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Peter McLoughlin's book on the Muslim grooming gangs, Easy Meat: Inside the British Grooming Gang Scandal, has now been updated to include new material bringing it up to 2016.

It can be bought in paperback and ebook from Amazon. McLoughlin is maintaining a website of material supplementary to the Easy Meat book - .

UPDATE: In January 2022, Amazon removed this book from its website, without explanation. Waterstones has it listed

but is it 'currently unavailable'.  Give them notice via email for when it is back in stock.  But don't hold your breath.

The link to his website points to a page showing you what the additional material in the book covers.

There is also a very useful interactive, searchable table on McLoughlin's website. You can search and sort this table using names, towns, dates to see this grooming gang scandal from different angles.

Michael Coren & Gavin Boby on Muslim rape gangs in England

The original video was taken down from Youtube at the end of last year.  The text below was part of the video on Youtube.

However it is available here:
Gavin also speaks on this topic at 12:50 in this video:

Published on Feb 27, 2014

Alibhai-Brown illustrates her point by zeroing in on this sentence by Berelowitz & co.: "Perpetrators come from all ethnic groups, and so do their victims -- contrary to what some may wish to believe." In response to which Alibhai-Brown offers this comment: "Yes, we know they come from all backgrounds. But that rather cutting second line is directed at people like me who believe that in some British cities -- especially in the North of England -- circles of sexual hell for young girls are run by gangs of Muslim men (most of Pakistani or Bangladeshi heritage) who mostly prey on white girls....To generalise their crimes, and lump them in with all the other abusers across the country, is to deny what the victims of these men and their families are saying about the abuse that has gone on."

Indeed. Of course, the OCC's statement about perpetrators coming "from all ethnic groups" is yet another example of the handy PC dodge whereby the link between Islam and pretty much any of its more horrific aspects can be swept away by means of a simple rhetorical formula. For example: "Honor killings occur in a wide range of religions." Or: "Female genital mutilation is not an exclusively Islamic phenomenon." Or: "The practice of forced marriages is not restricted to Muslim families." All true -- and all cynically designed to avoid the uncomfortable statistical reality, and to protect the speaker from being accused of racism or Islamophobia. (It's no surprise that ITV's brief online account of the OCC report actually made that insipid truism its headline: "Report: Child exploiters 'come from all ethnic groups.'")

"The report," notes Alibhai-Brown, "points out that 28 per cent of the victims they found were of black and Asian background. But it doesn't state what it should have: that some of the worst long-term abuse is carried out by mainly British Pakistani men targeting lost young white girls, often from troubled or poor families....The children are neglected and hungry for love. The men offer treats, car rides and kebabs, then drugs and alcohol; and then they corrupt them." Alibhai-Brown argues that while authorities fear "that the racial aspects of child sex gangs will be hijacked by groups such as the English Defence League," it is important to "confront some of the values that drive such men to prey on white females" and to look squarely at "some Asian cultural assumptions that make the paedophiles feel no guilt or shame about what they do."

Exactly which "values" and "Asian cultural assumptions" is Alibhai-Brown talking about? Alas, she doesn't say. That's where her article ends: with a gutsy-sounding call to face up to "values" and "Asian cultural assumptions" that, it appears, she would prefer not to identify at the present juncture.

What to say about this? Well, first of all, anyone who is genuinely interested in facing up to the truth of these matters needs to stop talking, as Alibhai-Brown does incessantly in her article, about race. This is not about race but about religion -- not about black and white but about Muslim and infidel. Alibhai-Brown wants to be seen as bravely pulling back a curtain on an ugly reality, but her repeated reference to dark-hued men and "white girls," and her use of that cowardly, dishonest (and, alas, ubiquitous) British euphemism "Asian" is nothing more than a way of skirting the truth -- namely, that the "cultural assumptions" at work here aren't "Asian" -- aren't Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Mongolian, or Thai -- but Islamic. As she and most of her readers well know, countless Muslim boys are brought up to view infidel females as little more than whores whose "immodest" attire makes them legitimate targets for physical assault. Most Westerners who are seriously concerned about these matters have long since learned that the Koran itself condones such conduct, and that in cases of rape it is the victims, not the perpetrators, who are considered the guilty parties. These repulsive facts have been widely known in Europe for many years now.

for info on the book referenced by Gavin go here:

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This report was drawn to my attention by a friend who totally supports the views and actions of our Anti-Kuffarphobia Alliance. I don't bother to follow most of the mainstream media. Of course, I knew of all this information weeks in advance of my friend telling me it was being reported by the BBC. But this is interesting: much of the individual items reported by the AKA was ignored, yet here it is all brought together into a far more damning report by the BBC. I've highlighted the cowardly way in which the BBC attempts to distance the public's image of islam and muslims from the truth about islam and muslims.

