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Interviewer = Prof. Dr. Bent Jensen, Frørup

Europe is going under right before our very eyes Bent Jensen is told by a cultural historian in an interview which has now become this article.  The conclusion is that it is the voters who have laid the foundation for this disaster.

“We are living in the end times,” says my friend the cultural historian. “I’m serious, Europe’s days are numbered. I am glad that I won’t get to experience the final, last convulsions before it’s over. It won’t be a pleasant sight. My wife and I are preparing our children to emigrate. ”

“Have you gone mad?” I reply. “All is going really well! Europeans have never had it so good. We have both a wealth and freedom that is historically unique. ”

“This is true,” concedes our culture historian. “Our parents and grandparents and many generations before them have created these unique free, orderly and prosperous societies. But yours and my generation have put everything at risk. And the damage we have caused is irreversible as societal researchers have told us. We have passed the point where the any change in the nations of Europe can be reversed. Now we can only document and try to explain how and why just one generation of Europeans have managed to squander 1,000 years of culture. ”

“But that’s hysterical nonsense … ‘

“Permit me to explain,” interrupts my friend, “why the Europe that you and I grew up in, will soon be gone, replaced by something else which no European just a generation ago could imagine. A Europe which will no longer be recognizable, a Europe that is not Europe. ”

“The most basic factor is demographics. Europeans no longer want to reproduce themselves. There are born far too few European children, and the European populations are shrinking. The Europeans have lost THE most basic survival instinct.  It is a historically unique phenomenon. A quarter of German women – in the big cities one-third – don’t want to have children.  In Germany several million Turks will instead double by the year 2020. According to UN and EU forecasts, Germany’s current population of over 80 million will shrink to just over 60 million in 2050, of which Turks and other Muslims will constitute an ever-increasing proportion until they form a majority before the turn of the century.  Italy will shrink by 20 million to 37 million and Spain with 10 million to only 28 million. It looks even worse in the Eastern European countries including Russia and Ukraine.

The second major factor is immigration. European countries have historically received and integrated immigrants from other European countries: Germans, Swedes, Jews, Huguenots, have immigrated to Denmark and have been of benefit for the country. But todays’ immigration from Islamic countries is on a completely different scale, and they will not be integrated. They take their religion with them from the Middle East, North Africa and Pakistan and live isolated in their own settlements, so that they are not affected by the host country’s culture. And their numbers are growing explosively because they produce far more children than Europeans do. In France, with six million Muslims and in the Netherlands the Muslim population has more than doubled since 1980. Are you aware that many German cities have a Muslim population of 30-35 per cent.? The same applies to British and French cities. In Germany in 1960 there were 7,000 Muslims and today there are four million! A large number of German cities will have a Muslim majority within a foreseeable time period. 160,000 highly skilled Germans leave the country each year. In Brussels and many other European cities, more than half of all newborns are Muslim. In Birmingham there are more mosques than churches.

The destruction of the European welfare states is the inevitable result. They are a natural magnet for millions of people from the Middle East, North Africa and elsewhere. Here you can achieve a standard of living that is far better than life in the partially failed states from which they come. You have the right to housing, free kindergarten, medical care and education. Recently, one could on television get acquainted with a Palestinian woman with seven children who has lived for 21 years in Denmark without having to learn to even read and write – and probably without ever having worked.

They represent a huge burden and they use up a disproportionate amount of our social budgets. We know from National Bank estimates that only those immigrants who have an education when they arrive are a net economic gain; those who are employed from day one; and who leave the country again when they are no longer working.  Instead, Europe receives millions of people without any education.  Many of their children are likewise uneducated.  This seriously hurts those who, through hard work, have built up the country and who have financed the cornucopia of welfare benefits that we enjoy.  Do you remember that there was this case where there no longer was enough money for the old folks in Esbjerg to have a festive Christmas Eve at their nursing home?

And we are just at the beginning. Because of the violent demographic shifts that will continue to happen in this population mix, with ever fewer Europeans and more and more Muslim immigrants and descendants, European economies will shrink. There will be a smaller gross per capita. The proportion of productive and innovative people will fall, while the share of low or negative productivity will soar. At the same time the social funding needed in order to uphold police, justice and prison service will continue grow. Taxes on the productive will by necessity have to be raised in order to finance the de facto destruction of the European welfare states.

