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There is a category of kuffarphobia which at first seems rather abstract, like all new ideas, but over time you will see it as more and more concrete, as you discover new examples.

Kuffarphobia is related to Dhimmitude, the concept expounded by Bat Yeor. The purpose of kuffarphobia is to turn kuffar into Dhimmis.This can be done illegally and violently by terrorism and crime, and it can also be done legally and non-violently by lawfare, by voter importation, by infiltration of institutions, even by training in law and taking over that profession.

But Dhimmitude can also be created and supported by self-imposed criteria. You may say that if they are self-imposed, then they cannot be blamed on Muslims. But the answer is not that simple: there is a nexus between the actions of Muslims and NGOs in media and politics, and societal weaknesses that can be exploited.  Concepts can arise and take root without society even being aware that this has happened, for example, the concept of Islamophobia, or of intersectionality.  Even if these self-imposed kuffarphobias cannot be traced back to being caused by Islam, the fact remains that Islam benefits from it and becomes stronger by it - so I am labelling it as a kuffarphobia for its destructive effect.

The self-imposed kuffarphobias currently identified are:

  • Kuffarphobia via Self-Censorship: 
    Just threaten enough Salman Rushdies and kill enough Charlie Hebdo staff, and the dumb kuffar will just shut up and nicely self-censor themselves, to avoid "making Muslims angry". But of course they don't tell themselves that. They say they are doing it to show how tolerant they are of their diverse society and other values, and how they can compromise to enable this multi-cultural society to work.  But Muslims will never let an opportunity to take offence, pass them by.
  • Kuffarphobia via Enforced Forgetting:
    Get the kuffar to think they can roll with the punches and not get upset about 'minor' speedbumps on the road to our multi-cultural paradise, and they will forget the most heinous and atrocious Muslim deeds.  Examples are legion, but think of the Muslim grooming gangs with around 1/2 million English girls pimped and groomed throughout the UK, and still there is no backlash.  Think of Kris Donald, tortured to death by a Muslim gang, yet nobody even knows who he is. Yet Altab Ali park in East London remembers that incident for ever, and there can't be a single person in the UK who hasn't heard of Stephen Lawrence.  The place where Lee Rigby was murdered has now been restructured by the council - without any monument - so that there are no longer any railings where flowers and cards can be fixed. Already, one of the must disgusting incidents imaginable in this country, is vanishing from collective memory, and the political lexicon.  The place where Pym Fortyn was murdered has also been totally rebuilt - without any monument - so that the incident can be erased from Dutch history.
  • Kuffarphobia via Conceptual Blockage 
    This is the (actually 'racist') belief that kuffar are morally superior to Muslims, and therefore must uphold higher standards than them, even when it makes them constantly lose to Muslims and suffer by them. It appears as a kind of ideological blockage, where half the time, we cannot even identify the self-imposed mental restriction we are suffering from, because we conceitedly think of ourselves as having a higher moral standard.

    One example is the military ROE (Rules of Engagement) whereby British Soldiers in Afghanistan were not allowed to shoot Taliban if they were not attempting to fire the weapon. It was known for Taliban who were discovered to put their weapons on the ground and walk away, with impunity. Another example would be where we would medevac an injured Taliban to military hospital, often in the same helicopter that contained a soldier he had shot. This was all in the name of showing how 'fair' and 'non-discriminatory' we are. But I thought the purpose of war was to kill the enemies soldiers, so why was he going to hospital in the first place? But no-one has even raised the prospect of changing the ROE, our conditioning is so complete that we cannot even question the concept, just like we cannot question the concept of gravity.

    A further example of this is the UN Declaration on Refugees. Saudi Arabia doesn't follow it, as we saw to our cost when it refused to take any of the refugees from Syria, despite having vast camps available and empty for the Haj, and many countries will simply shoot anyone trying to enter illegally.  But it seems to be an article of faith that we must follow it to the letter and never contemplate changing it or leaving it. I have not yet seen a single politician suggest this, even when so-called refugees are deliberately destroying their passports, being ferried by Soros funded ships, and lying about their age and everything on arrival - thus making a mockery of the original concept. This has become such an incontestable article of faith, acting like a cancer or a lethal heroin addiction, that to keep clinging to it seems more like a mental disability than an ideological position.