Islamic State: Yazidi women tell of sex-slavery trauma

22 December 2014 Last updated at 12:39

The Yazidi religious minority community in Iraq says 3,500 of its women and girls are still being held by the so-called Islamic State (IS), many being used as sex slaves. A few have managed to escape and here tell their harrowing stories.

One day in August, Hannan woke to find her family frantically packing. She was taken aback: she had not realised the jihadists calling themselves "the Islamic State" were so close.

Outside, the main street in her hometown of Sinjar was choked. Her family joined other Yazidis "running and crying", bullets flying overhead, she says.

Rain drums on the tent as she tells me her story, nervously twisting her fingers.

"Hannan" is not her real name. None of the former captives I spoke to could bear to be identified. Hannan is 18 and wants to be a nurse, a future almost snatched away by IS.

Hannan says the jihadists blocked Sinjar's roads with their pick-up trucks. She was turned back to town, where women and girls were separated from everyone else.

"There were 20 of them, with long beards and weapons. They said: 'You're coming to Mosul.' We refused. They hit us and dragged us to their cars."

She was taken with other women to a sports hall. Then, after a couple of weeks, to a wedding hall. In one place, there were 200 women and girls. These were slave markets. IS fighters could come to take their pick.

"We didn't dare look at their faces. We were so afraid. One girl came back after she had been used as a sex slave and told us everything. After that, IS did not allow anyone else to return.

"They were shooting to scare us. They took whomever they wanted, by force. We were crying the whole time. We wanted to kill ourselves but we couldn't find a way."

One girl did manage to kill herself, Hannan tells me.

"She slashed her wrists. They didn't let us help her. They put us in a room and shut the door. She died. They said: 'It doesn't matter, we'll just dump the body somewhere.'"

There were foreign fighters, but many local Sunnis. Hannan recognised one man. He had a mobile phone shop in Sinjar. He was the loudest in mocking the Yazidi religion.

"They said: 'Yazidis are infidels. Now you will live as Muslims.' They took many girls for sex. They told us: 'Forget the life you knew.'"

They were moved around a lot. At one point, they saw some of their menfolk, from a distance. They had been made to shave their moustaches, which the jihadists consider un-Islamic.

"Our men were praying five times each day to try to save their families," she explains. "IS told us: 'If you do not follow Islam, we will kill all of you.'"

The younger girls were the first to be taken, she says, often sent to the IS "capital" - the Syrian city of Raqqa. Finally, it was her turn to go.

"They told us: 'We will take you to your families first. That's the last time you will see them.'

"We were crying a lot, holding hands and crying. We asked the IS fighters: 'Why are you doing this to us?' They just hit us with sticks."

They were not taken to see their families but to a house they assumed was a staging post. Seven girls were put in a room. Some were taken out to be abused and then returned. There were armed guards outside. It seemed hopeless.

But the room had a plastic window and one night they were able to force it open.

"We got out, one-by-one, from the window. I was the fifth. I was waiting outside the window for my cousin. But I saw a light coming. I couldn't wait any longer. I jumped over a wall. We ran - and kept running. We couldn't help the others."

In another tent I meet "Khama", who did end up in Raqqa. She did not escape but was eventually freed when her family paid a ransom of $3,000 (£1,920).

She is 30 years old and remembers the shock and shame of the day she was sold as a servant; she remembers, too, how much was paid.

"They put us up for sale. Many groups of fighters came to buy. We couldn't sleep properly because new groups came at all hours," she says, almost whispering.

"Sometimes they brought girls back who had been beaten, injured. When they recovered, they were sold again. Eventually, they took all the girls. The women were left behind [and sold last].

