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I am having a terrible time trying to write. I have always felt that to write I needed two things; Inspiration, and a hope that some might heed my words. Now I find that they are one the same, for much of my writing has been inspired by those with vision and understanding. Without a doubt I shall continue writing, but it will not be out of a hope for a peaceful solution to our problems and a better tomorrow, but as an act of desperation. 

So many thousands have read my words and still grasp but part of the picture and are still stumbling about in the fog. They are lost in the wilderness, confused, desperately seeking the path back to the old America, and that is their problem, for old America is no more. It has followed other civilizations into the pages of history and as the saying goes history will be written by victors, who, at the moment, are Marxists and Muslims.

Some few heeded my words, but they were far too few. My projections, now having come to pass, were too far afield from the fantasy most choose to believe in. Many took offense when I warned that their false messiah was but part of the grand scheme to lead them to barren pastures and buy more time for lesser gods to gain evermore control. Now I ask but one question. Were I wrong in my conclusions, would not the GOP be challenging the vote, as it is apparent to all that voting fraud was rampant nationwide?

The GOP is not challenging the vote. They, and those in the New World Order, implemented by Bush The Elder, are in this up to their necks, and growing rich for their participation. Look not to them for leadership nor hope. We are cut off and surrounded by our enemies. There will be no last minute rescue by the cavalry. We, the free thinkers of America, will either shape the future on our own, or become the victims of that future.

Now the die is cast, and the time has come for all to hail the new Caesar, but not those who feel enlightened. Not they! Not the Bold! Not the Brave! Not those who would open the eyes of others! They, while stumbling in the fog of denial, have found a new vision. A short time ago all proclaimed that America could not survive another four years under the boot of tyranny. Now that inescapable truth is no longer applicable. Once again, while denying reality they have found a new vision, That vision has given birth to a new hope, and that new hope is 2016.

Like a miracle before us they have discarded all of their old cares and embraced a new reality. All hail the new reality. All need awaken and prepare to Vote em Out in 2016. My God! I find myself surrounded by hopeless dreamers, false visionaries, and deluded fools! No totalitarian regime has ever been voted out of power. There are only three things that the citizens can do that can sway the course of nations and they are prayers, ballots, and bullets. The first two have failed us miserably.

Glenn Beck's forty days of prayer and fasting came to naught. Ballots were counted and the necessary adjustments made, for the outcome was preordained, Now many of my fellow "Patriots" are preparing for another four years of servitude in a grand hope that in the meantime they can reform our corrupt political parties, have them repent their evil ways, and save this nation when once again Americans go to the polls in pursuit of a carrot of hope dangled before the gullible.

The election is barely over and I see people debating the merits of trying to reform the GOP as opposed to starting a third party. Both trains of thought are efforts in futility. In essays past I have written that there is no political solution. Nothing has changed since then other than the fact that our overseers have grown in power and we are more divided than ever in the history of this nation. 

It is quite obvious that much of the electorate are more than content with the path their befuddled eyes see before them, with the overflowing coffers of this nation dispensing wealth to all who follow meekly. There is a problem that those fools cannot and will not see. The coffers are not overflowing. They have been emptied of a once abundant wealth, stripped bare of the last penny to buy votes and finance our enemies, and those coffers are now filled to the brim with IOUs, and we are deeply indebted to the nation of China who has long sought our demise, and a day reckoning is at hand.

A crash such as this world has never seen will soon happen and those who await their monthly stipend will soon find themselves in need of even the most basic of necessities and in their hunger they will be told that we, the people who oppose Obama, are the cause of their woes. It will be then that civil strife begins. It will be then that those who refuse to produce will be forced to take by force what they deserve not.

The America we once knew has reached the end of a long and rocky road. I recently read a comment that "America has failed us." I have never in my life heard anything more selfish. America has not failed us. We have failed America, and we are continuing to fail America while we wait for elected "leaders" to correct our course. 

Once again petitions to impeach are making the rounds. Once again pleas to call your Congressman are burning up the internet, and once again people are planning to Vote em Out. None of the above are going to make one iota of difference, and calling for a recount on the votes is a total waste of time when most of the Republicrats are involved in the fixed results. The last three elections were no more than bread and circus for the masses. Expect no more from the next.

If you really want to know what to expect, look to history. Look to the Nazi Party, look to the Communist Party, and look to the Middle East where terrorism determines the future, for they now walk among us, write our laws, and educate our young.

The old America is dead, and there is no doubt that a new America will arise from the ashes. The question is whether that new America will be ruled by communism and Islam, or by free men. The answer to that question will be determined by how many of us are willing to die to insure that the United States will once again be called the land of the free.

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Well Danny, I must say, at least Caesar had a few merits. Our present dictator has NONE!!!

I am very afraid of the personality cult that has been built around this man & continues to grow. Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Mao, and all of the other absolutes' images were carefully crafted & many accepted the illusion. Many did not & of course were "re-educated". In the course of  time, many awakened. By then it was too late. I think we are there.

Yes, this election was stolen. Most simply did not realize the depths to which this man's "reinstatement" was preordained. Again, the lack of awareness realistically disarmed the attempts by the outnumbered few to fight the fraud/theft of our electoral process. The GOP has been effectively & cleverly  steered down the rabbit hole of self examination to further weaken itself & possibly to weaken the threat of the new rising dynamic young stars who pose a serious threat to the elite. Most people will never fully understand the machinations behind the grab for and maintenance of power.

If the 22nd amendment goes it could well be hail caesar.  What would 12 years under the demoncrates look like? As big a mess as europe.

Lets see if America allows its self to be disarmed over the coming months and years. If that happens, (and i can't see what can stop it) then America will be changed for ever. And not for the better.

I am convinced that the second shot heard round the world will soon be fired. Our returning servicemen are coming home, battle hardened and disappointed in what is happening here. I have not remained current in posting my essays to 4F but these are some of my thoughts on the issue.


At the ripe old age of sixty eight, admittedly not in the best of health I harbor but one hope: To live long enough to see the fight for freedom begin and be involved in at least one battle, hopefully deleting the enemies numbers by at least seven. As to that number I refer to a line in the Bible. "Cast your bread upon the water, and it will come back seven fold." I have cast that bread. Now I impatiently await the promise.

Viva La Revolucion


From your first above link - too true:

'There is no "Obama agenda" as such. There is instead a Progressive Agenda, in play now for a century.'

The progressive agend is laid out here:

Mussolini's fascism, and Hitler's Nazism were not isolated phenomena.  They were part of a bigger progressive movement, which since WW2 has sought to pretend there lies an ocean between progressivism and fascism/nazism.

This man details how the "power elite" transcend political parties.


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