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Row brewing over halal meat regulation

Mehboob Ayub in his butchers shop in HuddersfieldMehboob Ayub said HMC inspectors had threatened him in his shop

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An organisation which licenses companies dealing in halal meat has been accused of bullying the firms it regulates.

The Halal Monitoring Committee (HMC) was set up in 2003 in Leicester, with the aim of carrying out inspections in abattoirs and meat wholesalers and to monitor butchers. In return the businesses would be given a HMC licence - and pay a monthly fee.

Some retailers have complained the HMC is too heavy-handed, uses bullying tactics to get them to join the scheme and are just in it to make money.

But the HMC said it existed to give people peace of mind over quality of food, that it wanted to protect high standards and was not bullying anyone.

Mehboob Ayub, who has a butcher's shop in Huddersfield, alleged that HMC inspectors threatened him, tried to damage his property and told people in the local mosque not buy his meat.

"They tried to push me in my shop and argue with me, they tried to take my posters down and have been telling people in the local mosque not to buy meat from my shop," Mr Ayub said.

"I buy my meat from a HMC-registered slaughterhouse, my wholesaler has a HMC licence, so why should I pay them £30 a week to sell the meat? They just want money."

The HMC denies his claims, saying it does not go into mosques and "shame" retailers.

Start Quote

One of my staff said that worshippers in his local mosque had been told not to buy our meat”

Omar YounasBradford supermarket owner

It is now operating in about 40 towns and cities in the UK with a sizeable Muslim population, employing more than 100 inspectors and monitors.

Some people have said they have no issues with the HMC. Rahail Tariq owns an Asian supermarket in Bradford and has an HMC licence.

He said: "I've never had a problem with them, their monitors come three times a week to inspect what I am selling and check to see if all my stock has HMC labels on them.

"If they're not happy they will tell me why and I will put it right."

'Affected our business'

But another Bradford supermarket owner told a different story. Omar Younas said he had his licence taken away over a small error which he was not allowed to resolve.

"I told the HMC inspector that a mistake had been made with my suppliers and not me and that I would sort out the problem," he said.

"They were not interested and said I would be reported to head office, who would decide.

"I spent a day trying to sort things out with the HMC but all they did was take away my licence and then demanded I pay one year's fees up front if I wanted it back.

Start Quote

We do not bully anyone nor do we go into mosques and shame any retailer, why would we?”

Sheikh Yusuf DudhwallaHMC chairman

"Later that week one of my staff said that worshippers in his local mosque had been told not to buy our meat as our licence had been taken away, and this affected our business".

There have been a number of complaints by Halal butcher shops but many have not spoken out publicly because they fear it would attract negative attention and possibly harm their business.

The HMC said that it had received a number of complaints but felt it was being subjected to an orchestrated campaign organised by a few individuals.

It said it only took action if a business was illegally using its trademark without adhering to its strict Halal code and maintained that no-one was forced to sell its approved meat.

Sheikh Yusuf Dudhwalla, chairman of the HMC, said: "Anyone selling our certified meat, who has our licence and is regularly monitored, is offering Muslims peace of mind when it comes to buying halal products.

"The money we charge is for our monitors to make regular visits and conduct spot checks and this way people can be secure that any premise that carries our trademark is a HMC reputable site.

"We are a registered charity, we're not in it to make money".

"We have to protect our high standards but we do not bully anyone nor do we go into mosques and shame any retailer, why would we?"

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Now I have read all your submissions I see that like myself, you are all concerned too about the overproduction of Halal and the lack of transparency with Labelling of Religiously Slaughtered meat.

This is the letter I sent earlier today to my MP, MEPs & Janet McKenzie who writes policy in DEFRA and I have been given to understand that she is on our side and will put our letters in the right direction! 

Please all join me in writing to your MPs MEPs & LORDS... it's easy to know who yours are at:

Separate the issues of Labelling from the Ethical, more emotional slaughter issue or you will get distracted by the ambiguous Stunning issue.  


Friday 18th March 2011

Dear Simon Burns,


Without doubt Halal meat is being over-produced in this country... See Graph via link below. 
Halal over-production was allowed to meet increased demand, but that demand is false, as it 
only happened because we have all been unwittingly buying & eating UNLABELLED halal.
See that Rise in halal and the fall that came after the media woke us all up to the fact that we 
were unwittingly buying UNLABELLED halal...
UK Statutory Instrument 1995 No. 731 The Welfare of Animals (Slaughter or Killing) Regulations 1995,

SCHEDULE 12 Regulations 21 and 22 ADDITIONAL PROVISIONS FOR SLAUGHTER BY A RELIGIOUS METHOD specifies that meat is slaughtered by a muslim - for the food of muslims (or by a jew - for the food of jews). 

