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Legoland says below: Anybody can go, it is not about Muslims.

yet they also say the Park is hired out by a Muslim group who wants 'Fun Halal activities with thousands of other Muslims and their friends in an environment more in line with their faith.'

it seems these two statements are contradictory.


A theme park has come under attack after announcing it was hiring out the park to a Muslim foundation.

Legoland has received abuse on its Facebook and Twitter pages for its decision to hire the park out to the Muslim Research and Development Fund (MRDF) on Sunday, March 9.

On its website, the park says the family fun day aims to allow Muslims to enjoy 'Fun Halal activities with thousands of other Muslims and their friends in an environment more in line with their faith.'

A Legoland spokesman defended its decision, saying it was a normal private hire event which will take place before the park opens for its new season on Friday, March 14.

It added: "It is a private hire, it is out of season and it happens to be a Muslim organisation. It could happen to be a business or anything else. Anybody can go, it is not about Muslims."

The theme park, in Winkfield Road, has now deleted its Facebook page after abusive comments were posted.

The spokesman added: "We are reporting these people to the police."

Far-right groups, including the English Defence League, have announced their intention to host a protest on the day the MRDF visit the park.

Calls for Legoland to abandon its plans have also been made by Royal Borough UKIP councillor Tom Bursnall (Clewer East).

"I think they need to have a sense check and take a step back," he said.

Thames Valley Police has launched an investigation into the threatening messages.

A spokesman said: "Should any demonstrations or protests be organised, police will provide a proportionate response to facilitate peaceful and lawful protests."

The MRDF website says the foundation 'strives to articulate Islam in a modern context and address the unique situation and challenges faced by Muslims in the west'.

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Yes, you're right about the half truths.  When I first read about Sara Powell, I thought it was something about another event on the same day that had been cancelled by Legoland as well, kind of to spite the world and blame it all on EDL or something.  I had to read it again to figure out that they really meant the Islamic fascist event.

You couldn't make this stuff up.  And I agree Paul, its time for the BBC to go.  I'm sick of it.

Islamic Leisure Presents


17th September 2006

This event has been booked exclusively for our brothers and sisters by Islamic Leisure and will be held on Sunday 17th September. We have arranged with Alton towers to ensure no music, gambling or alcohol is allowed on the day as well as segregated adult ride areas, halal food stalls & designated prayer areas. We hope this day will live up to all your expectations and be a part of your happy memories for years to come. 

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Please pass this message on through e-mail and word of mouth to all your friends and family. This is a first time, unique opportunity and needs to be a success if it is to happen again in the future inshaAllah. Get your tickets today, don't miss it!!

Islamic leisure Ltd is an up and coming leisure provider in the UK focusing on the needs of the Muslim community. Many of the leisure facilities in the UK are unsuitable for Muslim use due to the presence of alcohol, music & gambling onsite to name just a few of the Muslims concerns. We at Islamic leisure aim to liaise with existing leisure providers and arrange environments that are conducive to Islamic regulations whilst retaining the 'fun factor'. The ultimate aim is to fill the void in the arena of Halal leisure for Muslims. 

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