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I was prompted to write this article by this incident:

The fascist left will bring out their tropes about 'small minority' and whine that the incident is anecdotal and not statistically significant.  Well, even tho the last claim is actually false (black on white crime in the US is statistically significant), there is a deeper fallacy here: that statistical evidence is valid in argument and anecdotal evidence is not.

I disagree.  I think that a single anecdotal case, if sufficiently heinous, is sufficient to prove the case.  Examples of single cases which are sufficient, and why, are listed below.

1. Incident where Old lady in Tenessee attacked by a gang of 8 large black youths

  • Watching this is like watching youths boil a cat to death or strip a dog of its skin.  We see the pain of the animal and hear its cries, but also know it is totally helpless to resist. It is horribly pathetic and pitiful.
  • We see the aggressors and realise that they do not feel any of the empathy for the victim that we feel
  • Despite their vacuum of empathy, groups like BLM exhort us to feel empathy for these 'poor, downtrodden' youths
  • We recognise that those youths are worthless cowards, and would run away from any serious threat.
  • We know that ultimately, law abiding US citizens are working to support those youths and give them food, clothing, housing, phones, and medical care
  • Given that that old lady is the only white person, in a group there of about 20 black people, we can suppose that the white people there who can afford to leave the area have done so, thus she is left there totally vulnerable and exposed, without a friendly white face to turn to.  It must be a truly horrific situation to be in.  She has been totally abandoned by the leaders of the country.  She has no pressure group (like BLM or CAIR or SPLC) to act for her, and her vote has become worthless.

The whole incident is so disgusting in and of itself, that it should be enough to shame the whole US nation, and spur it into decisive action to restore order to its society.  I'm sure China would.

2. Incident where Social worker went to an Afghan refugee centre in Sweden to help one of them, but got raped so violently by a gang of them, she is now confined to a wheelchair
This is disgusting for the following reasons:

  • The refugees don't even belong in the country.  If they'd been kept out, the Swedish mother would still be able to walk
  • It is grossly offensive that those seeking help, abuse the person who helps them
  • Those Afghans will clearly never be anything but a financial and criminal burden to the Swedish society that adopted them.

This incident is such a horrific betrayal of what are understood to be a civilised society's common set of values, that Sweden would be quite justified in returning all Afghan refugees immediately to Afghanistan, without any further processing or argument.  Such a step would also act as a warning to all other groups that there will be consequences to medieval behaviour.

3. Incident where German society not only accepts polygamous marriage, not only pays for it, but also accepts that it is valid when it is paedophilic child rape according to German law. 

This is true Dhimmi acquiescence to Sharia, yet there is no noise in the media or parliament, and Germans still quietly going about their work and play as if all is normal.
This one incident alone should have been enough for Germany to annul all paedophilic marriages whether Muslim or not, and terminate benefits to all polygamous marriages, whether previously recognised or not.  More info here:

4. Incident where gang of black youths in the US torture and torment a mentally disabled white boy for several days, even putting the video on social media

This incident contains many of the same disgusting features as incident 1, namely:

  • the pitiful helplessness of the victim
  • total lack of empathy or pity in the gang of youths
  • evident cowardice, in that they would run away from someone bigger or stronger
  • parasitism - US workers will probably have to support these useless thugs for the rest of their lives
  • clear anti-white racism in the remarks they make to the boy, as recorded on their own video
  • in addition, we have here the shamelessness and lack of fear of retribution, in making a video and putting it online. 

The last point tells us that the state's system of punishment has totally broken down and is no longer effective at all in maintaining societal order.  The criminals have no fear of the state or of offending the society's values of common decency whatsoever.  This one incident should have been enough for the whole of American society to agree to tougher measures in dealing with criminals and thugs.  It would have been a natural time to re-institute the death penalty nationwide, instead of withdrawing it in the few remaining states that practice it.

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I posted the little old white lady video everywhere I could think of. Surely the police given this evidence could find and charge these thugs.

Studies have shown that people do not feel (generally) empathy for the pain of people of another race. It is happening in the nursing homes where our elderly are not getting the care they deserve because immigrants dominate these services.

Watched a couple of episodes of a Norwegian series about a maternity ward. They showed mostly Norwegian women giving birth, with an occasional black woman (never a muslim of course). One african woman could not speak much Norwegian, in a casual side remark a midwife mentioned "we have language difficulties with many of our pasients". It's what they choose not to show you that is the reality. That immigrants are giving birth to more children than the natives. Typical!

UK: Afghan Sex Offender Gets Short Sentence for Trying to Cut Teen’s Throat on Public Bus

Cheshire Police

An Afghan migrant still in Britain despite being convicted of 23 offences including a sexual assault has received a short sentence for trying to slaughter a teen boy like an animal on the floor of a public bus in Runcorn, England.

Hamid Akhonzada, who arrived in Britain supposedly aged 16 claiming to be a refugee from Afghanistan’s Western-backed government ten years ago, evidently faced no significant punishments for his many crimes, given he was a free man last March when the attack took place.

Chester Crown Court heard that Akhonzada, who claimed he was “close to God” heard voices, “held [his 17 year-old victim’s] head back and drew a bladed article described as a steak knife across the throat”, as one might slaughter an animal, after sitting behind him and his girlfriend, 16, on a public bus.

Despite this shocking testimony, recounted in a Liverpool Echo court report, and CCTV of the attack, prosecutors did not charge him for attempted murder — the victim’s throat was not fully opened, although he required glue and stitches to stem the bleeding and his girlfriend was also injured — but accepted a guilty plea to the relatively minor crimes of Section 18 wounding with intent and having a bladed article in public.