"Whatever we did, crying, begging, it made no difference. An Islamic State sheikh took the money. It wasn't much. A fighter showed us 15,000 Iraqi dinars [$13; £8] and said: 'This is your price.'"

She and her cousin were bought by a jihadist with a Western passport.

He had five other Yazidi women and girls in his house. He was already married and had his wife with him.

Nevertheless, he intended to forcibly marry two of the Yazidis, using the others, like Khama, as servants.

Khama tells me his wife was not happy with the situation but could do little about it. The man had other problems, too.

"His neighbour, a sheikh, came and told him: 'You can't keep all those girls. [IS leader Abu Bakr al-] Baghdadi's orders are one per house.'"

It seems that IS has, indeed, given out orders on the proper use of women as slaves.

The group's Department of Research and Fatwas (religious edicts) has issued a pamphlet with the chillingly matter-of-fact title: "Questions and Answers on Taking Captives and Slaves".

The document appears to be genuine. It was posted on an jihadist web forum and, apparently, given out after Friday prayers in Mosul.

Christians, Jews and Yazidi women can all be taken as slaves, it says. Women can be bought, sold, and given as gifts; they can be disposed of as property if a fighter dies.

The pamphlet's Q&A format includes the following:

Question: Is it allowed to have intercourse with a female captive immediately after taking possession of her? Answer: If she is a virgin, her master can have intercourse with her immediately after taking possession. But if she is not, you must make sure she is not pregnant.

Question: Is it allowed to have intercourse with a female slave who has not reached puberty? Answer: You may have intercourse with a female slave who hasn't reached puberty if she is fit for intercourse. However, if she is not fit for intercourse, it is enough to enjoy her without.

It is a depraved and depressing document, at odds with mainstream Islam, though well-researched with Koranic verses and hadiths, or reports of what the Prophet Muhammad said or approved.

One theory is that the pamphlet was actually issued to try to restrain the more outlandish behaviour of IS fighters. It says, for instance that a man may not sleep with his wife's slave, or with another man's slave; and that a man may own two sisters but not sleep with them at the same time.

The atmosphere among IS fighters was revealed by a now-notorious video which appears to show a group of young men eagerly looking forward to their turn at the slave market.

Like the pamphlet, the source of the video is an internet post, but it seems genuine.

Bearded fighters sport ammunition vests over the short dishdashas, or robes, of the pious. They are happy and excited. Here is a sample of their conversation:

"Today is the slave market, God willing."

"Each one takes his share."

"Where's my Yazidi girl?"

"You can sell your slave, or give her as a gift... You can do whatever you want with your share."

"Whoever wants to sell, I can buy, my brothers."

"I will pay three banknotes."

"I will buy her for a pistol."

"It costs more for one with blue eyes."

"Check her teeth."

"Can one take two slave girls? Does that work?"

"Abu Fahd, your Yazidi is dead!" (Someone giggles)

'Plan of annihilation'

From the interviews we conducted in northern Iraq, it seems that if Yazidi women converted, they might expect a forced marriage. If they did not convert, they might end up being passed around a number of fighters.

"Janar", aged 20, tells me: "There was one 11-year-old girl. They beat her a lot. They gave her to one fighter and then to another one from Mosul. We heard that she killed herself later, in Mosul."

She sits cross-legged on a foam mattress on the tent floor, her 14-year-old sister next to her. Other relatives, men and women, watch anxiously. "Nine of our family are still there, three of them girls," says a brother.

Everyone is silent as Janar explains that she was able to shield her younger sister from the worst abuse, at some cost to herself.

"They tried to separate us many times when we were in Mosul," she says, "We refused, always."

Like Hannan, the young woman who wants to be a nurse, she recognised one of the IS men.

"We knew the man who came to buy us," she says. "He was an odd-job man [before the IS advance in August]. He came to our house many times. Now he is an emir [leader].

"We asked him to keep us together and he agreed. He was not as bad as the others, but still bad enough. I wish I could cut them all into pieces."

Khidher Domle, a Yazidi activist who introduced me to the women, accuses Islamic State of a deliberate attempt to erase the Yazidis' culture, religion and bloodline.

"This was planned from the start," he says, "It's their strategy."

