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Lauren Southern does a 'big reveal' on the alt right  in this video. I've made some comments on it to save everyone the time of listening to it all.

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It's a thin gruel if you are looking for concrete info about the politics; its mostly a recounting of all the various personal squabbles and treachery she suffered herself and witnessed on others.

If I can try take a helicopter view of it: it's clear that none of these people has ever had a solid job in a large corporation, and experienced a good management style. They are still operating in the same way you would at college, with catty personal attacks. For example, one thing odd, is that there are constant threats of blackmail between people. Well, apart from giving someone's home location, what else is there to blackmail about? Why so worried? They were even worried about police and prison involvement. Really? Instead of panicking, it would have been better to just wait and see what surfaced. Unless you've been smuggling drugs into the country or something, its hard to see how the 'blackmail' could be that serious.

Then another issue is the constant stories of money going missing or being squandered. Come on, we weren't born yesterday, surely someone can just do a bit of basic book keeping? If the leader objects, say you are just doing due diligence, in order to protect them. If they object more, that's even more reason to go thru the data. We know the real reason - it's that book keeping etc is very boring. It's more fun to make video documentaries, have endless chats till 2am and let some other clutz deal with the crap. It's far less embarrassing than saying to a senior: "I need to check this". So once again it boils down to the absence of a certain type of person in the movement (or rather, they were probably there, but couldn't take the roller coaster and faded out of it).

I was very interested in Milo Yanopolis's disappearing money issues. There were some things that seemed very odd from the beginning - like him saying that he didn't need money because he had his daddy's money. Or like his $100,000 fund for giving poor white kids a head start - which in the end was not from Milo's private bank account but from solicited donations (which later disappeared). And his boasting about being rich seemed odd because, well, I've never seen that before in a rich person, and even footballers that like to blow money, still blow it fairly quietly (maybe I'm reading the wrong newspapers tho).

I'm disappointed in Lauren's final conclusions. She hasn't managed to move on from her 26 year old, never done a serious job mindset. Instead of seeing all the trauma she went thru as 'it goes with the territory', she sees it in a moralistic overview as showing that the conservative movement deserved to be collapsed, because it is full of so many damaged and unreliable people. Well darling, I'm afraid that's life. I read a comment somewhere like the Guardian which said she was still very naive - surprising after going through so much bad stuff.

If you really believe in something, whether it's martial arts, or golf, or politics, you have to just roll with the punches, do the best you can to protect yourself, and keep your eye on the main goal. And if you decide to walk away, please don't give your final view on it - Tommy made that mistake when he left EDL. When you leave, just leave. There's no need to give some kind of God like conclusion about the merits or demerits of the whole thing. Just say "It was great, but I've had enough now, and now I want to do other things with my life. The end".

Mark Collett has a harsher view of Lauren Southern - which I agree with - she is a grifter at best, and an informant ;

You can't polish a turd.
Southern may have gone away and polished her act, but all she's interested in Lauren Southern.
People are trying to fight for a better world. No one has trained them and at ever step of the way a well funded well organized entity has been there tripping them up.
Push back against the great reset, new world order, Agenda 21, whatever your preferred pronoun, must have been anticipated.
Those that have a well executed Plan are those that stand the best chance of winning. People like Lauren Southern can always be predicted because history shows us time and again, People take sides, often Changing sides. Many People just look for the winning side.
She is the turd in the swimming pool.

That video seems to be about Hate not Hope? Maybe Lauren Southern is covered in there somewhere.

I found this old video from 2019 by Collett about Lauren.

Antony said:

Mark Collett has a harsher view of Lauren Southern - which I agree with - she is a grifter at best, and an informant ;

Yes - she is mentioned in the vid as having contact with HNH.

Alan Lake said:

That video seems to be about Hate not Hope? Maybe Lauren Southern is covered in there somewhere.

I found this old video from 2019 by Collett about Lauren.

Antony said:

Mark Collett has a harsher view of Lauren Southern - which I agree with - she is a grifter at best, and an informant ;


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