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Quick summary of what's happened so far (please correct me if I've remembered wrongly):

1. Charlene Downes is murdered by a Muslim paedophile grooming gang

2. The attempt to convict fails (was there any witness intimidation I wonder?).  The police do not search for any other killers though...

3. The 2 charged men receive £1/2 million in compensation for their period of imprisonment (but we'll probably still send soldiers into combat without bulletproof vests)

4. Robert Downes, the brother of Charlene, is involved in a fight with one of the alleged murderers of Charlene - and is given a fine and a suspended sentence.

5. Robert Downes is attacked the next day by a friend of one of those charged with Charlene's murder.

Now is it just me, or does anybody else have a feeling of deja vu?  I wasn't alive when Hitler annexed the Sudetenland, then invaded Czechoslovakia, but I've seen the newsreels, and it was pretty obvious where it was all heading but most people were just "getting on with their lives".   

Well, it seems to me pretty clear where this is heading, but everybody is just sticking their heads in the ground and getting on with their lives.  How do you feel about this?

Anyway, here's the article.

Robert Downes attacked

Wed, 29/02/2012 - 12:00

Robert Downes, the brother of Charlene, who was yesterday hit with an £85 fine and a 12 month suspension order for assulting one of the alleged murderers of his sister has been attacked.

Robert, who was out with a friend last night, was set upon by a friend of the Muslims who were tried for the murder of Charlene.

The family, understandably, had been reluctant to call the police and report this attack given the total lack of support given to the family over bringing to justice the Muslims who allegedly murdered Charlene.

The attack has left Robert with broken and loose teeth, as well as the visible cuts and bruising in the picture below, taken last night.

Nick Griffin MEP has this morning spoken to the family and strongly advised them to report this attack to the police.

Of course the police know exactly who they need to arrest in this case, and as such we urge Robert to report this unprovoked attack. If he reports it and the police do nothing to assist, we will.

We will hold more demonstrations in Blackpool in support of Robert and his long suffering family, and we will keep holding them until the police take action against the criminals responsible.

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Sold in Secret: The Murder of Charlene Downes

1st November 2003 started so unremarkably that I wish I had appreciated the normality of it. Because I would never, ever know peace again.'

Charlene Downes was 14 when she went missing in Blackpool's seedy underbelly. Once a happy-go-lucky schoolgirl, she had become a truant - hanging out with the wrong crowd by the takeaway shops and pier. But Charlene's mum, Karen, always knew her typical teenage daughter would come home.

Until one day she didn't.

Karen has been searching for 15 years, campaigning for the truth of what happened to her daughter. To this day, Karen and her family have no body, no convictions and no answers. Arrests were made and a murder trial took place, but no one has ever been brought to justice.

On the 15th anniversary of Charlene's disappearance, Karen shares this heartbreaking account of every parent's worst


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Most Western societies are based on Secular Democracy, which itself is based on the concept that the open marketplace of ideas leads to the optimum government. Whilst that model has been very successful, it has defects. The 4 Freedoms address 4 of the principal vulnerabilities, and gives corrections to them. 

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