The pattern was always the same, he goes on. The women were gathered in large halls and distributed as the spoils of war.

Foreign fighters usually chose first, then the local leaders of IS.

"These [local Sunnis] are the worst. They are barbarians. They take two, three, four, five women," Mr Domle says. "The world has forgotten our women and girls. Where is the international military operation to free them?"

I was on Mount Sinjar in August when I first heard about women and girls being taken. I did not know whether to believe what was being said. It sounded like the mix of hysteria and propaganda. But since then the evidence has piled up.

A report by Amnesty International, to be published on Tuesday, has more harrowing testimony, from dozens of women.

There are occasional glimpses of humanity. A fighter's wife was "like a mother" to a captured Yazidi girl; one jihadist felt sorry for a 13-year-old girl and her toddler sister, buying them to set them free. These, though, were rare exceptions.

IS itself has not tried to hide what it has done. As well as the pamphlet and the video, its official publication, Daqib, records what happened:

"After capture, the Yazidi women and children were then divided according to Sharia [Islamic law] amongst the fighters of Islamic State who participated in the Sinjar operations…

"Before Satan sows doubt among the weak-minded and weak-hearted, remember that enslaving the kuffa [infidels] and taking their women as concubines is a firmly-established aspect of Sharia."

The figure of 3,500 women and girls still in captivity is not a rough estimate. A Yazidi committee has names of all the missing. Of those who have returned, some are pregnant.

The Yazidis are deeply conservative. They have faced an attempt to destroy them as a people. Even after the credible reports of mass killings and forced conversions, what happened to the women remains perhaps the most traumatic event.

So far, a total of some 400 women and girls have managed to escape. Occasionally, a woman still turns up at one of the camps in northern Iraq, terrified and exhausted, a victim of slavery in the 21st Century.

People in the camps seem stunned, quiet. They wait for those left behind, knowing there is little chance they will be rescued.

Notice how the reporter refused to believe the reports he was being told.  If he knew anything about islamic doctrine or about the history of islam, he would not have refused to believe this.  

Notice how the BBC says the slavery laws are "well-researched" but at odds with mainstream islam:

It is a depraved and depressing document, at odds with mainstream Islam, though well-researched with Koranic verses and hadiths, or reports of what the Prophet Muhammad said or approved.

It was only in the 1970s that the Gulf states made slavery "illegal". The 1951 UN report on slavery globally talked about 700k slaves living in Arabia at that time.  So, at most, such a reporter can only say that "mainstream islam since 1980 has been at odds with the 1300 years of muslims taking non-muslims as slaves".

Notice that Shamnesty International's report was to be released on 23rd December.  Guaranteed to make sure it was ignored by the Christmas shutdown.  By the time everything is back in gear, that report will have been totally forgotten.  But Shamnesty will be able to claim in years to come "we reported our outrage on this".

See this extract from Voice of America (equivalent of BBC's world service).

MORE THAN 150 children in the Bradford district were deemed at risk of being sexually exploited in a six-month period, a new report into grooming has revealed.

The study into how child sex exploitation is being tackled locally reveals the number of children that have been referred to a specialist hub, consisting of council, police and health workers.

The report also breaks down the ethnicity of the 158 children referred to the Child Sexual Exploitation Hub between April and September last year.

It shows 99 were white British, 19 from "other white" backgrounds, 23 Asian, 14 mixed heritage, and in three cases ethnicity was not recorded.

In terms of age, 17 were under 12, 30 were aged 12-13, 65 were 14-15 and 46 were over 16. Meanwhile, 30 of the children were male.

The document, being presented to Bradford Council's executive committee next Tuesday, also reveals details about what is being done to stop abusers, and that the hub is currently investigating 48 separate cases of suspected grooming.

Children are referred to the hub from numerous sources, including social services and charities, and flagged if they are at risk of being groomed.

The previous six months, October 2013 to April 2014, had seen 170 children referred to the hub.

Last month, a further 55 children were assessed and deemed to be a "high risk" of grooming. Eight of these children were of gypsy or Roma heritage.


The report, by Paul Hill from the Bradford Safeguarding Children Board, reveals some details of ongoing investigations. Of the 48 cases, 18 suspected abusers are Asian, 11 white British and two Eastern European.

