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Have you ever been watching a movie and see one of the characters say or do something so incredibly stupid that you yourself actually try to shrink down into your chair with embarrassment? I have, and I get much the same sensation everyday reading comments on the internet. Sometime it is hard to grasp just how stupid, uniformed, and complacent people are as they write comments and post captioned pictured in the effort to wake people up. They write of Democratic Zombies, and ridicule Paulbots, while following the same sheeple's rule book and envisioning a return to "Happy Days" when Romney is elected.

Americans are illogical, and nothing better proves that statement than the concept of "Anybody But Obama." It matter not how good or bad someone is, there will always be someone better or worse so think twice before choosing "Anybody".

Lately "OMG" has taken on a new meaning ... "Obama's Must Go!" I am all for that. This nation will face utter ruin if that Marxist Muslim is reelected, and I fear that he will be for he has no opposition except the Tea Party and some enlightened Democrats who have had a belly full of hope and change. Anyone, seriously trying to defeat him in this election need but bring Obama's background, and his appointees into question. Romney will not do that. He attacked Newt Gengrich with a passion and yet tells us that Obama is a nice guy. He lies! Obama should be imprisoned due to the freedom crushing policies he has imposed on a great nation.

The only assault on Obama that the GOP allows is to point out the failures of the administration's economic policies and criticize Obamacare, and now the truth begins to emerge. The "Happy Day" people quickly jumped onboard the Robert's vote legalizing ObamaCare and they will also eagerly embrace Romney's latest declaration as a "necessary compromise". They drank the Kool Aid when he promised to cut taxes, control spending, and overturn socialized medicine. They will continue on the Kool Aid diet now that he has rescinded those promises, before even getting elected. What other broken promises await the foolish?

At the end of this essay in Suggested Reading there is a link to My Fellow Patriot ... Ann Barnhardt. Were I to compare her to a well known historical figure it would have to be George Patton. The little lady pulls no punches and compared to Patton she could match him obscenity for obscenity, and like him she feels only contempt for those who lack the intestinal fortitude to face reality. To quote Ms. Patton
"Now to Romney and all of you rah-rah Tea Party people. If you think for ONE SECOND that Romney will ever, ever repeal any of this, then you are truly dumber than the people who voted for Obama in the first place, and I’m not being facetious. Romney wrote ObamaCare’s template in Massachusetts, including a mandate, including state-funded abortion. Romney has said over and over and over again while running for POTUS that he is 100% in favor of a mandate. Here’s that proof:" The link. The information in that link was recorded earlier when he was steamrolling over his opponents in the GOP Primary, claiming to be a conservative. He is not a conservative. He is a Progressive, and like all Progressives, you would not like his agenda if you understood it.

Anyone who chooses to write can well expect to collect a certain number of critics. I am no exception, especially when I step far out on a limb writing of things I know will come to pass. A perfect example of that was the essay "Mitt Romney...Progressive Shill". In it I stated that Romney has no intentions of winning, and that he has but two purposes. One was to crush any conservative candidates before they could pose a threat to Obama's reelection, and the other was that in the event the Obama regime was to fall apart in the eyes of the public, that he could step in to fill Obama's shoes and keep on with most of the prescribed agenda.

In that effort I predicted that Romney would intentionally shed voter support. HIs apparent lack of regard for the Tea Party and the power grab on the convention floor well proved that. Create your own list of people you think should have been allowed to speak at the convention, and were not. That cost him some support. I predicted virtual silence on Islamic issues, and the "Birther" topic. The Democrats put Romney on the defensive about his tax records and he flatly refuses to demand that Obama prove that he is eligible to remain in the Oval Office. Were he to step forward and demand a level playing field and expose what we know to be true he would win in a landslide. As it is the polls are not looking to good for the GOP. 

This whole campaign has been little more than smoke and mirrors. We watched with great hope as Paul Ryan was brought aboard, giving American hope with the Ryan Budget, but bear in mind that Paul Ryan's position is a Vice Presidential candidate and Romney's projected budget far exceeds his. History has long shown us that the junior partner in any endeavor has to go along with the senior partner. That tells me that Ryan is little more than window dressing.

The old concept of our leaders representing their constituents has been proven to be non-existent. When John Boehner can call for a voice vote from the floor seeking approval for the power grab in progress and then read from his teleprompter that the "Ayes" have it, something is amiss. 

Mayor Anthony Villarosa ran into an equally perplexing problem after the DNC was shamed into allowing God a place on their platform. He was apparently ordered to get an "Aye" preponderance from the floor. He failed after three tries, and in the face of an overwhelming majority against God he declared the proposal passed. Most readers have already seen the video but I wonder if you noticed the woman holding a sign "Arab American Democrat".

Eliminating the concept of God is eliminating morality, which is par for Democrats, but to voice it so loudly is insanity. They did voice it. The bulk of the Democratic party chose to eliminate God and morality from their platform and their leaders overruled them. Now, don't anyone get me wrong. It would be to our benefit if the following morning the papers could have headlined with "Democrats Reject God", but this proves that elected and appointed leaders pay no attention to the choices of their constituents, and that holds true for both parties.

Such incidents make me feel quite comfortable in stating that neither party are representing Americans. One party is left wing and the other is far left. Two parties, share but one purpose, both with string pullers in the background, quietly doing what they do best, manipulating, and we are being manipulated.

If Romney wants to win, as bad as he is, we'll get behind him to evict a Marxist from power, but everything he does seems designed to repel all who would choose him over Obama. He shuns the Tea Party, crushes conservatives, caters to illegals, is in agreement with everything we oppose and yet claims to be a conservative. The key to Orwellian double think is to have all pertinent words possessing of dual and opposite meanings. Romney has learned well ... and serves well those who pull the strings.  

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Imagine if the president of America was voted into power by dead people. (could always blame it on the zombies). It looks like democracy is failing at a steady pace now. 

This voter registration issue is not new, fancie waiting untill 2 months before voting before you start putting pressure on the man most likely to lose out by implimenting a stringent voter iD systerm.

Obama aint bothered, and nor is Romney. And concidering the election in recent times has been too close to call untill a couple of recounts, you'd thing the republicans would at least be asking questions. Maybe they really don't care if they lose. Or maybe its a case of sometimes it benefits them, some times it don't. So just keep the status quo.

I'm only guessing really. This is one strange election.



Thirty years ago I would have laughed at the concept of a New World Order. I laugh no more. They are in control. 


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