Nowhere does it state that the religious exemption can be used to slaughter for the mass market. 

Britain is a secular society based on Christian principles and it is extremely disrespectful of 
the muslim community to think that they can try to take control of our food chain in the way 
they are trying to do. 
95% of the UK population are NOT muslim and these consumers are not interested in any kind 
of Religious Regulation or Certification in the name of allah or anyone else. 

How dare the World Halal Forum designate the UK to be a pilot project (2009 WHF) and then 
last year declare that they aim to "Take Halal Mainstream in the UK... and then Europe"
In addition it is apparent that by the use of trickery and deception, UNLABELLED Halal has 
been sold & fed to unsuspecting shoppers & consumers throughout the UK for over ten years, 
but especially in the last five years... AND they dared to even shove it down the throats of our 
elected politicians in the House of Commons - which made them very angry NB. That supplier 
lost their contract & the House is now being supplied with normal meat through a bonafide 
supplier... unlike the Scottish Parliament who have foolishly accepted going halal at Holyrood.

Article 9 Human Rights Act. Freedom of Conscience - gives us the right to religious and 
secular freedom, ie to not be forced to participate in religious rites. Dedicating this meat to a 
god violates this right: forced participation... in another's religion without consent. Christians, 
Sikhs & Hindus are specifically instructed not to eat this meat, so where is non-muslims 
religious freedom now in Britain? 

We really need our MPs & MEPs to establish a Policy that will make Labelling Religiously 
Slaughtered (RS) meat a Legal Requirement by Law.

The reason for writing to you now is more important than ever, because within the last 48 hours I have had two very alarming telephone conversations... both with a senior members of staff within a government organisations (to whom I have promised I will not name and jeopardize their position); Consequently I, unlike many of our unfortunate farmed animals, am totally stunned by what they told me!
They both basically said that Halal slaughter is extremely profitable.

The food industry is banking on non-Muslims accepting with no fuss that the UK is going 100% HALAL.

Based upon Britain's apparent low standards in the production of meat which resulted in the BSE and other food scares, Muslims think they can tell us what to do according to Sharia Law. So Muslims are pointing out what their food requirements are and if producers don't go Halal, it will cut the size of their market... and it seems that the UK government have been duped into believing that muslims 'know best' & will not take the chance of having the meat trade weaken, as they will loose billions in profit.... So they are going ALL halal. 

Furthermore after numerous telephone calls to several employees of Defra & it's subsidiaries, I have found a great deal of concern about our Food Industry, so I am again writing to appeal to those in power to authorise the writing of a suitable policy that will make Labelling ALL Religiously Slaughtered meat a Legal Requirement by Law. 

This needs to happen both in the UK and the EU.

(I have also written to all my MEPs & Defra Labelling consultant Janet McKenzie.)

As a nation we need to demand an 'RS' Label suitable for All Religious Slaughtered meat no matter how it is stunned or what its source is.Simple 'RS' labelling can be used on both Halal & Kosher - solely for the benefit of British consumers & their Right to choose.

It will not affect the Kosher Sales, because the Jews are wanting kosher for themselves and 
are not attempting a take over the UK Meat Industry & UK Food Chain.

It will affect the Halal Sales, because people will be able to choose (at last!) to refuse to buy 
Halal products and that will hit the Sales and thereby bring down the demand for Halal Products.

So in the end by fighting the Economic & Labelling issue we will find that we will be able to hit 
two Halal birds with one stone... For as demand decreases so the need for RS slaughter will 
decrease too and therefore there will be less animals suffering under cruel demands of Sharia Law.

Re: Labelling - Legally we should surely be protected by 'The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008' under Part 2, Section 6 'Misleading omissions'.
Consumers need to be able to identify whether they are buying or eating normal meat or RS meat and the 95% of the British population that are non-muslims just need clear labelling in plain English... as soon as possible to decrease the demand for halal. 
I feel if we don't do something NOW, we may find that normal meat will be under-produced and soon become very expensive... which would then force non-muslims to have to buy the halal alternative.

Please, please do something to hurry on a more transparent labelling system in Britain asap.

I am writing to you as one of your constituents, but I also write representing over 2600 members of my BOYCOTT HALAL Facebook Group. Please do something now that will enable us to identify halal products, so that we have the choice to refuse them and buy normal products.
Yours sincerely,


PS. I have attached some examples that I have designed of labels that could be used for RS Labelling



We must now continue the fight for humane slaughter.

I was given this name to email in Defra regarding Slaughtering...