Seven suspected groomers are currently awaiting trial due to investigations by the hub, and four people have been convicted over the past six months. One has been found not guilty, and one received a caution.

There is also an investigation being carried out by West Yorkshire Police's Homicide and Major Enquiries Team, which deals with more complex cases. That investigation is mainly based in Keighley, and 26 men are currently on bail and "likely to be charged in 2015."

Suspected groomers are being given 'child abduction warning notices' which let them know they can be arrested for associating with certain children who officers believe are at risk of exploitation.

Since April 2013, 40 of these notices have been served.

Councillor Ralph Berry, the Council's executive member for children's services, said: "We want the most up front, direct strategy we can to deal with this issue. More people are being prosecuted.

"We're using creative techniques as much as possible to deal with this, such as the child abduction warning notices. We are trying to keep on top of the changing patterns, such as the number of Eastern European children at risk. It is a constantly changing process and there are lots of different patterns when it comes to child sex exploitation.

"We have to look at facts without worrying about being politically correct, we have to deal with anyone willing to engage in this activity. But some of these figures show that people who are prepared to rape and abuse children don't operate based on racial identity, it is about exerting power over children."

Cllr Debbie Davies, Conservative spokesman for children's services, said: "I'm pleased there is a focus on children who are at risk. I hope that when these people identified as abusers are brought to court they are dealt with appropriately."

The report calls for the executive to approve a number of training programmes to increase awareness of child sex exploitation among councillors and council staff, widen school initiatives and establish a historic child sex abuse team.

The executive meets at City Hall at 10am on Tuesday

"We have to look at facts without worrying about being politically correct"

Ha Ha Ha

A man has been charged with 21 sex offences, some involving girls as young as 11 and 12.

Bahmani Ahmadi appeared in court accused of a string of offences, including transporting girls around the UK for sexual exploitation.

The alleged offences included three sexual assaults on girls over 16, four of engaging in penetrative sexual activity with a girl aged 13 to 15, six of inciting a girl aged 13 to 15 to engage in sexual activity, five of inciting a girl under 13 to engage in sexual activity, two of inciting a child aged 13 - 17 into prostitution or pornography and one of intentionally arranging the travel of a person within the UK for their sexual exploitation.

The charges, which involve a number of girls, date from May 2012 to July 2014.

The offences were alleged to have happened in Newcastle, some in Walker in the east end of the city.

Ahmadi, of Hampstead Road, Benwell, Newcastle, entered no pleas to any of the 21 charges.

Rebecca Gibson said the case was so serious, it could only be dealt with at the Crown Court.

Mrs Gibson said: “It is the first time before the court for this case.

“Fifteen of the 21 offences are indictable only. I would therefor ask that all matters are sent to the crown court.”

Richard Copsey, mitigating, agreed and said there would be no bail application.

Ahmadi was remanded in custody to next appear at Newcastle Crown Court on January 16.

Northumbria Police confirmed to the Chronicle they had brought the charges against Ahmadi as part of Operation Sanctuary, an investigation into allegations of a series of sexual offences.

The 23-year-old was in the dock at North Tyneside Magistrates’ Court on Thursday.

Trial opens in the islamic ghetto of Banbury.  6 member gang, primarily muslims.

The trial of six men from Banbury accused of committing sex offences with underage girls has begun at Oxford Crown Court today (Monday).

Ahmed Hassan Sule, 20, of Glyndebourne Gardens, is charged with 15 counts which include sexual activity with a child under the age of 16 and assault by penetration.

Takudzwa Hova, 21, of Broughton Road, is charged with five counts including sexual activity with a child under the age of 16, inciting a child under the age of 16 to engage in sexual activity and rape.

Kagiso Manase, 20, of Warwick Road, is charged with six counts including sexual activity with a child under the age of 16, inciting a child under the age of 16 to engage in sexual activity and sexual assault.

Alexandru Nae, 19, of Broome Way, is charged with sexual activity with a child under the age of 16 and rape.

Mohamed Salah, 21, of Orchard Way, is charged with three counts of sexual activity with a child under the age of 16.

Said Salah, 20, of Orchard Way, is charged with two counts of sexual activity with a child under the age of 16.

