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Anti muslim migrant video goes viral despite dirty censorship tricks ;

Is Immigration the answer to the population decline in western countries.  Japan has the same problem. 

The people of Europe/America were convinced that having fewer Children was the answer to world poverty and to saving the worlds resources. 

The rest of the world didn't think that such a great idea. Even with Chinas one child policy their population has survived. And with its recent  introduction of a two children limit, (doubling the old)  in twenty years it will recover from the problems of an ageing population. 

We have decided to replace our population with the over spill of other nations in an attempt to replenish our nation. We have been told its the only way to keep our NHS and to ensure the elderly are looked after.

Will the new people want to look after us when were old and infirm. Will these new people be willing to wipe our backsides or the dribble from our mouths. Will they pay taxes, obey our laws!!

If you replace a population with mainly one peoples of a certain religion, surely what you get is another culture. The same as the culture these people left behind. We'll get lots of enclaves, filled with people who feel saver with their own kind, and all the ethnic race  and religious problems that most of these people have engrained in their very souls. (just a figure of speech, not an argument about the existence of souls). 

Look at Britain now with all its racial and religious tensions. Problems that were supposed to go away if we just adopted the religion of state  multiculturalism, enforced by Political correctness. In 50 years there'll still be a place called Britain. But it won't look like the Britain of today. How could it.

Does any where that has had its population replaced look like the culture it replaced.  North America, south America, Australia,  New Zealand.

Our Culture will look like the native Americans, or the Aborigines in 100 years at the rate were going.  

A good comparison. The only difference is that we invited our replacement population in, whereas the Amerindians and Aboriginies didn't - which just makes us even more stupid.

Massive migrant wave expected as males demand wives & children ;


I don't think we invited them in, so much as people in high places decided to make it possible and could have even been instrumental in making it happen  with wars and other interference in far off lands. 

When  humans were exploring the globe and setting up home in far of lands that was a different story in a different time. 

If we'd only found Australia yesterday knowing what we know today, and being the people we are today, we'd do things differently. 

We'd make sure there was no contact between them and us, we'd treat them like some unknown Amazonian tribe

 . And then we'd rob them of all their wealth. But at least we wouldn't give them all small pox. :))

Only kidding, but I'm sure you get what I mean.  People often refer to the way Europeans migrated to other continents and colonised them. But that's what always happened in history.  The Human race expanded. I don't think it was anything personal. 

We've reached a different point in History. This Island is occupied...and full up. And I'd rather history didn't talk about us, I'd rather in the future we spoke about history. 

I don't want digging up in 1000 years by some Islamic archaeologist, who says, 'look here are the bones of some stupid kaffir,  You can tell its a Kaffir because the head is missing from the remains!'. 

A glaringly obvious question that no one seems to have asked collectively of the establishment, is that if you're birth rates of the indiginous population are going down, why were no surveys and studies conducted as to why this was the case, and what could be done to remedy it ? - the power elite conduct studies on everything else, ie "racism" etc, and how to integrate migrants after all - but why not the demographic survival of you're own people ?


When i was in school we discussed things like that. We new  if the birth rate went below 2.4 children that your society couldn't survive. 

Birth rates were published after every census, yet still no one really took any notice, and the Government certainly didn't  (seem to ) care. It Only got mentioned about ten years ago when people really started to moan about immigration. We started getting told how desperately we needed immigrants. Although we all knew the truth for years.

Its a bit like grooming gangs and Islam. No one takes any notice any more. People have their own lives to live and once they're dead, that's it.  All the debt, responsibility goes to our grand children.  other peoples grand children. 

We haven't done enough to ensure the survival of western culture. And so it won't.  

In an interview on fox news Mark Steyn said something like, Once you replace the Germans with 40% immigrants, all that stuff we take for granted about the Germans, reliability, good workmanship ect will be gone. And that translates to any culture that so dramatically  changes its demographic.  It cannot possibly remain what it once was. 

I'm not a great believer in conspiracy theories, but i think what's happening is a deliberate move by dedicated people. Much the same as Islam plays the long game, so have other forces. Lets face it, people like George Orwell and Enoch Powell were predicting the future, and they are just two. The American founding fathers warned people, even Churchill warned people how fragile freedom is. But no one either believed them or took any notice, or just didn't care enough. After all, most of us will not be overly affected by things unless there's a sudden financial collapse.

If things muddle along as they are with the world happy to increase debt into the next millennium,  we should reach a reasonable age, where we might get ill and be deemed too expensive to keep or cure, and we'll be aloud to die, peacefully, by denial of food and fluids. Or a pleasant trip to a suicide clinic. 

We are the past. And I've yet to see this generation care about the future as we do. Most are happy sing the company song. As long as they can have a new iphone. 

Its estimated that refugees  coming to Europe will continue at a rate of 1.3 million for the next two years. Add their dependants and that will be about treble, so call it a round 4.2 million. Official figures always have a to be revised up, so thats a minimum figure.

 I call that an invasion, but no one cares. Everyone went down to the ports to welcome them in. Its a wonder there wasn't ISIS flag sellers outside the Train stations, with headless Barbie dolls, and fake beards for sale as well. Like a scene out of a Monty Python movie.

I hear that great American drama 'The  Waltons'  is being remade.  They're calling it the Muhammads. The end of every show will be Just like the old shows...

Good night Muhammad, Good night Muhammad, Goodnight Muhammad. Don't forget tomorrow we got to get up early and go laugh at the Kaffir!

The victors write the history. 

But after that ramble Anthony, all I can say to your question ... the power elite conduct studies on everything else, ie "racism" etc, and how to integrate migrants after all - but why not the demographic survival of you're own people ?          It was never their plan to save us. 


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