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Germans under siege in their own country

When the Anglo-Saxon missionaries traveled to the continent to convert the Old Saxons, Saint Benedict encouraged his men by saying ”Take pity on them, for they themselves are now saying, ‘We are of one blood and one bone with you.’”

In this post I would like to draw readers’ attention to the critical  situation going on in Germany, the true heartland of Europe. Recently there has been a spate of hate crimes being committed against the native people of Germany, the Germans, which are not being reported as such. Perhaps there is no direct, explicit evidence of “hate” on the part of the offenders, but often the mentality of the Turkish immigrant community is belied by their response; if the specific offender didn’t express his hate, his ethnic community are not so reticent. A German is murdered by a Turk, and the Turks openly celebrate, and denigrate the Germans as “Nazis”. And of course, once you call someone a “Nazi”, you make them morally other, deserving of whatever fate the Turks dole out to them, rationalised as some sort of third-party payback for what their great-grandparents did to the Jews 70 years ago.

Recently an immigrant gang leader Mohammed K met with one of his victims, and explained that he beat and robbed them in the street because, in his own words, “I thought you were German”. There was no condemnation of this anti-German bigotry by the media, politicians or “anti-racist” campaigners.

Only last week a horde of Turkish immigrants beat a native German man to death in a train station. Turkish immigrants took to Facebook to celebrate, one saying “One less Nazi in Weyhe bastard, how greatFuck all you Germans and Bild newspaper” [Bild is the newspaper reporting this] and another saying “It is your dirty nature that forces us to do such things to you, you Nazis.” There is no evidence that the young German man they murdered was a Nazi. Nor any argument offered as to why it is justified to murder people for their political beliefs anyway.

7,500 Germans have been murdered by Muslims since the Berlin wall f...- but Muslims demand curriculum on “anti-Islam crimes”, insisting that an incident where a German Nationalist killed 7 or 8 Muslim immigrants be highlighted to children as part of a curriculum to make German kids feel like they are always the perpetrators and never the victims. But the reality is that German schoolchildren are routinely victimised by racistTurks in their own country.

Immigrants have set up “no-go zones” in Germany, with signs saying “No Germans allowed”, and Germans are victimised if they dare enter, spat on and called “shit Germans”.

A German woman, Irene S., who dedicated her working like to helping immigrants find jobs in Germany, was stabbed to death by an unemployed Muslim immigrant who felt she wasn’t helping him find a job quickly enough. The words “one less German” were found written on the wall at the murder scene.

A German named Kevin Plum was set upon and killed by a gang of Muslims after daring to respond to their verbal abuse.

Turkish/Muslim immigrants seem to have little to no respect for the German police or German laws. 80 German policemen were injured after Muslims rioted at a Kurdish cultural festival in Germany, attended by some 40,000 immigrants. Muslims in Germany rioted and stabbed two policemen after they were... These riots occurred days after they attacked German policemen with stones and metal bars.

A German boy named Gerrit Oeller was severely beaten by a black immigrant on the train who took offense to the boy making a Nazi salute; it was later revealed the boy suffered from tourette’s and was not a neo-Nazi.

Muslim immigrants from Bosnia-Herzegovina kept a German girl as a s..., mirroring the abuse being suffered by British girls at the hands of Muslim rape-gangs. Last year a story surfaced of a brutal torture-rape where Turkish immigrants gang-raped a German girl using a broken bottle.

The German website Deutsche Opfer, Fremde Täter reports on the daily victimisation of the German people by their occupiers.

Why is this happening to the Germans, once the beating heart of mother Europe?

The Jewish-American novelist Norman Mailer said that the real victims of the Second World War were the Germans. A revolutionary statement, and in many ways a truthful one. What he means by that is that the people have been partly spiritually destroyed, morally destroyed.

Because before you take a structure down, you take it down spiritually and morally and in terms of its ethical sense of itself. You take down that which is above the top consciousness of the rational mind. You take down that which leads to a morally efficacious sense of self. If you grew up believing that you’re descended from murderers and your nationality is worthless, and the most extreme form that your nationality took has no value –and even the Communist states have an element of that — you will end up with a self-loathing population as De Benoist has described it, which characterizes a large number of Western individuals at the present time. It’s a sort of moral and psychological form of cancer.

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Most Western societies are based on Secular Democracy, which itself is based on the concept that the open marketplace of ideas leads to the optimum government. Whilst that model has been very successful, it has defects. The 4 Freedoms address 4 of the principal vulnerabilities, and gives corrections to them. 

At the moment, one of the main actors exploiting these defects, is Islam, so this site pays particular attention to that threat.

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