    Another example is the concept of Collective Guilt and Collective Punishment. Muslims use this all the time and no-one bats an eyelid, in fact kuffar Lefties will nod in agreement with them that we are.  But we have been so indoctrinated into the idea of our higher morality that no-one ever even thinks that we can do the same. Indeed, it has taken me 10 years to realise I was operating under this mental blockage.

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Kuffarphobia via Enforced Forgetting

Dealing with Islam is like a never ending revelation, where you constantly realise more of what you have been indoctrinated and conditioned into believing. 

Get this. In 1976 one of the most horrific terror attacks was made by Black September, a Palestinian terror group, on the Israeli olympic team.

Black September was part of Fatah, ruling Gaza under Yasser Arafat:

  • In his book Stateless, Salah Khalaf (Abu Iyad), Arafat's chief of security and a founding member of Fatah, wrote that: "Black September was not a terrorist organization, but was rather an auxiliary unit of the resistance movement, at a time when the latter was unable to fully realize its military and political potential. The members of the organization always denied any ties between their organization and Fatah or the PLO."

    The denial described in Abu Iyad's claim was mutual: according to a 1972 article in the Jordanian newspaper Al-Dustur, Mohammed Daoud Oudeh, also known as Abu Daoud, a BSO operative and former senior PLO member, told Jordanian police: "There is no such organization as Black September. Fatah announces its own operations under this name so that Fatah will not appear as the direct executor of the operation." A March 1973 document released in 1981 by the U.S. State Department seemed to confirm that Fatah was Black September's parent organization.[4]

Yet 20 years later, in 1996, Palestine was allowed to enter the Olympics, and is still a participating country now.

If the situation had been the other way round, and it was an Islamic team that was attacked by Israeli terrorists, you can be sure that Israel would have been banned forever, on safety grounds. But because us kuffar are so 'reasonable' and don't hold a grudge, (and are forgetful), the whole Black September thing is just water under the bridge, and we are supposed to be 'grown up' about it, and forget it.

Kuffarphobia via Conceptual Blockage - Collective Punishment

Revenge riots have taken place in Sri Lanka, in response to the Islamic terror bombings:

Of course, the intellectual classes will deprecate the riots, and if the riots were in the West, every man and his dog would be called upon to disavow them. But, if you examine this from Game Theory, you have to ask what works.

For example, you can ask if killing those whose speech offends you works, and the answer is yes. Muslims silenced Salman Rushdie decades ago, and lately wiped out the staff of Charlie Hebdo. The result? The kuffar cattle just quieten down and try protect Muslims from Islamophobia more. Yes, there was a photo op where a bunch of world leaders/cowards pretended to be in a demo, holding up pencils, but were actually under armed guard by themselves in a cordoned off street. So the liberal elites may hold their noses, but the fact is, killing dissidents works, and rioting against communities that terrorise society works.  (The communists knew this from the beginning, that’s why mass murderers like Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot gained control). 

We strongly suspect that the riots in Burnley and Bradford 20 years ago were in response to Muslims grooming and raping English children. Those riots were crushed by the state and followed, of course, by an enquiry, etc. Result? The Muslims became more confident, the police became more compliant, and the grooming just got worse, finally exploding because it couldn’t be ignored any more, about 15 years later.  But at one time, British men would riot when faced with depredations by Muslims. A careful process of picking off the ring leaders, and conditioning via the media, has managed to make the possibility of that happening in today's society, practically zero.

Those same liberal elites will then fall back to a moral argument, that it is wrong to blame a sub-community for the actions of some of its members. Interesting, but what about the corollary (if we are going to play moral arithmetic)? So let’s ignore the fact that the Quran preaches hate and violence against the kuffar, so all Muslims are complicit in those acts of terror by supporting the book and the ideology. Let’s suppose that all the other Muslims are somehow innocent of those terror attacks. But still, they are LESS innocent than the Buddhists that got massacred in the terror attacks, because Islam is nothing at all to do with them, in fact it is antithetical to them.

