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Dear all,

If you care for your country, your children and your liberties, please watch this video and let us take action.


Halal food has been stealthily introduced into our countries, and it is becoming an increasing part of the Western diet. Halal food means a multi-billion dollar global industry and these funds are mostly being used to fund terrorism in the West.

Here is a little information on Halal food:

* It must be handled only by Muslims. Handling by any non-Muslim means the food has been "desecrated", as Muslims refer to non-Muslims as "kuffar", an insulting word to designate those who are inferior to Muslims.

* Proceeds of Halal food are being sent to terrorist organizations such as Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood - who are behind most terrorist attacks not only in the West but also against Christians, Sikhs, Hindus, Zoroastrians, Copts, and others, in their own countries.

* Muslims must chant "In the name of Allah; Allah is the Greatest," before slitting the throat of a fully conscious animal with a knife, and while facing the direction of Mecca.

* Halal meat is not approved by most of the top chefs in the world, as the meat is dry and does not absorb much flavour. In fact most Chef Schools warn you against using Halal meat in preparation of dishes.

* Most British and European supermarkets are selling labelled and unlabelled Halal meat to their customers without their knowledge.

* When you buy Halal food you are paying a fee to Halal Islamic experts. Some of those experts are certified by the UOIF, the Union of the Islamic Organizations in France, which has strong and intimate ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, a transnational political organization that supports terrorism.

* Nearly 60 percent of halal food is controlled by organizations belonging to the Muslim brotherhood.

* In the world market of commodities trade, Muslim customers are now requesting that other products be certified Halal, such as Soya beans, Sugar, Coffee, etc. These are not animal by-products, however the customers want to ensure that these products are not manufactured or packaged in factories that could contain non-Halal products.

We from the EDL ENGLISH DEFENCE LEAGUE - JEWISH DIVISION, invite you to take part in our action plan of exposing the truth about Halal to all people.

We will be organizing events to highlight the destruction that Halal food is bringing to our society, not only in ways of attempted separatism but also regarding the terrorism that is funded by Halal food, all over the world.

For that, we will need your full cooperation. We will be going in small groups to several outlets that sell Halal food, and we will stay at the entrance of these establishments with our placards and giving leaflets with the above information to potential customers, including Muslims.
We will also have hidden cameras to film the event.

The public has the right to know where their food is coming from and what they are funding by buying it.

We will also bring placards with photos of shariah law being applied to people, so that the public can visualise what we are talking about.

I urge you all to contact us so that we can organize these periodic events in your areas, on a timely fashion. Remember that we will only win this war by persistence, therefore this will not be a one off. We intend to go to many outlets several times and keep the pressure.
Please invite your friends to join us.



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4F member Alain Wagner says on this clip: 'halal food is sharia [food]; and we need to ban any sharia related thing in our society.'

the clip makes the connection that through the certification process of halal money goes directly to the Muslim Brotherhood.  but the link with terrorism is more pervasive than this.  one can presume that halal butchers are devout Muslims.  As such they should or it is likely that they would pay the zakat, Islamic charity.

from bill warner

'The zakat is a charity tax but charity inside of Islam is quite different from what most of us think as charity. First of all, Muslim charity goes to Muslims; it does not go to kafirs, unbelievers. There's another difference in Islamic charity. Money given to an Islamic charity can support Jihad. It can support the creation of Jihad and it is also specifically for helping those whose family members have died in Jihad. So Islamic charity is a little different from ours.'

I would be very interested in attending these events if they are near my locality.  Which areas are you planning to target?


This group on FB is trying to take down the anti-halal group and other groups.  Please report!

contact: English Defence League Jewish Division a href="">>

Heather Gilbert said:

I would be very interested in attending these events if they are near my locality.  Which areas are you planning to target?


This group on FB is trying to take down the anti-halal group and other groups.  Please report!

Thanks Kinana I will write to them

Kinana said:
contact: English Defence League Jewish Division a href="">>

Thanks Paul!  It is indeed in the Reliance of the Traveller (ROTT), and I have now highlighted those sections in my copy.


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