A third crucial factor is democracy, or rather the democratic rule of law that we, as Europeans, are justifiably proud of.  It gives citizens a freedom and rule of law, which is unknown in the lawless countries where immigrants and their descendants come from.  Countries that are police states, ruled by clan lords, with corruption and repression. Democracy is a fine form of government and the rule of law a precious asset, but its institutions are created by and for democratic and law-abiding citizens. The rule of law will come up short before these huge and growing challenges on a broad front, in the situation Europe is going through as a result of Islamic mass immigration.

A fourth factor is the network of laws, directives and international conventions to which European politicians have spun their states into which prevents us taking action against even flagrant crimes. Or so say European politicians at least.  It may also be that they simply use the conventions as an excuse not to do anything that really matters and that would make a difference. Apparently it is not even possible for European states to prevent illegal immigration. It is also, according to the politicians, not possible to expel violent criminals who do not even have Danish citizenship.  Even terrorists and persons who are wanted for murder, are being protected by the Conventions. People who go to war against Danish soldiers are not to be touched either.

Now and then the politicians make cosmetic changes only to be, immediately by experts and media, exposed to a barrage of accusations claiming that we are devoid of decency, humanity and charity. The time has also long since come where Islamic immigrants can be a decisive factor in the outcome of elections to the European countries’ parliaments. Recently, politicians themselves staged a pathetic march against terror where representatives of the Muslim terrorist regimes participated – a nauseating and quite meaningless gesture.  For politicians seemingly have no wish to do anything serious about the threats that they could avoid if only they wanted to.

The media is a fourth problem. Especially the electronic so-called public-service television channels which have evolved into becoming almost a kind of political parties, albeit without a popular mandate, but which they, in their own right have taken as the right to set current political agendas and who determine what should be and what which must not be discussed.  And since all studies clearly show that these media are controlled by leftists, they create a permanent distortion of the public debate on serious social issues, including Europe’s downfall.

It is said that people have the politicians they deserve.  It is in any case voters that, at election after election vote for the politicians who by their reckless politics have laid the groundwork for the coming disaster and who actually do not want to do anything to avert the disaster.

And that’s why Europe is sinking right in front of our eyes. “

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It seems that as people become more affluent, having children is seen as a nuisance to their leisured lifestyle. Believe it or not, this syndrome was even identified by the great Roman Emperor Augustus, 2000 years ago. So he placed a special tax on any citizen families with less than 3 children. It looks like we are doomed to forget the lessons from the past.

From what I and my friends can see, there are many indiginous women/couples who would like to start up families or have more kids, but can not due to expense and housing pressures, additionally, they may live in unpleasant and culturally enriched areas that they feel are not fair for bringing up children in.

Much of this adverse pressure can be attributed to mass immigration and islamization, I think that many people who are not usually interested in politics but are interested in having a good family life would "tune in" to the above article quite easily, its a shame it is not reprinted in womens magazines and websites.

Let's face it we have become an endangered (sub) species in Britain.

Reducing the global human population should be top of the agenda at the UN and other international organizations. There are too many people on this planet. Every nation should be concerned with reducing the size of it's population, especially poor countries. Science cannot solve all problems, so sooner or later vital resources will run out and everyone will suffer. (Along with the other life forms). Modern wealthy democratic societies began to experience in my opinion a healthy decline in population. The weak-minded irresponsible elite chose to see this as a problem and found out all sorts of daft arguments like; aging populatios, who will fund future pensions, we will not have anyone to empty the rubbish bins and so on. As an inconvenient out of control immigration was occuring at the same time, lies were invented about the benefits of immigration and the need for it. Where statistical data is allowed it shows that the opposite is the case, uncontrolled immigration damages the economy and culture and produces civil strife. As you all here very well know.