Geoff Webdale:


There are some absolutely horrific things going on in our slaughterhouses and if you have not witnessed halal slaughter I would recommend you look at these videos with extreme caution... 


Humane slaughter vs Halal slaughter.

Videos from STOP THE CRIME & CRUELTY OF HALAL ANIMAL SLAUGHTERINGS - in Dutch to begin, then English.


This third one is much easier to watch - It will take you through the entire abattoir process, from the cattle's arrival, to the slaughter floor, to the boning room, all the way to the Super Butcher store.

THIS IS HOW IT SHOULD BE... Despite the warnings for this one it is not shocking at all and could be shown to a child.

Excellent work Linda. Maybe there should be an EDL demo outside a halal slaughter house.

Thank You for your encouragement Alan.

I am not a member of any organisation... only my BOYCOTT HALAL group on Facebook...

You may want to join us - I have accumulated lots more information on there in the Discussions section of the group.

Tthere was a programme yesterday on 60minutes about multiculturalism which had an interview with Tommmy Robinson and of the EDL it was said...

'It’d be easy to dismiss Tommy as a lad who likes a lager and gets in strife at the football, but his words are attracting a following that’s cutting into middle class Britain.'

Regarding Protests... the next is one organised by Christian Voice (Public Event - All Welcome to join the protest)


29 March ·  18:00 -  21:00

Meet: Wembley Park Tube, then to entrances for for England v Ghana Match

Created by:

More info
We're going to Wembley from 6pm to 8pm on Tuesday 29th March to leaflet football supporters attending the England v Ghana friendly about the halal meat being served in the Wembley Stadium takeaways. 
We are going to need a big team, because there are other pedestrian entrances from the south and west to cover. 
STEPHEN GREEN of Christian Voice really needs to know now who is coming to this outreach in order to plan it.
See info:
Why object to Halal? See Stephen Green expose the Halal Scandal... 
See Video:



Alan Lake said:

Excellent work Linda. Maybe there should be an EDL demo outside a halal slaughter house.
Last year Janan Meats did have an open day in abt. June where people could go & see the whole processing plant. Janan Meats MD is  Naved Syed is such a smooth operator with slick advertising... he is a real shifty character and even the muslims are concerned now by his power & monopoly of halal in the UK... QUOTE:

"Clearly the one-man certification agency auditing and certifying a multi-million dollar operation is an imbalanced and unsustainable situation. It is also totally out of synch with the practised norms of manufacturing procedures all over the world. A clear separation between standards, accreditation, audit and certificate issuance is the manufacturing industry norm, and in order for Halal to live up to its full potential, these protocols will sooner or later be practiced in the Halal industry also." 

He is the Advisor to EBLEX, presented EBLEX's Halal Farm to Fork DVD

He is the Promoter of Halal in UK in his position on the Halal Steering Committee

He is Advisor on matters concerning Halal to The House of Lords

He is Producer & Narrator of his own Farm to Fork DVD which he Presented to the Lords

He is Chairman of UK HALAL CORPORATION which is the only organisation that has a recognised standards acredited to EN45011 to operate the Halal auditing of food.

He is Managing Director of Janan Meat which is part of the The Pickstock Group with big stakes in Whitbread Plc; an international property & food processing group of companies with a projected sale revenue in excess of £115 million. Pickstock have interests in manufacturing, food production, construction, property development and investment. 

He is branching out into Halal Agriculture particularly for use when rearing Livestock. 

He is Land Owner & Abattoir Proprietor & Producer of Halal Lamb and Sheep(10 years)

He is The Supplier of Halal Products to Public Sector Caterers eg. to our Prisons, Schools & Hospitals 

He is Exporter of Halal Meat... and probably so much more - finance, insurance etc.

He is Endorsed by Defra, Appointed by EBLEX and probably handsomely Paid by British Tax Payers too!

ABSOLUTELY OUTRAGEOUS! This was released in 2009 - As many as 5, 000 Pakistani butchers could secure jobs in the British halal meat industry under the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between National Halal Foods Group UK and Overseas Manpower Employment Corporation.

SEE: On YouTube: 

British halal meat industry: 5,000 Pakistani butchers can obtain jobs


SEE JANAN MEAT INVOLVED AGAIN in the training of 3500 Halal Butchers -

Yes it is the EBLEX appointed SYED with all his company connections at the helm again!


UK: First Halal School of Excellence for Halal Butchers

This training is probably government funded and linked with the quote "More then 5000 Butchers imported from Pakistan! Utterly Unbelievable!





