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It takes a nation to protect the nation

Note the choice of language, (something we all do of course).

But she is talking about you and me.

: dark- unsavoury- somewhere far worse- hatred- …resentment of…..women…- disturbing- troubling- racist- white supremacy- misogyny= a barrage of negative terms.

The majority of white women in America voted for Trump, in other words the alt-right is not just angry old white men radicalizing young white men. These young white men, and women, are angry of their own accord. And the problems and feelings are not confined to one race/ethnic group. It is not just people of European descent that can be nationalist patriots, (or racists).

The conservatives are gaining real power and the Left just do not understand why, not what they did wrong but how their moral condemnation of everything right-wing did not prevent it. Because they, the Left do not believe that anything that they have done is wrong, they are the good guys that love everyone and have all of the right answers. The lives they have devastated are mere collateral damage and irrelevant, people that disagree with them have no rights and are very unsavory persons.

I have not come over any of the sites that Abi Wilkinson gives the impression of being typical, that women like her deserve to be raped. I have no doubt that they exist, but they are not typical and they do not represent me and my views. She goes on to paint a very unpleasant picture of the male gender in general. I know that certain attitudes to women are out there, but I have to say that most men that I have met basically have respect for women.

On a global scale the attitude to women in some cultures is appalling, but these feminists live in civilized societies where women are considered equal. The radical feminists’ hatred of men is mostly unjustified and unhelpful in the West. There are alt-right females of all ages and they I expect are more concerned with cultures that systematically discriminate and abuse women.

The problem with socialists and feminists is that they have, in free and democratic countries won all of their battles. And yet they continue to fight for complete control. When what they should be doing is directing their efforts to moral condemnation of the cultures that are not free and democratic.

Trump has done unsavory things, but Abi neglects to mention Bill Clinton's sexual wrongdoing (or Hillary’s lies). As, mostly, it was supporters of Trump that were verbally and physically abused, it is not surprising that some kept quiet about supporting Trump. I doubt if this election had much to do with feminism; abortion and gay marriage certainly played a role though. Multiculturalism just does not work; Mexicans, African-Americans and Muslims clearly defined that they belonged to separate cultures prior to this election. 

America as we know it is White-America, and naturally all of the European-Americans whose ancestors built and defined America do not want it to become divided between large conflicting ethnic minorities.

The young men that are leaving Europe to fight for ISIS are all Muslims and come from separate cultural enclaves in Western countries. They are Muslims not Europeans.

I have not noticed that the Alt-Right are recruiting terrorists, and I cannot see that they generally have contempt for and prejudice against women. Once again I have to say, it is right to counter unsavory attitudes to women in Western countries, but it would be better to show more solidarity with the sisters that are suffering terribly in uncivilized countries. And what about the grooming gangs, why are they not aggressively condemning the criminal Muslim attitude to women in western countries.

Most of the people that voted for Trump were white but they were not misogynists.

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Antony said:

"Canadian" Cuckservative from the so-called "Rebel" Media ;

I disapprove of everything fake. When I offend someone it is with the truth.


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