So much for The Children's Commissioner's attempted whitewash.

Revealed: 'Disproportionately high' numbers of Pakistani men behind on-street grooming, while white men worst for online cases

British-born Pakistani men and Pakistani migrants are behind a ‘disproportionately high’ number of on-street child sex exploitation cases in Birmingham and the West Midlands, an official investigation has found.

And white middle-aged men have been identified as being involved in the majority of online grooming, with an increasing number of teenage boys targeting girls.

West Midlands Police and the region’s seven local authorities jointly commissioned the two in-depth ‘problem profiles’ for on-street and online child sexual exploitation (CSE) last year, but the findings have yet to be made public.

But the Mail can reveal the on-street profile discovered a ‘disproportionately high’ number of suspected offenders were of Pakistani Muslim origin, both British born and migrants. The ethnicity link mirrors that of other cities hit by CSE scandals,including Rotherham and Rochdale.

Yet it is unclear if the full findings will be made public as it is understood the figures for on-street and online grooming will be combined to paint a total picture for the region’s CSE problem. Senior police officers and council chief executives are currently deciding how much of their findings should be put into the public domain.

When their provisional on-street and online grooming data are combined, 39 per cent of offenders are white and 26 per cent Asian. But those statistics do not distinguish between all grooming and on-street grooming, where vulnerable youngsters are befriended and abused – often after being plied with alcohol or drugs.

In terms of online grooming, the majority of suspected offenders are said to be white, middle-aged and often middle-class men. Yet investigations are increasingly showing a rising number of teenage boys also becoming involved, abusing girls via the web from their bedrooms.

In total, West Midlands Police has conducted five CSE profiles since 2009, including two last year. None have been made public.

The full scale of the CSE problem in the region has only officially been emerging in recent months, with the police and councils identifying 210 children who had fallen victim or who were at risk of abuse over six months last year.

In October the Mail told how an internal West Midlands Police problem profile from 2012 had shown 75 per cent of known on-street groomers in the West Midlands were Asian, with 82 per cent of victims aged 14 to 16 being white. A report to Sandwell Safeguarding Children Board in 2013 had revealed: “Intelligence suggests that of potential suspects identified, 75 per cent of those known are of Asian ethnicity. This has mirrored other forces’ experiences of known offenders and, as we have seen from the Derbyshire, Lancashire and Rochdale cases, has the potential to impact on trust and confidence within local communities across the West Midlands.”

The report added that 82 per cent of victims were white girls aged between 14 and 16, with 80 per cent having been reported as missing more than once, and 38 per cent having been in care.

As police and partner agencies continue to gather better intelligence they are seeing other ethnicities invokved in on-street grooming, although the number of Asian Pakistani men suspected of being involved remains ‘disproportionately high’.

Yet Birmingham City Council had played down the ethnicity link when it published its own report into CSE in November, called We Need To Get It Right. It stated: “The high-profile cases have largely drawn explicit attention to the girls being ‘white’ and the perpetrators ‘Asian’. Our evidence has shouted out that the exploitation can happen to anybody irrespective of where you live or your family circumstances.’’

It later added... “this crime can be carried out by anyone and to shine a light on just one community or type of person puts other children at risk.’’

Police and other agencies have been keen in the past to stress CSE offenders and victims are never drawn from just one ethnicity and to point the finger at one community could allow others to act without impunity. But critics argue that by not publishing CSE data which differentiates between on-street and online offender profiles, the public is not being given the full truth.

There does remain a significant knowledge gap around the offenders, but some abuse is believed to have taken place at a number of cut-price hotels in the city - with authorities suspecting some hotel staff of turning a blind eye or even facilitating offenders.

The businesses could ultimately be closed down and their owners face prosecution as West Midlands Police and Birmingham City Council look to tackle the rising problem of CSE.

Indeed, huge steps are only now being taken to tackle child sexual exploitation, six years after police first commissioned an internal CSE problem profile.

Each local authority in the West Midlands now has a Safeguarding Board and a CSE subgroup and West Midlands Police’s Public Protection Unit (PPU) has almost doubled in size to around 800 officers.