Global Stop Sharia Law Day



Tuesday, 01 May 2012 ·  09:00 -  12:00

In Every Capital City World Wide

Created by:

More info
PEACEFUL Protest march and Rally. See and join your local Defence League so that you can be kept posted for Where to meet.

Can I just advise that the reply stating  "WASK is intended to regulate activities in relation to animal welfare at the point of slaughter in a slaughterhouse and cannot be used to regulate activities beyond the point of slaughter, such as the subsequent sale of meat from an animal that has not been stunned to a non Jew or non Muslim" is the opinion of a government employee, not a lawyer paid to be dispassionately truthful. It might be successfully argued that WASK is not intended to give permission for UNLABELLED SALE AND UNWITTING CONSUMPTION OF HALAL on a massive scale to millions of people who are not Muslim either and that the massive sale of halal to consumers without their knowledge is deceitful and unlawful (meaning outside the law or without legal backing, but not exactly illegal). It seems likely that if we could inform enough people, a little nudge to Parliament couold easily result in new legislation preventing sale of unlabelled halal. LEAFLET LEAFLET LEAFLET!


Has anybody been on 'ask a lawyer' to get a professional opinion?



ilovecoffee said:

RELIGIOUS SLAUGHTER (reply from defra)

Thank you for your detailed response of 26 January.

To clarify the legal position with regard to religious slaughter, Directive 93/119/EC permits an exemption from the requirement to stun animals for methods of slaughter required by certain religious rites. In the UK religious slaughter must take place in a slaughterhouse and Schedule 12 of Welfare of Animals (Slaughter or Killing) (Amendment) Regulations 1999 (WASK) sets out the requirements for religious slaughter in more detail. This includes conditions for restraint, handling, slaughter and minimum bleed-out times. As you have noted, Schedule 12 also includes a provision limiting slaughter without prior stunning to slaughter undertaken in a slaughterhouse by a Jew for the food of Jews or by a Muslim for the food of Muslims. However, WASK is intended to regulate activities in relation to animal welfare at the point of slaughter in a slaughterhouse and cannot be used to regulate activities beyond the point of slaughter, such as the subsequent sale of meat from an animal that has not been stunned to a non Jew or non Muslim.

Directive 93/119 will be replaced by Regulation 1099/2009, which comes into effect on 1 January 2013. While Regulation 1099/2009 allows religious slaughter to continue, individual Member States can impose stricter rules or prohibit religious slaughter completely through national rules if they consider this to be appropriate. We will be looking carefully at the way religious slaughter is regulated in the UK in this context including the requirement that non stunned meat should be for consumption by members of the religious community requiring this approach to meet their religious beliefs. Proposals for implementing Regulation 1099/2009 will be published in about 12 months time and there will be full consultation with all interested parties before any final decisions are taken.

In the meantime, as I said in my previous email, we are discussing with the food industry whether labelling and point of sale information can play a greater role in giving consumers a choice because we are aware that many people, like you, feel strongly about this issue.

Yours faithfully,

Yet more special privileges and exemptions for the supremacists.


French TV has exposed official concerns about the state of the  nation’s abattoirs and worries about the safety of the beef and mince consumed  by a nation of dedicated meat eaters.

Ritually slaughtered meat is meant to be  labelled

According to a 30-minute reportage by a team from the national TV station France 2 screened in its magazine  programme Envoyé spécial on February 16, animals slaughtered for food  in abattoirs across the Ile-de-France region are now exclusively halal because  of the economies offered. Watch the full dramatic report on the French TV watch again website.

The film has provoked an outcry from animal rights and consumer groups and  was seized upon by Front National candidate and party leader Marine le  Pen who told a party rally in Lille on February 19 that all meat processed  by abattoirs in France’s most heavily populated region is halal. She added that  there are no clear consumer warnings about this on the packaged meats  distributed to butchers and supermarkets – an alleged contravention of  trade  description regulations and a blow to the rights of  consumers to  choose. She has promised to take legal action.

Interbev the leading meat industry association denied Marine Le Pen’s  allegation saying most meat in Paris was not slaughtered by halal or kosher  methods.

Interbev president, Dominique Langlois, told France Info: ”Some  halal and kosher meat does find its way into other distribution channels but  that does not affect the quality of the product in any way”.

The Front National adviser on immigration Nicolas Bay told the  media, that issues such as the halal meat claim were publicised so as to  emphasise how Muslim values are increasingly influencing local policy and  endangering France’s secular tradition.

E-coli outbreaks are once of the concerns addressed  in the TV report

According to a Le Figaro report some 12 months ago when the halal  issue hit the headlines: “Animal rights organizations suggest that all consumers  may find themselves unknowingly consuming  halal and kosher  meat”.

Read more:


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