He was also convicted of assaulting an emergency worker, having beaten a prison guard so brutally that he was left unconscious for minutes some time after being taken into custody.

For this, the career violent criminal and sex offender was handed a mere four years plus four years on an extended licence after his release by Judge Michael Leeming, despite a lot of tough talk about how his “record for violence and sexual assault [was] a statutory aggravating factor”.


Cheshire Police

It should be noted that prisoners sentenced to non-“life” sentences in Britain almost never serve their full term behind bars, being entitled to automatic early release on licence halfway or, more rarely, two-thirds of the way through their sentences.

It is also possible that the figure of four years is arrived at by adding up sentences for different crimes which will be served concurrently — i.e. at the same time — so that all but the longest is effectively meaningless.

Breitbart London has asked Chester Crown Court to clarify the details of Akhonzada’s sentences.


Cheshire Police

We have a section on racist attacks against whites somewhere - but I could not find it - so here this is - about a new trend amongst "Enrichers" in Ireland posting vids of themselves beating up Irish youths and posting it online ;

So the IRA thinks this is OK.

There are some here:

But since that is in the US room and these cases are in Ireland, this forum is as good a place as any :-)

Antony said:

We have a section on racist attacks against whites somewhere - but I could not find it - so here this is - about a new trend amongst "Enrichers" in Ireland posting vids of themselves beating up Irish youths and posting it online ;

SWEDEN: Illegal alien Ethiopian teenager to get free pass after savagely mutilating a nine-year-old Swedish girl

A nine-year-old girl was last week subjected to a brutal attempted murder at a playground in Skellefteå. A (Muslim?) boy, allegedly 13, (but looks bigger and older according to neighbors) is suspected of the crime, but cannot be prosecuted or even detained due to his alleged young age. The same boy, is now also suspected of aggravated rape of a child, Svenska Dagbladet reports. 

National Conservative An unnamed Ethiopian living in Skellefteå was granted a permanent residency permit on June 30th, 2022. The Ethiopian was already implicated in multiple assaults against girls. A local school had also sounded the alarm that he was a violent “ticking time bomb.”
Just days after receiving his permit, he attacked and savagely mutilated a nine-year-old Swedish girl. The girl was drug into the woods behind a playground. A couple came across her by chance and said she was barely alive.
The victim is in such bad condition that she is currently in an induced coma. Because of this, police have yet to question her.

Police say it was an attempted murder, and the perp has partially confessed. The perpetrator was part of a family of illegal aliens who entered Sweden in the summer of 2017. The perp’s father was denied a permanent residency permit, and his mother’s application is still pending. Because the Ethiopian is allegedly only 13, he has not been arrested or even detained. The entire case will be handled by social services instead of the judicial system. He does not face prosecution. He will not go to any jail or prison. Many locals say they believe he is older than 13. Many people who enter Europe illegally lie about their age or the age of their children to improve their chances of gaining residency and to maximize the benefits they can receive. The girl’s mother has uploaded a picture of her daughter on social media – an action that the Swedish Parliament criminalized in 2018 after several high-profile pictures of victims of crime caused criticism of the Riksdag’s immigration policy. Free Times, like Samnytt, still publishes the picture anyway.

Diversity Is Our Strength: Muslim and Hindu Mobs Clash in England, Temple Vandalised ;


Certainly not; integration, inclusion, mutual respect. It is diversity in its worst possible form.

Diversity in Nature is also an eternal conflict between competing groups of organisms.

Here in Oslo there is a growing and deadly violent gang territorial conflict ongoing. The police and politicians have no solutions. They say the same old tried and failed things. Pandering to immigrant youth that have no desire at all to become norwegian and that have a natural disposition to violence and crime. Rather than choosing to be decent and responsible, to work and to study, they choose the easy solution of extorting money through threats and the sale of drugs. Violence and crime. They should be sent back to where they came from, there is no other solution.

Large-scale disorder breaks out in Leicester ;

You know what - the violence is all due to facebook and free speech - it must be true - it says so in The Guardian ! ;

Antony said:

Large-scale disorder breaks out in Leicester ;

"Leicester was a model of multiculturalism but there was an underlying divide."
(This statement is a contradiction. it states in fact that there is ethnic-conflict, not the ethnic-harmony that multiculturalism implies.
There has been an ongoing conflict between muslims and hindus, sikhs and muslims, india and pakistan, for as long as I can remember. The nationalist cause in India is very old.)
"-fringe groups that use communal discourse,”
(These are not fringe groups, the communities as a whole are in an unresolvable religious conflict. A conflict often bloody on the indian subcontinent.
"one perhaps should not rule out the increasing influence of homeland politics"
(Yes, homelands where these people should dwell, and not be destroying our homeland)
"While the facts on the ground remain unclear,"
(The facts on the ground are in fact very clear. Immigrant groups in conflict with each other and with the native British)
(This article is a piece of disinformation that accuses factual versions of events to be false. In the name of "let's all retreat into a fantasy world where everyone gets along")
It's the usual- muslims behave badly and attack someone and then play the role of innocent victim and everyone rushes in to protect them. Blame the whites.
The author of this article, Geneva Abdul , is a brown mixed race young woman with a muslim father and a chip on her shoulder that became the darling of every major left-wing newspaper. Of course she is biased, she has been racially discriminated by white people.
liminality(a word she uses): by which I take her to mean, the lack of a clear sense of identity and belonging.


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