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Do Muslim societies look after their environment, or do they just use it mindlessly till it is wasted?  Have the immense forests of Lebanon been replaced by barren scrub due to greed, stupidity and neglect by Muslims, or was that process inevitable?  Was Nebo, the 'land of milk and honey', inevitably going to become the land of dust and rock, or would it have been preserved if the Muslims had shown, as Churchill called it, 'good husbandry'?  Was the Gazans destruction of the greenhouses bequeathed to them by the Israelis a valid political statement, or was it yet another sign of their infantile, destructive and violent nature?

This forum is for collecting instances of long term damage to ecosystems, in order to enable us to answer those questions.

It will also be used for instances of Eco-terrorism, which appears again, to be a Muslim speciality.

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From a comment by Linnea on VDH's blog:

Saddam ignited two brutal wars, committed three separate genocides ( the Kurds, Marsh Arabs and the Shia of the south) and was directly culpable for three of the largest and most destructive eco-terrorist attacks the world has even known:

  • the 600 plus oil wells he set on fire during the Gulf War which burned for seven months spewing poison into the environment on a cataclysmic scale
  • the total destruction of the central marshlands of Iraq in his attempt to efface the Marsh Arab population. Over 7,500 square miles of marshland was wiped out
  • and Saddam keeping his threat to spill crude oil from Kuwait’s reserves into the Persian Gulf. He followed through on that promise in late January 1991 by spilling between 4,000,000 to 6,000,000 barrels into the Persian Gulf

All three acts of eco-terror were conducted without any protest from environmental movements.

It could be argued that Islam is a product of and a reflection of the Arab mentality. Whether this is true or not is another matter. The savage pre-islamic culture is consolidated in Sharia law, the greatest mis-service Mohammed did to the Arabs and their victims was to make this violent culture be ordained by Allah, eternal and unchangeable. So any attempt to change and improve is discouraged. Muslim societies can never develope into humane societies. Thus no human rights and no concern about the destruction of the environment. Without Islam the Middle-East might have been a prosperous and civilised area with happy contented and peaceful populations, perhaps.

If Islam achieves its aim of global domination, it will be as if Western civilisation, all of its achievements and all of our history had never happened. Islam remorselessly grinds everything non-Muslim into dust and oblivion.

Good point, thanks.  I look forward to being able to pull these threads together more easily, at some point in the future.

What happened to Kosovo is very sad.


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