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Afghan resettlement scheme: Landlords with empty homes urged to help

Landlords with vacant properties are being urged to work with councils to help refugees who need to be urgently re-housed in the UK.

As events in Afghanistan unfold, the UK Government recently announced plans to launch the Afghan Citizens' Resettlement Scheme, which aims to help 5,000 Afghans to settle in the UK, with the long-term goal total of 20,000.

Local councils have been asked to play their part in finding settled accommodation for Afghan refugees, and a number of local authorities have reached out to the NRLA, seeking help in contacting private landlords in relation to this.

Private landlords with empty properties are encouraged to make their council housing teams aware where possible, as the property may be suitable for resettling refugees who need homes. Many councils are in particular need of family homes with three or more bedrooms.

Over the August bank holiday weekend, the UK Government launched a central portal for individuals and organisations to register housing which could be used to resettle Afghan refugees.

The NRLA is also calling for clarity from local authorities for landlords about how they can offer suitable accommodation.

We have rounded up a list of local authority refugee resettlement schemes as known below.

Any local authorities which have schemes which private landlords can get involved with are encouraged to get in touch with us to be added to this list. Please email Landlords can also proactively contact their local housing teams if they have properties available.   

A webinar for landlords about resettlement schemes took place on Thursday 2nd September. The webinar was hosted by Welcome Churches. Landlords can watch the webinar again here.

Local authority refugee resettlement schemes


Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council

Bristol City Council

Dorset Council 

Elmbridge Borough Council

London Borough of Richmond

Monmouthshire County Council




Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead

Shropshire Council 


Wandsworth Council 

Watford Borough Council

Wealden District Council

Wiltshire Council

Wrexham Council 


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"As events in Afghanistan unfold, the UK Government recently announced plans to launch the Afghan Citizens' Resettlement Scheme, which aims to help 5,000 Afghans to settle in the UK, with the long-term goal total of 20,000."
And their wider families and the generations that come with a high degree of breeding offspring and terrorists and social parasites and criminals.
As has been said "You can't handle the truth".
The truth that all of this do-gooding is ruining nations.


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