The force is under pressure to get on top of the rising CSE problem in the wake of a critical report. It was given six weeks to improve child protection after Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary highlighted a range of concerns including warning of a “general lack of understanding” by staff about the extent of CSE.

Inspectors found officers did not always understand when to refer child protection issues to other agencies or how to do it and found that children were being unnecessarily detained in police custody overnight.

The handling of five out of nine cases of child sexual exploitation which were examined by inspectors was assessed as inadequate.

Claude Knights, chief executive of the child protection charity Kidscape, said: “It is important not to demonise sectors of the community by default, but this does not mean that facts cannot be reported. These facts should lead to effective policies and strategies that feed into all the services engaged in the protection of children and young people.

“Community groups of all ethnicities need to understand that child sexual exploitation exists, that they need to be aware of predatory signs and symptoms, and that they must help to ensure that victims and potential victims have a trusted listening ear. Education, and therefore schools have an important part to play in helping to build self knowledge and belief.”


Birmingham City Council published a 100 page-plus report, We Need To Get It Right, in November.

It had highlighted the use of Birmingham hotels for CSE, stating: “Although the hotels concerning us were mainly at the budget end of the market, no hotel can afford to be complacent as at least one upper end hotel has been named to us, too, as a place a girl was taken to be abused.’’

Tighter checks and more communication with taxi drivers - linked to CSE scandals elsewhere in the country - and cab firms was also proposed in the report.

Meanwhile, the risk to runaways was also highlighted, along with the lack of return interviews being conducted with children, an issue highlighted by the Mail back in 2012. The council report said: “The number of missing return interviews that have CSE as a concern is high. We were told that 70 - 80 per cent of all high risk missing notifications received from the police mention known CSE indicators in the information received. Return interviews, therefore, play an important role in early identification of CSE risk and early intervention.’’

The council report also said up to 120 children in the city were without school places at the time of the report which could, potentially, place some at higher risk of CSE.


The force’s Public Protection Unit is made up of dedicated child abuse investigation teams and domestic violence teams for each of ten local policing units; three large sexual offences teams, an online CSE team which works with the National Crime Agency and the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP).

Each LPU also has a dedicated CSE coordinator who works to identify and safeguard victims, while a central team investigates suspected complex CSE, including where offenders’ identities are unknown.

The PPU has been allocated just over ten per cent of the force’s resources, but deals with far more than ten per cent of total crime. A significant proportion of its resources are to used to deal with domestic abuse, which now accounts for around 30 per cent of the force’s total workload.

While acquisitive crime including robbery and burglary fell last year, so-called vulnerability crime has rocketed.

With rising numbers of potential CSE victims the force is expected to have to consider whether its 800 PPU officers are sufficient if vulnerability crime continues to soar exponentially.

All police neighbourhood teams have also been trained to look out for signs of CSE.

Intelligence is key to investigations, including looking at persistent runaways, who are more vulnerable to abuse and grooming. With high-risk runaways, police are looking at who they have been with and are seeing a number of men on the radar in respect of a number of different girls and piecing the connections together.

Lying bastards.

Milliband says Labour in Rotherham did not do the right thing ! ;

How about a probe in Scotland to see if Labour did "not do the right thing" with the muslim community here ?

I bet the senior council officials who stole those files never thought they would come under investigation.  Imagine: these were socialist, politically-correct, do-gooder, Guardian-reading, child-care professionals... actively destroying evidence into the systematic abuse of children.

Why were they Guardian readers?  Because one of The Guardian's principal sources of income was the jobs adverts for councils, central government, teachers and social-workers.

National Crime Agency investigation into Rotherham scandal turns attention to missing files

A new criminal investigation into the Rotherham grooming scandal is aiming to identify what child abuse files have gone missing - and who was responsible for their disappearance.

Officers from the National Crime Agency are currently in the opening stages of their new investigation into historic child sexual exploitation cases in Rotherham.

The investigation - called Operation Stovewood - is covering historic offences in the town between 1997 and 2013, the same period covered by the devastating Jay report.

The preliminary stage, involving intelligence gathering and reviewing past evidence about suspected abusers, is due to be completed by spring.

The NCA was invited to take over cases by South Yorkshire Police following the Jay report, which revealed serious failings by both the force and Rotherham Council had contributed to at least 1,400 children becoming victims of sexual exploitation.