You can also argue from collective guilt and collective punishment. Many mainstream Muslims hold the kuffar collectively responsible for things like the crusades, or the US support of Saudi Arabia, or the creation of the state of Israel. Thus terrorists feel justified in applying collective punishment to the kuffar. Well, what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, so why shouldn’t the kuffar apply that same principle to Muslims, and hold them collectively responsible for the actions of some of their members?

Throw it all out Alan, everything you have been taught and start with an empty mind. Reject every concept of right or wrong or taboo. Good or evil. Switch off your conscience. Throw away guilt.

Then make up your own mind about every single concept that is of any value. Not with the objective of becoming a better person but in order to become an absolutely honest person that never ever lies to himself. Of course you should not share some of this with any other person, you will not be able to, and it would only be used against you. As I say absolute honesty towards your self and an examination of any wrongdoing that you have done, again not to be shared with anyone. This completely open conversation with yourself is something I find useful, being as honest as it is possible to be for your own sake. It is possible to be two things at the same time. 

Such as: Not really being a racist, but at the same time being a racist in issues that are dear to you and personal. Because fundamentally it does not matter if someone is a racist, it only matters if they cause physical harm to someone. You have a right to be a racist and being a harmless racist should not be punishable.

I think the psychological phrase is people ‘internalise their own oppression.’  The attitude of defeatism is so deep in people habit takes over and submission becomes part of their nature.  Only the young and brave, or those with another source of input, rebel and revolt!  Also, of course, experience is often a great wake up call.

Its not so easy to remove these concepts from ones mind. As we learn to live in a human body on this planet, we construct frames around the near infinite volumes of sense data, to render it intelligible and managable. Then, each day that we live in humans society and consume media, we naturally modify those frames and absorb new ones. 

In some spiritual traditions there is a process, at the beginning, to try remove all the preconceptions from the mind.  Devotees will go to some remote place then try remove all their preconceptions and conditioning. Some people will take off all their clothes and run around screaming. Others will act like a dumb wild or domestic animal. At the end of the process, people but their clothes back on, resume a normal exterior expression, and return to human society. They then return to ‘normal’ practices like meditation and chanting.  However, they are changed inside. I never went through this practice, so I don’t know if it helps, unfortunately.

British leaders have imposed Dhimmitude on themselves (why?)though they would deny it, and are not themselves aware that they have submitted to Islam.
I think it is because Islam( it is an organism)is a master of deception, presenting itself as the victim. Thus it is they that are persecuted, racially discriminated and the real victims of terrorism. Wrongly accused.
Even though I consider it unlikely, I have to keep part of my mind open to that the next knock on the door might be the police or a Muslim intent on decapitating me. This because the Muslims do such things and because the dhimmi police do arrest people for exposing Islam.
I do not know why our societies do not react as they should to the many forms of Muslim and immigrant crime. Being called a racist or Nazi, fear of Muslim violence, hoping someone else will clean up, the certainty of jail time if you retaliate against a Muslim transgression, the lack of courageous political representation??
If and when the Muslims become a majority they will erase British history.
We are morally superior to Muslims. What stops us treating Muslims with the contempt that they deserve and containing them, is the artificial guilt from Imperial and slavery times; and the damage done to the nationalist cause by the Nazi excesses. We allow the Muslims to persecute us, when we should be reacting with extreme prejudice.
We consider ourselves to be the civilised good guys, kind and decent and keeping to the rules, just, tolerant, forgiving and all that. When we should be behaving like men and protecting ourselves. I'll settle for savage revenge any day.
The Muslims and other criminals that are not restricted by a fanciful morality laugh as they rape, pillage and kill.
In the German-British wars both sides attended to the wounded of the enemy. The Muslims will not do that unless they need to keep you alive as a hostage or in order to make a deterrent video of slashing your head off.
It is perfectly reasonable that Muslim refugees should be sent to and be taken care of by Muslim countries. As we experience on a daily basis, it was an extremely stupid idea to send refugees to Western nations, even I could have predicted that that would go horribly wrong. But then we are so well off here how can we in good conscience deny the poor and needy anything that they demand and desire.
The Globalists with their New World Order are even more stupid, they have only hastened in the Caliphate that will cosume them. Have they not witnessed the mass-murders of Christians? The Lefties never think, they just follow slavishly ideology dreamt up by lesser minds.
As I have said I hold every single Muslim responsible for every wrong done in the name of Allah.
When I paint I ask is this art.
When I write I ask is this true.
Thought is and should be a very long and considered process Alan.
I have worked, off and on, on paintings for years before I could finally abandon them or accept them as art.

