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This academic apparently took money from Faith Matters (an alleged "inter-faith" organisation), in payment for writing a report on the EDL.

Copsey is a professor of history at Teeside University.  His report was written in 6 weeks.  He admits this on page 6 (where he describes his "methodology" in 3 1/2 lines -- I've seen longer methodologies for making an omelette).

He says the entire report was based on 6 weeks of internet surfing, reading newspaper articles, and consulting some "secondary material".  Yet all of that is secondary material!  Primary material would be to interview people in a movement, to observe their meetings and demonstrations.  He has no idea of the veracity or accuracy of anything posted by random and pseudonymous members of the public in a forum or on Facebook.

He says that because of "limited time" he could not conduct any interviews.  Then why sign your name to such a report?  What was the hurry?  Did they not pay him enough to do a longer study?  

Even from a cursory glance at the report, I can see many falsehoods; falsehoods that appear because Prof. Copsey did not bother to verify any of the information in the study by interviewing people involved. What kind of historian simply rehashes newspaper articles full of falsehoods, and relies on internet gossip? 

Only a biased and politicised historian would attach his name to a report that he recognised was based entirely on unsubstantiated and/or biased sources, when a scholarly work could be done by taking the appropriate amount of time to investigate things first hand.

I do not believe that Copsey would have accepted such a report from as a 3rd year dissertation.  He does not deserve to teach history or academic methods to students.  You can be sure of one thing - future historians will not be referring to this work by Copsey as an example of how contemporary history should be written.

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Reply by Sysadmin on March 31, 2012 at 9:18

How often are we told by the MSM that information gleened from the inter-net is unreliable.  Unless of course its used to discredit any right leaning organisation.

I suppose he was hoping his research would be taken on faith. He quite obviously has little understanding of real time events and would be better of waiting a couple of hundred years so he can right an historical piece on the EDL.

I shall send a request to the prof.? and see if he is willing to explain himself.

Reply by Paul Collings on March 31, 2012 at 9:57

Theres a table showing how many arrests were made at demo's. I've seen several veriations of those figures, and from what i can tell none of them agree with each other on any of the figures. What they do agree on, is NOT telling everyone the numbers of counter demonstrators arested. It is also not made clear who ends up in court charge with offences. And more importantly how many and from what groups guilty convictions are imposed.

From that lack of info, one can only presume that the majority of guilty people come from the so called 'anti-fascist' movement.

Joe is right in his discription of prof copsey's work as being shoddy.

Reply by Sysadmin on April 10, 2012 at 20:49

An e.mail has been sent to Professor N.Copsey in regards to his report.

It has been easter holidays so we shall allow 14 days for a reply. Another E,mail will be sent and an attempt will be made to contact the Prof by phone  after that.

Did you ever get a reply Alan?

Alan Lake said:

Reply by Sysadmin on April 10, 2012 at 20:49

An e.mail has been sent to Professor N.Copsey in regards to his report.

It has been easter holidays so we shall allow 14 days for a reply. Another E,mail will be sent and an attempt will be made to contact the Prof by phone  after that.

Yes, we wrote to him, and phoned him, leaving a message.  We got no reply from either of those contact attempts.  I guess he's too busy doing research (i.e. browsing the internet) to get back to the people he's writing about.  Or perhaps he's just a moral coward, and can't face talking to the people he falsely accuses.


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