The above cultural historian will discover, as I did, that you cannot emigrate away from this problem it is happening everywhere. Only the countries with sealed borders will survive a little longer. Anyone with an ounce of brain can see that mass-immigration from poor overpopulated countries to rich and successful countries, will overburden and destroy these developed countries. It is open-borders globalization with no plan. As predicted above we are heading for disaster. The social systems such as education, health and welfare will be overloaded and collapse along with the monetary system that finances and ensures the smoothe running of a well ordered state. It is easy to imagine the chaos and violence that will ensue when law and order finally breaks down. China will survive intact if it keeps its borders closed and continues to persecute the Muslims and fledgling democrats. I guess it was democracy and our ideals about freedom that did us in. Actually good old fashioned racism could have saved us but that was unthinkable, and (in the symbolic sense) how does a pacifist defend himself against someone without conscience intent on killing him. The answer is he can't, he must die. And this is the pickle we have gotten ourselves into. Our principles of brotherly love have rendered us defenseless against those that have another consept of brotherhood or that lack compassion completely. It is bitter, we own the greatest most powerful most destructive armed forces ever and cannot unleash them because the enemy has become domestic,

Italy is dying.

"The birth rate decline was blamed on years of economic recession and high unemployment."

Typical uncritical Leftist media crap.  Why not challenge this "claim"?

Steyn's book "America Alone" was pointing out the dire state of population renewal in Italy.  That book was published in 2006, so Steyn must have written it in 2005, and used data from even earlier.  

There was no sign of "the recession" until 2008 or 2009.

An entire generation of journalists seem to have no critical faculties.

In London, which is both the youngest and most ethnically diverse region of the UK, one in three people living is now teetotal.

Once closely associated with nonconformist Christian groups such Methodists and the Salvation Army, the rise in total abstinence has coincided with the growth of the Muslim community in Britain.

I finally found the original source for the tipping point figure of Muslim take-over of a nation :-)  
The source book is on Amazon for $65 in paperback and second hand!

In his book Slavery, Terrorism, and IslamPeter Hammond wrote a detailed analysis on the proportion of Muslims to the overall population and increased violence and adherence to Sharia law. Hammond’s research reads like a roadmap to ruin; a horrifying picture of the future of civilization. To summarize an oft-quoted section:

When the Muslim population remains at or under 2%, their presence tends to fly low under the radar. In the 2% – 5% range, Muslims begin to seek converts, targeting those they see as disaffected, such as criminals. When the population reaches 5% they exert influence disproportionate to their numbers, becoming more aggressive and pushing for Sharia law. When the population hits the 10% mark Muslims become increasingly lawless and violent. Once the population reaches 20%, there is an increase in rioting, murder, jihad militias, and destruction of non-Muslim places of worship. At 40%, there are “widespread massacres, chronic terror attacks, and ongoing militia warfare.” Once beyond 50%, infidels and apostates are persecuted, genocide occurs, and Sharia law is implemented. After 80%, intimidation is a daily part of life along with violent jihad and some state-run genocide as the nation purges all infidels. Once the nation has rid itself of all non-Muslims, the presumption is that ‘Dar-es-Salaam’ has been attained – the Islamic House of Peace.

(Peace, of course, is never attained. Schisms among sects, starting with the rift between Shia and Sunni, erupt. The ideal of absolute power with divine authority always leads to internal conflict.)

Read more: 

This is the corresponding video:

Unless leaders arise prepared to do the dirty work, we are lost.

There can be no compromises, Islam has to be eradicated from Western countries, and Muslim countries put into quarantine (isolated). Islam has to be treated as a deadly desease that has reached epidemic proportions. Freedom, Democracy and millions of lives are at stake.

Muslims will behave like this for as long as we allow them to behave like this.

Wall Street Journal op ed

The death of Europe/Christendom

Here's the author's bio

Bret Stephens writes “Global View,” the Wall Street Journal’s foreign-affairs column, for which he won the Pulitzer Prize for commentary in 2013. He is the paper’s deputy editorial page editor, responsible for the international opinion pages of the Journal, and a member of the paper’s editorial board. 

I guess we could also say that this marks someone else crossing The Chasm. 

If any of you have a subscription to the WSJ, you could perhaps tell me if I'm mistaken in thinking the WSJ has crossed The Chasm.


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