why they invariably discover at least ten 'fascists' before each breakfast. They work on piece rate. In fact, since they are academics, I'll offer an equation here:

the more fascists discovered = the more money made = the more holidays, cars, investments, etc.

The Leftist bourgeoisie love money. So it's not surprising that the Leftism Industry is very productive, profitable and extensive. Yes; there's very good money to be made in the anti-fascism and anti-racism business.

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