I have to restrict the input I receive from outside Alan, I like to remain calm and concentrated.

These "retreats" you mention with yoga, meditation and therapy do more harm than good, they empty your mind so that they can fill it with pseudo-religious nonsense and take your money. Taking a nap, going for a stroll or sitting in a deckchair out in the garden taking in the view, will do you more good. Just lazing and thinking about something nice or that I like doing does me the world of good. Doing something you enjoy doing is the best therapy.

Unfortunately Philip, you are speaking from your Western view of what those 'retreats' are about. You cannot have this discussion without using the word lineage. I don't know how I can get this point across. The West is full of fake masters! They have no lineage, i.e. cannot trace a line of teachers that accepted them, back over a few hundred or thousand years. The Western 'masters' either create some new teaching of their own, i.e. are at lineage year zero, or say they are part of a recognised tradition like Theravada Buddhism, but cannot name a teacher who recognised them, who in turn was recognised by his teacher, and so on, back through the generations. Lineage is important for many reasons, but one of them is that it roots out the fakes. The East has fakes as well, but there aren't as many, because they know that anyone without lineage is probably a fake. But over here in the West, nobody even knows what lineage is. You have to be able to draw a kind of family tree of recognised teachers, going back through the ages. They have this in the bible, although its more about blood lines than ideology there. When they list all those 'begats', its to show, for example, that Ishmael was a genuine breakaway from the Jewish family, and Ishmael's line gave rise to Islam.

If you read what I said, I never used your word 'retreat', or 'therapy', because they are part of a Western model of mystical spirituality, which is kind of fake. Actually, its not even fake, because it is actually just an alternative version of consumerism! And inasmuch as those retreats give the consumers what they wanted and came for, they aren't even fake. What they are not, is part of a genuine path of spiritual development, with lineage.  That's not to say that they can't even do a lot of good. A genuine spiritual path will have a lot of pain, sacrifice and boredom in it - those aren't qualities which will really sell your product in the West!  Then I said 'normal' practices of meditation etc, in single quotes, because they are allegedly normal. I'm tying myself in knots here trying to explain it so I think I'll give up. 

Just as it is unfair when atheists say we have to get rid of all religions because of all the trouble that Islam causes, its a bit unfair to castigate all yoga, all meditation, etc, because of what a huge number of fakes in the West do.  There are a small number of genuine practitioners of different traditions, with lineage, who have made enormous sacrifices and dedicated their lives totally to their tradition, forsaking everything else, and I hate to see those people lumped in with the charlatans.

Alan - interesting you mention the practise of "going crazy" as a liberation/meditation technique - in the Tibetan Dzogchen tradition practised by both Buddhists, and the pre-Buddhist Bon religion, this is called "Rushen".

I've often pondered on the value of this sort of thing for westerners to break from their shackles of Evil Cabal propaganda, consumerism etc - logical book study can only get you so far, and society as a whole may not have the time to save itself.

I stand corrected Alan and I take your point. However to me lineage has nothing to say. People have been doing such things for tens and even hundreds of thousands of years. I admit it is of value to those that believe in it or derive benefit from it. It is none of my business really, and does not concern me greatly, as they are not directly threatening me or causing me harm. I am only concerned with such things in a general sense, being opposed to anything that is based on ignorance or superstition. I am a materialist and have no use for spirituality at all. But as I say, live and let live. If it can be documented that it enhances wellbeing and health then all well and good, but it is not for me. I am an atheistic agnostic and skeptic, was simply born this way. And of course being lazy and disinterested there are lots of things I do not bother looking into, being a know-it-all. Religion is something that I only have contempt for.

Newton was a great genius and a devout Christian, so things are complicated, not to mention Darwin and his wife.

Pure rational thinking is the only thing that I can see will help us in any way Antony.

Yes Antony, well remembered, it was the Rushen practice in Bon and Dzogchen I was thinking of.  I accept that I will never think in a way that is not coloured by my past experiences and learning. But each year, I divest myself of just a few more of those shackles and glasses lenses :-)


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