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How the Syrian deserters behave - report from Budapest

Using (other peoples!) children as decoys, demanding money, throwing away food, planning & trying to rob Hungarians because they are infidels, ditto reason for raping the women; even talking of taking them hostage.

As the Fascist Left will target this video for removal, there is a copy here (although unfortunately the subtitles have got lost from the copy):

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As you say Alan countless news articles every single day about Muslim misdeeds and political stupidity. If we were to document every one there would be space for nothing else. Some though just have to be recorded. The carefully arranged body of a dead child on a beach, touches the "hearts" of "a whole world". But the image of a homosexual dangled by his ankles from a high building, soon to join the broken bodies far below, does not enrage them! The whole world should be demanding that Islam be forbidden and eradicated.

This was translated for Vlad Tepes. I would have just put a pointer, but it is so significant, and I wanted to be able to find it again in the future.

Here's the link on his site -

Here's the original in Czech -

It provides a synopsis of things I've seen in videos from around Europe. So, having one written, eye-witness testimony, it can represent the same actions which can be seen explained/shown in many different videos, in different countries (it sounds so much like the events I saw in a YT video about "Syrian refugees" in Switzerland).

We have heard from a man from Pilsner, a former policeman, if we would be interested to write something about whati it really looks like in Germany, with the migrants.  Of course, we very gladly accepted his offer.
Michal is a considerable man, who has almost twenty years of policing behind him and who, through an acquaintance, received an offer to go work in Germany, in a migrant camp at Dachau.
At first he says he had considered it to be a bad joke, because everyone knows that this is where an infamous concentration camp had been during the war, and that nobody would think of building another one there.  Then he found out that this really is a serious job offer from a Czech agency and so he signed up.  Michal went through a selection process, including a language test, and then he really could go to work in Germany.
Q:  Where do you work?
A:  I work near the former concentration camp Dachau, about three kilometers as the crow flies, from Karlsfeld, in the administrative region of Dachau, in an inflatable hall which used to house tennis courts.
Q:  What kind of work is this and how are the pay and working conditions?
A:  Well, the pay is better than that of a policeman in Czech, but mainly, they accept us differently.  In Czech a “sekuritak” [slang for security forces member] is a “povl” [deragatory term for police] and the people treat us accordingly:  here, it is completely different.
Q:  How are the migrants housed, what is their [daily] program, what exactly do they do?
A:  The inflatable hall is divided into a sleeping part, which is then divided into 3×3 [meter] cubicles, each of which houses 6 people.  They have bunkbeds and they have lockers there.  The other part houses a cafeteria.  Everything is brand new, purchased especially for them.
I saw that they are much more strict in guarding them then they are in Czech, which is completely understandable, because first, they had broken the laws in order to enter the country and also a huge number of the people among them have a false identity, which pose a big risk to Europe.
The Germans are insane, they do not detain anyone, the migrants have free movement not just in the camp, but they can go into town, actually, all over Germany.  It is not unusual for Taxis to go off to somewhere or to be returning from places.  How the German Secret Service deals with this and ensures that no terrorists are among them remains a mystery to me.
The daily routine is not in any way organized.  9-10:30 breakfast, 13:30-15:00 lunch, 17:30-19:00 dinner; in the times between these, there are usually German language classes or other free time activities.  Charity officials, city officials and even [officials] from other institutions work there.  They organize various sports or cultural events for them.  Otherwise, they do absolutely whatever they wish, there is no [mandatory] wake-up call nor an evening curfew.
Q:  And what, actually, do you do?
A:  We guard fire exists, so nobody will open them, because if a certain number of them were open, the whole hall would collapse, which they will not understand and we also keep trying to teach them that there is no smoking inside.  We also safeguard the safety of the officials working here.
The food hand out is a chapter in itself, conflicts arise between them and attack each other, plus they like to attack the catering staff.
Q:  They are attacking the employees?  
A:  Regularly.  You have to understand, they consider all of us as mere servants, who are there for them and must fulfil their wishes.  They are permanently dissatisfied with something, the amount of food, the quality, with the provided services and they are constantly making demands for some other rights.
Q:  And how is their food?
A:  The breakfasts are cold:  they get salami, cheese, pastries, corn flakes, chickpea products, yoghurt, milk, eggs, fruit and, of course, the menu varies.
Lunches are hot meals,all cooking is, of course, done without pork and they have a choice of two meals, always one with meat and one vegetarian.  Dinners are like breakfasts, cold, and the selection is similar to breakfast.
For example, we watch to make sure that they only take one meal.  I don’t mean they cannot go for seconds, that they can, byt they like to take two meals, eat only what they like, and throw out the rest.  The food wastage here is enormous.  It is perfectly normal for someone to take a meal, sniff it, throw it out and go get the other meal.
Q:  Is there any attempt from the German leadership to make changes, say with that food waste?
A:  To the contrary.  One recent event:  vans with winter clothing arrived and the migrants got, for free, shoes, trousers, jerseys and sweaters.  Some of them turned around, took the freely provided and new clothing – usually good brands – and sold it somewhere only to come back and get kitted out again.  We found out and refused to give out more.  The migrants then called the German police on us, who arrived and ordered us to hand out clothing to them a second time.
Q:  Tell us something about the conflicts and fights.
A:  These are part of the daily events, fights will start over the most minor things.  In the camp, we have Nigerians, Pakistanis, blacks from the Ivory Coast, Senegalese, Afghanis and they will fight amongst each other over very tiny things, like cutting in line.  As a rule, Arabs and blacks cannot stand each other and there are always conflicts between them.
Conflicts between us us, meaning the members of the protective staff and the migrants, always arise because they think that we are their servants and must do their bidding.  The Germans enforce this point of view; the norm simply is that if a migrant has a wish, it should be fulfilled.
We are forbidden to engage in any fights and we are forbidden to use force.  The only thing we are permitted to do is to try to reason with them and if that does not work, to call the police.
They’ve already even stoned us, that they love to do.  They are very afraid of physical contact, and are happy to step back a few meters and a whole horde will start throwing rocks.  This is very easy here, because underneath the tent, there is crushed rock and all aroud, there are many rocks about the size of a fist, absolutely ideal for throwing.
Q:  They have stoned you?  By God, why?
A:  They are not permitted to bring food into the bedrooms.  A co-worker reminded one of them that he can’t go there with food, so the black guy threw the food at him.  The co-worker lost it and reached for him.  Right away, a huge brawl erupted.  We stepped back, the police arrived again – something like our ‘keeping order’ [name of policing unit in the Czech Republic] – but, like alwyas, they did nothing, just lined up and the cops from their anti-confrontation team started yacking at them.  They just explained to them that we, in Europe, do not stone people and of course, no reprecussions ensued.
In the evening, that same co-worker was again attacked and stoned, we called the police again, and they only explained things to them again.  No punishments were handed out.
Q:  What means and tools to you have for self defense?
A:  (Laughter.)  Weapons in Germany?  We are strictly forbidden from having any weapons, not even tear gas or batons, we have nothing.
The worst work is in the children’s camp, which is what youths between 16 and 20 are called.  We knew a Somalian, who threw his breakfast out in the morning – some hard cheese, chicken mortadella and fruit – because he said he would not eat this.  The same way, he then threw out lunch – it was fish fillets and potatoes, saying he’s going to go eat in town.  He returned completely drunk and demanded food.  We showed him that dinner will be in three hours, but he penetrated into our guard room and started going through our things, saying we have to give him something.  My co-worker took an exception to this, so the Somalian grabbed a broom and started breaking things.  And we cannot, under any circumstances, interfere, because this is a child.  But this particular one paid for this, because the police found out that this “child” is twenty-two years old and that they were dealing with a former member of a Somali paramilitary unit.
Q:  How many migrants do you have there and can you estimate how many of them are truly fleeing war and how many are “economic” ones?
A:  Our camp has 300 migrants.  I don’t think that any of them are truly war refugees, that they rather came for economic reasons and 95% of them do not want to work.
Real facts support my opinion on this.  Only about 15 migrants are engaged in camp’s self-government, the rest spend their days lounging around their rooms, watching tv or loitering in the area.  It is insane that the Germans do not demand any engagement from them, they don’t even have to clean up after themselves.  With my own eyes, I have seen them get into arguments and throw around metal garbage cans, and then stomp the spilled trash into the ground.
The only ones punished were the German cleaning crew, who had not cleaned this up fast enough.
Q:  Why do you think the Germans are behaving this way?
A:  I think this is a complex resulting from the war, that the Germans are trying to hysterically prove to all of Europe, but mainly to themselves,  that now, they are completely different Germans.

