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What a way to start the New Year!

Lord Ahmed feels ‘misled’.  He will, no doubt, find other means to push his Islamic agenda on the country.  Maybe he will call on his 10000 co-religious to protest this situation like he promised to when Geert Wilders was invited to show his film Fitna in the House of Lord in 2010.

This article reveals two positions in the Church of England.  Some support halal options and others complained.  When will the Establishment Church get some clarity on this issue?  I will not hold my breath.

The cruelty issue is highlighted but often missed out in these discussions is the fact that halal meat can only be processed by Muslims.  Therefore it is an employment scheme for Muslims and drives non-Muslims out of business.  Because the process of making meat halal requires Muslims it is more than just a matter of preparation.  It is a matter of religious purity.  The filthy non-Muslims must not be involved.  Also good Muslims are required by the Qur'an to donate to Muslim charities which include Muslim only recipients and all the causes of Allah – e.g. jihad.

Maybe this is a sign that Westminster will continue in 2012 as it has begun.  Let’s hope so.


We won't eat halal meat, say MPs and peers who reject demands to serve it at Westminster

  • Some parliamentarians have eaten meat at Westminster having been assured it was halal

By Chris Hastings

Last updated at 12:21 PM on 1st January 2012

[missing picture of Lord Ahmed]

caption: Lord Ahmed of Rotherham thinks halal should be made available as an option

The Palace of Westminster has rejected demands to serve halal meat in its restaurants.

Muslim MPs and peers have been told they cannot have meat slaughtered in line with Islamic tradition because the method – slitting an animal’s throat without first stunning it – is offensive to many of their non-Muslim colleagues.

The stance has infuriated some parliamentarians who have eaten meat in the Palace’s 23 restaurants and cafes, having been assured that it was halal.

Lord Ahmed of Rotherham said: ‘I did feel misled. I think a halal option should be made available.’

In 2010, the Mail on Sunday revealed schools, hospitals and restaurants were serving halal meat to unwitting customers.

Waitrose, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Somerfield and the Co-op all said they stocked meat slaughtered according to Islamic tradition without letting customers know.

Fast-food chains including Domino’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, KFC, ­Nando’s and Subway are also using halal meat without ­telling customers, it was revealed.

Members of the Church of England have complained that the spread of halal meat was 'effectively spreading Sharia law' across Britain.

The Palace of Westminster has rejected demands to serve halal meat in its restaurants

However, a spokesman for the House of Lords and the House of Commons confirmed that it was not served in their restaurants.

Alison Ruoff, a member of the Church of England, said: ‘It’s a bit hypocritical that the Houses of Parliament, which have allowed other people to provide halal food, have ruled it out on their own premises.’

When the meat is slaughtered, Islamic verse is uttered before the animal has its throat slashed.

At Halal slaughterhouses thousands of birds are killed every hour.

[picture missing]

caption: No halal: Neither the House of Commons or the House of Lords serve halal meat


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so its not for our mp's. Well i'm all for that. Theres no way our representitives should be eating Halal food. We the people that they so shoderly represent should have the very same option. The excuses for NOT labeling are pathetic. A simple mark on food packaging would give the genral public the choice.


In my local morrisons, they've started doing a line in Halal ready meals.  I,ve stood around watching people pick up the boxs, and quickley put them down again when they see its Halal. I've even watched several asians do the same much to my amusment. Theres no need for anyone to eat anything they don't want. Funny how thats a good enough principle for our Politicians.


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