NCA bosses have now confirmed part of their inquiries will look at what records and information have gone missing and the reasons behind their disappearance.

Their investigation is running parallel to Louise Casey’s Government-ordered inquiry into Rotherham Council, which is expected to be completed in the next few weeks.

A spokesman for the NCA said: “Operation Stovewood is seeking to identify all material, from various sources, that may be relevant in order to progress an investigation within its terms of reference. Part of the analysis taking place will include identifying whether any additional records or information exist but have not as yet been obtained, and the reason for this.

“The identification of potential material relevant to Operation Stovewood is an ongoing process.”

In October, MPs called for an urgent investigation into the theft of key files that exposed Rotherham’s child sexual exploitation problems - and the failures to tackle them – more than a decade ago.

The files – which have never been recovered – were taken from the locked office of a Rotherham Council worker in 2002. The woman had been working from the offices of the Risky Business child sexual exploitation project at the Rotherham International Centre on a Home Office funded project to investigate ways of stopping grooming gangs.

Professor Alexis Jay has previously revealed that four years of minutes of meetings between children’s social care teams, the police and the health service about exploitation issues have also gone missing.

She said minutes from 1999 to 2003 – which are understood to have included details about victims, and intelligence about abusers and where they were operating - had disappeared.

It has also been revealed that the NCA have now taken possession of files belonging to Risky Business that had previously been held by Rotherham Council.

A spokesman said the decision to pass over the files is supported by the council, South Yorkshire Police and Louise Casey.

Nuremberg 2 is fast becoming a 'when' not an 'if'.

The role of 4F is even more important in preserving evidence for the future trials of our quisling leaders and administrators, who have betrayed the people of this country.

It is quite strange watching this video of the Chief Constable of South Yorkshire, claiming he had no idea of the scale of the grooming gang activity in his jurisdiction (bearing in mind that he was the Deputy CC back in 2003, when the Channel 4 documentary on West Yorkshire was made).

It is clear that the establishment want to blame a few senior individuals.  But this man seems quite emphatic that he welcomes an inquiry.  Is political-correctness such a sly system, that there was no need to give orders to conceal things, that staff simply censored/policed themselves?  Imagine if the Nazis had been able to run everything without any records of commands being given.  Hard to hold Nuremberg trials if there is no paper trail. 


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Muslim Terrorism Count

Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11

Mission Overview

Most Western societies are based on Secular Democracy, which itself is based on the concept that the open marketplace of ideas leads to the optimum government. Whilst that model has been very successful, it has defects. The 4 Freedoms address 4 of the principal vulnerabilities, and gives corrections to them. 

At the moment, one of the main actors exploiting these defects, is Islam, so this site pays particular attention to that threat.

Islam, operating at the micro and macro levels, is unstoppable by individuals, hence: "It takes a nation to protect the nation". There is not enough time to fight all its attacks, nor to read them nor even to record them. So the members of 4F try to curate a representative subset of these events.

We need to capture this information before it is removed.  The site already contains sufficient information to cover most issues, but our members add further updates when possible.

We hope that free nations will wake up to stop the threat, and force the separation of (Islamic) Church and State. This will also allow moderate Muslims to escape from their totalitarian political system.

The 4 Freedoms

These 4 freedoms are designed to close 4 vulnerabilities in Secular Democracy, by making them SP or Self-Protecting (see Hobbes's first law of nature). But Democracy also requires - in addition to the standard divisions of Executive, Legislature & Judiciary - a fourth body, Protector of the Open Society (POS), to monitor all its vulnerabilities (see also Popper). 
1. SP Freedom of Speech
Any speech is allowed - except that advocating the end of these freedoms
2. SP Freedom of Election
Any party is allowed - except one advocating the end of these freedoms
3. SP Freedom from Voter Importation
Immigration is allowed - except where that changes the political demography (this is electoral fraud)
4. SP Freedom from Debt
The Central Bank is allowed to create debt - except where that debt burden can pass across a generation (25 years).

An additional Freedom from Religion is deducible if the law is applied equally to everyone:

  • Religious and cultural activities are exempt from legal oversight except where they intrude into the public sphere (Res Publica)"

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