One other point that people overlook as far as the Syrian migrants, is that all males have to do 2 years national service - forget the shadowy terrorist training camps - they already have more than enough training in a variety of military weapons and tactics.

I don't understand. I thought these deserters were all doctors, lawyers and engineers. Why don't they put them to work in the hospitals and law courts, and get them building new bridges and roads? I guess it must be those native Germans again, too prejudiced to offer them a job.
Perhaps we should call the deserters / refugees: "Merkel's children".

As a childless old woman, I guess she thought she could just get a bunch of youths from war torn hell holes, and they could function as substitute children for her life. Well, it looks like she got her wish granted, tho not in quite the way intended.

A doctor or engineer with a conscience and sense of honour would be working to build up his homeland and to benefit his own people. Not looking for well-paid work in Britain.

Today I saw a video from the cab of Hungarian lorry driver outside Calais. The translation has him shouting things at the 100s of fit young men trying to break into his (and other lorries) like "fuck off back to Syria, where you cowards have left your women to arm themselves with machine guns to fight off Nazis, you fucking parasites". Amazing how that man from the other side of Europe represents popular opinion in Britain more than our own government and media do.

The police were more likely to arrest the Hungarian lorry driver for hate crime than the Syrians breaking into lorries. Where are the police? Ordinary people feel as we do Joe, but we are treated in the same way as the victims of the grooming gangs that you so aptly report. We are ignored and silenced, and always for the same reason that we must not offend nice Muslims and saying anything against anyone not white, even the plain and simple truth and facts, is racist.

There is a lot of anger and frustration building up and I hope it goes out over the powers that be. Why do people stand meekly in line at the polling booths and vote yet again for the villains that have gotten us into this mess and not protected us?

Here in Norway the left-wing and christian politicians, the bishops and the press are doing everything that they can to condemn and stop the deportation of these single male "syrian refugees". Their argument is that it is our moral duty to do everything we can to help people in need and danger, or that have an income lower than the average Norwegian! They thrash about and hit out at anyone that attempts to debate or point out the very negative sides of allowing these Muslims in.

The police did arrest that lorry driver, I think. After having his mirrors bent (so he can't reverse anymore), his truck broken in to, stones thrown at his cab, shouted abuse, over many miles, he finally drives at them because they are on the road itself. I think he is the same person that got charged and lost his job for 'endangering refugees'. when yiu see the short clip of him trying to run the refugees over, it looks right out of order. But when you see the whole video, where he says the lorry drivers get attacked with knives, and one of them will have to die before any action is taken, its more than any sane person could bear. Of course, you'll never get any of the halo flaunting liberals driving a lorry and experiencing this.


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